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Rise of Destructive Revolution [Closed]


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Rise and Destructive Revolution




Anelia Sadowyn, while she was still a Sultansworn at this term right after her foster father passed away has decided to pay a visit to her foster father Tyraneus's friend. R'ucard Nunh, who was also formerly a Sultansworn and is now residing in Southern Thanalan's Forgotten Spring as an aristocrat monarch. R'ucard was in a small organization with Anelia's two fathers Isenard, and Gusvalt as well as Raisus Nelsicar. However, due to several conflicts and betrayal to Anelia's biological father Gusvalt, R'ucard returned to Ul'dah being a Sultansworn instead with Tyraneus. He is now retired, living with his oldest son  R'arch Nunh.



While she was about to visit R'ucard, she has received a notice from Vesper Bay that there was a suspicious figure who's been buying, stealing and smuggling shipments of cereleum sources. Some were even stolen from Ul'dah's Syndicates and crime lords that were scammed by this same suspect. The rumors were that the suspect is a Seeker of a Miqo'te residing in Southern Thanalan. 



After few suns  since she resigned, Anelia finally arrived at the Forgotten Spring after traveling far from Sagolii Desert.



[[Purpose of this story is to start our Free Company arc soon. If anyone wishes to join in for side characters within the plot, please don't hesitate to PM]]

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