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Deaths and Responsibilities [Semi-Closed]


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Several moons ago when Varian Aradheim, an apprentice of Anelia’s had been missing from his training due to his lack of confidence in becoming a paladin and Sultansworn again. However, Anelia paid a visit in Red Rooster Stead farms to seek for her spoiled apprentice. It was then when Anelia clearly made a statement to Varian that his fear and insecure emotions will get people killed instead of saving anyone else.


It took several suns for Varian to decide to become the apprentice of Anelia once more. From there on, he had been in meditation training for at least one moon. He was ready to Anelia’s eyes. To her view, he was no longer the boy who had childish mind and impatient idealistic dreamer.


While Varian was in Ivalice Center, he knocked the door at Anelia’s office.


“Come in” said Anelia, while she was finish reviewingInessa’s reports from the Citadel incident. Varian walks in and looked at Anelia giving a flame salute.


“Varian Aradheim, reporting in.” he stood before Anelia waiting for instructions. Anelia nods and motions Varian to the chair. “Take a seat, initiate Varian.”


Varian sits down and looks at her papers and bites his lips unsure of what to say. Then he opened his mouth slightly and lowered his tone slightly. “Master Sadowyn, I am aware that you said I was ready to become a paladin and also to be ready for trials… But, I’ve been nothing but trouble for a long time to you.”


Anelia puts her papers down and she gave a slight sigh. She looked at Varian with a smile while leaving her glasses down. “Listen, Varian… I think you are ready. However, I’ll admit that my feelings deep inside says that you aren’t ready but in the end, you are. The moment you hesitate now is a good thing, but also if you keep hesitating yourself, you’ll get yourself killed or unable to save someone that you care for.”


Varian lowered his head down, sinking in what Anelia has said.


“Courage, faith, and compassion are very much required as a paladin. And of course, respect and perseverance is another reasons to have as a paladin. Never forget that.” She nodded to Varian once more, and stood up. She walked over to him and placed her hand on top of his shoulder.


“Listen Varian, you’ve dreamed of becoming a paladin and you’ve dreamed of becoming a Sultansworn. This is the moment you look upon yourself before your family and parents, that you can prove something here:  To tell them that your decision was not wrong.”


Varian looked up at Anelia and nodded with a smile. “Perhaps I guess someday, I’ll become someone like you?” He stood up and psyched himself with several heavy breathing with excitement. “I am definitely ready it seems.”


Anelia then flicked her finger and hits Varian’s forehead lightly. “Don’t get cocky though. You haven’t finished the trials. At least, Ser Crofte and I are very strict in passing people from the trials.”


Varian rubs his forehead with a nod while looking at Anelia. “I understand…. When would I be taking the trials?”



“I’ve already sent in the request to Captain Jenlyns Straightblade. He should have informed Ser Crofte about your presence. However, I expect you to do a favor for Justicar Inessa Hara before you go to the trials to make sure you are ready for any harsh battles coming toward you.”


Varian stands up straight and gives Anelia a flame salute once more and gave him a serious face.


“Thank you, Ser Sadowyn. I will never forget your lessons and your training. I will not disappoint you from these trials.”


Anelia laughs lightly and pats Varian’s arm lightly “You should also send yourself a letter to your family once the trials are done.”


Varian grins while walking out of Anelia’s office and shook his head “I’ve already sent them that you’ve given me the chance to take the trials. I will show up to them in person that I’ve become a Sultansworn instead.”


Anelia nodded and waved at her apprentice a farewell before he walked out and closed the door. She gave a sigh of relief that Varian was probably one of the most successful apprentices she has met and realized that people like Varian is the future of Sultansworns.

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The following part of the same day, it happened that Niklas Gran who was escorted out of Sadowyn estate seven suns ago has entered back into Anelia's estate once more to speak with her. Reason for Niklas being removed out of the estate was due to him defending his sister's action for entering restricted areas and drinking dangerous potions without thinking about reading the labels that could result in huge consequences.


Niklas knocked on the door to Anelia's office to seek for her council. 


"Ser Sadowyn, are you there?"


Anelia raised her brows at the door while she was still signing some papers for her medical supply documents. She was a bit irritated the fact that it was not just one person that was seeking for her, but several people. She sighed and placed her quill back into the ink bottle and organized her papers.


"Who is it?" She asked in a stern toned voice to make sure that it was something rather productive.


"This is Niklas Gran. May I come in?"


She realized that she sent Niklas for seven suns and she was rather expecting him to visit her soon. Though it feels like for some reason, many people wanted to see her all of a sudden. 


"Come on in, ser Gran."


Niklas walks in his blue light armor, looking at Anelia with a guilty face. His head was hung down, unable to look at her face directly. Anelia raised her hand to allow Niklas to sit down, and the man who is older than her accepted her offer by sitting down slowly. He sits up by straightening himself to the chair and peered at Anelia slowly by raising his eye while his head is still down.


"What can I do for you, Ser Gran? I am sure you came to see me because of what happened seven suns ago about you and your sister's behavior in my estate, yes?" Anelia crossed her arms and gave the man a look with a stern face.


