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New to FFXIV! [Balmung]


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Hey there everybody! I'm Meatbucket (not in game though!)

I'm a noobie to this world, don't know a single thing about it! Anyway, I chose to come here because I've been searching for a new, refreshing MMO to play, and boy have I played a lot of them from the range of WoW to Perfect World, from Swtor to Lotro. I've RP'd on them all and much more, heh. Wanted to try something different, and play and immerse myself into something I know nothing of. Then I remembered this game, did some research on the RP communities and this site was listed everywhere. I'll be entirely honest; I wanted to join Balmung, but every time I tried to make a character, the server was blacked out, luckily Gilgamesh is the backup server for fresh starts! Yet  you cater to both servers, lucky me...well, us. My character in game is named Alkeos Raelssun, still a low leveled idiot Lancer, but that changes in time.


Massive paragraph aside, I hope to meet a few of you in game and see how all this works, lol. I appreciate how you all seem to be welcoming with open arms to new players though, so hopefully this game won't be as lonely as it is now!


A bit about myself OOC: I'm a wine and beer specialist from SoCal, I love metal and hardcore music, I play a bunch of instruments, I'm a massive nerd (vidya games, comicbook collection, cosplay, can just about recite Lord of the Rings and Star Wars line by line, etc. etc.), I have a beard. That just about covers it. Oh, did I mention the beard?


Alright, enough about me, what about you? Let's sit in a circle and talk about our feelings, it will be good for you, I promise.


Ta ta for now.

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Welcome to Gilgamesh Alkeos! Hope you will enjoy it with the nutters like us over here! We have a lot of linkshells and free companies to get you started, take a peak in the linkshell hall to see! I recommend you look up Aoife or one of the admins of Adventurers' Guild and Sellswords to set you up, both with an IC and OOC Ls for our community! :D Hope to see you around and hope to see you on events too :D

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Welcome to FFXIV and the Gilgamesh server! Here's hoping you'll enjoy the game and what it has to offer, and for some good RP opportunities. Gilg is somewhat the "little brother" of RP servers, but we hold our own, I think.

Might see you around on one of my so-called "part time" jaunts in the game, eh?

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