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S'ahmiko Behnen

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I. Basic Info 


Characters: S'ahmiko Behnen

Primary character: S'ahmiko Behnen

Linkshells: OpenRP, Friends of Umbra

Primary RP linkshell: OpenRP :love:


II. RP Style 


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Now that I've gotten used to everything I'm coming down firmly as a medium. I like talking OOC as well as RP, though 9 times out of 10 if it can be IC I'll try to keep it IC. I work better in planned events, forum, or "hey, lets go IC" type deals rather than walk ups. I'm never 100% sure if I should be IC when people just run up to me so just give me a tell nudge and I'll be way better. ^_^ 


Views on RP combat and injuries:

I can be convinced of anything if it moves a story forward in a compelling way. So if planned out and all parties involved came up with a great story that required it, I'd be fine. I'd prefer RPed fights over rolled since then we can control it for the good of what's going on rather than trusting to chance.


Views on IC romance:

So Miko's super oblivious, and awkward. This doesn't mean she can't have a romantic relationship but it would have to be someone that she knew for a while for her to realize that's what was going on. She gets her crushes but it's never really been more than that before. 


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

If people want to say they're related to Miko I'd like to think we will have talked about it. Considering the lore she probably has brothers and sisters all over the place. Other than that, bring it on! She's super quick to count people as friends and loves her platonic relationships. 


Views on lore:

I love lore. Love love love. That said, as long as it's not crazy off cannon (the vampire, etc stuff) it's fine by me. I think the fun of these games is how open the world is and how many opportunities there are for people to create, and if lore needs to be nudged to make it work so be it. And if you are someone who does the extreme off cannon stuff, while it's not something I'm into, I'd be more than happy to chat OOC ^_^


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

() for OOC seems to be standard, so yeah, that. I've fallen into just typing blocks and using ""s for the dialogue in Say or Party rather than /em though I do use emotes when I can. Tell is pretty much exclusively OOC for me, and LS convos all depend on the style of the other people talking.



III. Other Info 


Country: USA

Timezone: EST

Contact info: PM or Tumblr: http://mikobehnen.tumblr.com




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