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The Hunt Part 2 (closed)

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His eyes continue to scan, overlooking the crests of the dunes surrounding him. To his east lies his adopted home, The Forgotten Springs, which appear as a mirage in the distance. The U tribe and tenants of the springs will spend their day hunting their own prey to provide food for the tribe, and the prospect to hone their skill. They are a self-sufficient lot, always seeking to improve their proficiency with the hunt, but none of the hunters would dare seek his prey. Not even the Burning Ash dare venture after this beast.


His hand instinctively reaches for the necklace given to him by the Almaj'aa tribe. The blazing ruby, which rests in bronze crest at the base of the necklace, glows bright in the sun's light. The 'Flame of the Burning Ash', the jewel is called, was imparted to him by their leader, Hamujj Gah, as a prized gift for fighting alongside their people. This rare token was given to none other than their own blood, but the tribal leader saw him fit to receive it. The necklace became the symbol of his alliance with the Burning Ash tribe of Almaj'aa, but also the courage and strength that burns within their hearts. He is a brother of their tribe and shares that inner fire. The necklace, along with his father's earrings and crest, are the only things he has chosen to wear for this hunt. 


He spoke with U'odh Nuhn, the leader of the U tribe, before his departure, and the Nuhn had insisted he bring only what was necessary. Clothes and armor were not a part of that necessity. For this hunt, he must become equal with his prey, exposed and vulnerable to the elements, with only his weapon for defense. The females of the U tribe insisted that his body be painted before his departure; as was tradition. They painted symbols of protection, of strength, of fortitude, of power, and of death along the expanse of his entire body. Now, even he stands naked under the sun, with his body covered in the elaborate designs of the red, brown, and gold dyes, does he draw upon the power of the symbols; symbols reserved only for the Right of Passage. 


But what am I passing into...



The question still lurked in the back of his mind. It irked him, and poisoned his resolve. He had already proven his right to manhood, but now he finds himself doing so again. Not out of failure, he had succeeded his first test, but now-...he wasn't so sure. If he couldn't find the answer to this problem his prey would over-power him, and the hunter would fall victim to the hunted.


When he was but a boy, he knew his purpose was to bring honor to his family's name, but as a man he has no family to bring honor to. He is alone, just as he has been for ten years, atop his plateau. 


The beast proved strong and difficult during his first encounter. He was young during his first Right, young even among the other boys, but still he had succeeded where others had failed. Many died being eaten or killed during this hunt, but he had slain the beast and proven himself among the rest.


Ten summers had passed since that day; this day being the eve of his first Right. He had proven his manhood, and brought with him the prize to present to his father...only to have it wretched away from him, along with his name. 




G'leo is his name now. What it once was is no more, but what it is now can be reborn. He must begin again. He has to begin again. 


The desert accepts his answer to its first test and grants him his reward. 


The first sign.



G'leo leaps into action, may the hunt begin.

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