"Yes. I would like to let you know that my sister has learned her lesson a lot, and we both would like to apologize to you about our behaviors. She should not have trespassed in Professor Althene's room." Niklas said it in a very low quiet tone, but there were plenty of signs of guilt in him. Anelia understood his sincerity and nodded  as in acknowledging his actions.


"At least, you finally admitted to your sister's behaviors. What about you, ser Gran?" Anelia asked Niklas, as if she's expecting him to answer something else to her.


Niklas was unsure of what Anelia was asking, but he lightly nodded and said; "It is my responsibility as a brother, that she does not do any ill attempts in the future."


Anelia shook her head and gave a deep sigh. "Niklas, the real purpose of you being escorted out of the estate was that you removed yourself from the building because I removed her from the place. You followed her and accepted her immature behaviors to be spoiled when the true purpose is to let her grow up and learn to not be spoiled."


Niklas nodded slowly in understanding. Anelia lowered her glasses down and looked at Niklas in a concerned face. She had to speak to him because she is his mentor, and she just could not deal with his behaviors, especially he is older than her.


"Niklas... I am worried for you. I really am." She said, "Honestly, you have a lot of potentials... but you don't seem to realize that your reckless behaviors and making unnecessary decisions without thinking over carefully could cause a lot of consequences in the future."


She stood up and stared at the Eorzean map from the wall behind her, and she glanced back to Niklas again. "I was going to plan by having you and Varian to start the trials as a paladin, but I don't know... I am just concerned that you'll fail to see the true purpose of these trials."


Niklas, who felt devastated by Anelia's statements started to grip his hands tightly and felt really guilty about his actions for many moons since he met Anelia for the first time. Anelia really did not understand Niklas at all. She tried to, but she always wondered why Niklas was always reckless to his actions leaving with a great consequence leaving it in his life.


"Maybe... I am not worthy of being a paladin." Niklas drew his breath with a heavy sigh. "It is true that I am reckless at times, and that will surely cost me in the future.... If I cannot learn these lessons, then I am not worthy of being a knight."


Anelia blinked at his words. Maybe perhaps she was being too harsh on him? She always thought  she was trying to be nice to Niklas since she has given a hard training to Varian regarding his behaviors. 


"That maybe so.... however, in  a moment of doubt is usually the best time to think about why you are living in Eorzea for a rightful purpose. Of course, your purpose is to protect others in Eorzea. Some reckless actions may  be needed to save one's life, but sometimes you cannot save everyone." Said Anelia while walking over to him by sitting on top of her desk's edge. "You'll realize that as a paladin, you need to carry many burdens. I've told Varian a moment ago too from today, that perseverance, patience, and compassion are needed among the virtues inside a paladin."


Niklas takes a while to process Anelia's words and agreed with her by nodding in what she has said to him.


"Whether you fight and to live or die, you cannot die to think that you have failed your duty as Niklas Gran. You are and will always be a great asset to the team even in the future."


Anelia pulled out her papers from her desk and signed it with her seal attached. The paper was to request for an agreement to have Niklas to participate in trials. "Even if you may not become a Sultansworn, I am still going to place you and Varian into Sultansworn trials to see if you are capable of passing them. That may be the only way to see if you are going to keep your father's honor."


Niklas blinked at Anelia and nodded gently. "My thanks, Ser." He still looked unease inside of himself, however.  But his feelings inside has not shown anything to  Anelia. "Though, ser Sadowyn... I wanted to ask you something if possible."


Anelia tilted her head to the  side  lightly and shrugged. "Sure."


"If you have just known about hidden part of your family heritage... that you never expected and wanted, how would you feel?" said Niklas with a simple curious question. "...Like say, if you happened to be part-Garlean when you thought you'd be Eorzean."


Anelia did not understand what Niklas was trying to focus on, but she shrugged to cooperate by answering his question:


"I am not sure. I guess you'll have to redeem yourself to correct it in it's rightful balance even if it maybe a great burden to yourself."  


Niklas paused for a moment with his mouth opened, unable to say anything further from Anelia's statement. He was about to say something more, but he closed his mouth.


Anelia just shrugged and gave him a light smile by patting his shoulder like she did to Varian. "Should you ever be confused about who you are fighting for, think about your true purpose of what you've been doing so far. Mind over body, Niklas. Resilience must win at all costs."


She was not sure why Niklas asked her that particular question. However she realized that even though it was an example, she thought about herself more than Niklas's concerns. She also took her own words very kindheartedly by giving herself more resolution on why she became a paladin, as she remembered how Garleans have killed her parents, and how she endured herself to fight in Carteneau relentlessly. 


"My thank you, ser Sadowyn. I will try to remember your words."


Niklas said it in a happier tone, and walked out of Anelia's office. Anelia wanted to say something more to Niklas about hoping that he'd become a successful knight, but it was a bit too late. She said to herself that she will let him know once he completed the trials.


On the next following evening, Varian Aradheim, Niklas Gran, and Khrys Relanah were killed in action with Nashu Nelh, Aaron Glacier, and the squad's leader Inessa Hara severely injured from an unknown source that attacked them.

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