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What did you have in mind, in terms of how you wanted it to look? It could be the flu talking, but I'm not sure what you could put in an Infobox for a city. Locations could get one with a picture, continent, nearest city-state, and a few free fields. Linkshells and companies could get one with a city affiliation, RP style, home page, leaders, and recruitment officers... though I think there's already an Infobox-linkshell template.


For items, I can see level requirements, recipe, synthesis skill, and favored classes, along with an image... though I do wonder if including synthesized items, as opposed to player-created items, gets too close to what Eorzeapedia is doing and is replicating effort -- not that there's inherently anything wrong with that, just that it seems to me that it's a little unnecessary to put a lot of effort into redoing what others are already up to.

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City info could include information such as goverment, patron god(s), when it was founded and by who (if known), location, guilds and guild leaders, and possibly other notable individuals or landmarks if there are any worth mentioning. City info pages could also include a list of affiliated RP LS's although I wouldn't necessarily put that in an info box.


So for example:



Location: Central Thanalan

Climate: Warm Desert

Government: Officially, Sultanate (Monarchy) / In Practice, Aristocracy

Patron: Nald'thal

Guilds: Miner, Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge, Alchemy, Goldsmith, Weaver


Not sure if you would add it to the info box, but according to a Lalafell in Nald's temple, Ul'dah was founded by Dunesfolk. It was commerce that brought all the other races and allowed the city to grow. It is also the nearest city to the hereditary lands of the Hellsguard Roegadyn, and the most popular city for both Keepers of the Sun Miquo'te, and Ala Mihgo refugees (notably Highland Hyur)

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