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The Thin Yellow Line


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It's rough out there on these streets. All manner of rippers, hustlers, thieves, scallywags, and worse. No denyin' Limsa Lominsa's a city build on a foundation of blood. But we got a new way of things now. Law's come to this city, crazy as she is. She's our home. And y'always want what's right for your home. The good people livin' here. Your neighbors, the hard workin' ones, just tryin' to get by. That's why we're here. The pirates can hide out on the seas, but here, we are the storm. The Maelstrom. And we'll break 'em on the rocks of justice.


We put on our yellow jackets, and we protect the good folk from the ghosts of the past. We might be outnumbered. Don't bother us none. We just form up and get in a single, unbroken line, unyielding and spread wide. We are The Thin Yellow Line, and we will protect 'til sea swallows all.


Join the beat.


We are a linkshell dedicated to Limsa Lominsa law enforcement officers of all stripes. Yellowjackets, Rogues, Maelstrom officers, private investigators and more.


We encourage the use of the linkshell for OOC discussion and coordination of RP. All OOC comments must be marked as such, using whatever your preffered method of marking OOC is.


In character, the linkshell is for the coordination of law enforcement officers when on patrol, or when in need.




OOC: ((Hey folks, this Wednesday, a buddy of mine is playing an informant and we want to do a scene where he's getting interrogated. Anyone who wants to come, let me know!))


IC: I've got a CI here says he's got information on the Striped Lightnings' latest shipment of plunder. Anyone wanna help me question him?


Naturally, we are also accepting any and all Limsa Lominsa underground connections for RP! After all, without criminals, we wouldn't need police!

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