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New Player! [Balmung]


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Hi! I'm pretty new also and I believe I have a class around your lvl that I could play with you with. I've been searching for people to befriend and such so maybe we can learn and play together?


Sounds great to me! I'd usually be online by now, but I spent most of the evening hastily writing my wiki entry :P I'm usually hanging around Gridania and the surrounding areas. I'm sure we can find each other out there and maybe even squeeze in some RP if I can talk you into it heh.


Welcome the forums, and the game! If you ever need to, or want to, chat feel free to message me. I'd happily answer any questions. I'm also up for role play all the time :D


Thanks! I appreciate that and am already locked and loaded with a query. Where can I go to get a good, in-depth read on the lore behind the FFXIV world? Also, always interested in RP! I'm trying to work Ameline into a bit of an extrovert, so I'll make sure and crash your party if I ever see your character around! :D

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