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Celebration of The Matron [Open to Pilgrims! OOC comments Welcome!]


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[align=center]It was a warm day in Gridania. Extra booths were open and people carrying apples and hot foods on sticks walked about, greeting and treating the pilgrims with the best the city had to offer. At the entrance to the Conjurers' Guild, the pilgrims gathered up, looking up to the Matron's stone above the Stillglade Fane.[/align]


[align=center]A hand bell rings out in the glade at Nophica's Stone.[/align]


[align=center]"Pilgrims, it is with great honor on behalf of the devote of Nophica to welcome you to this sacred place. The Conjurers' Guild and Gridania greet all of you pilgrims with open arms to celebrate this jovial season."[/align]





[align=center]"As we have all come here for, Nophica represents the earth, the harvest we sow and then reap, here together we reap the benefits and the celebration of that time together. If you will all please join me in facing Nophica's stone above the tree stump."[/align]


[align=center]"And let us show that jovial nature at the sight of Nophica's stone. We dance for our own harvest, we dance for our bounty, and we dance for all that has nourished our lives."[/align]


[align=center]The pilgrims kept a semi-circle around the glade, all of them side-stepping and dancing jovially. Conjurers smiled, some joined in to the festivities and on-lookers all caught in the festive nature and tone. As they danced, people sang the hymn of Nophica.[/align]


[align=center]♪ Sun's sweet smile and wind's cool breath, Both of these I send thee, To ripe thy fruit and spread thy seed, And nourish those that tend thee. ♪[/align]














[align=center]The dance drifted off with the song and the pilgrims gathered up, bidding their blessings to the stone as they walked on together to celebrate. The hand-bell rang in front of the procession.[/align]


[align=center]"Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy."[/align]




[align=center]"We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest."[/align]


[align=center]Upon the valley by the Botanist Guild the pilgrims stopped. The field had been tilled and raked of debris. Only bushes and flower patches remained, well suited for sitting in. Some brought blankets, some decided to find clear patches of grass to not disturb the flora. The escorting guards ushered people closer, keeping a watchful eye on the peaceful gathering.[/align]


[align=center]As the pilgrims settled, Jancis graciously welcomed them on behalf of the priests of Nophica and the padjal, happy to host such a pilgrimage for their Guardian and Matron.[/align]

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[align=center]"In these colder months, we find rest to the land and reflection in ourselves to see what we have sown. I am honored to announce some people who have written songs and stories to put those feelings and experiences into words. That we might remember Nophica."[/align]


Jancis motioned up to the highest tier of the natural stage, there stood prepared for performance Master Bard Nathan Telluride and the Lady Coraliza Velia.




[align=center]"A few words to set the mood before the lady and I begin...."[/align]


[align=center]Nathan Telluride bows at the waist, and readies his lute. Coraliza Velia smiled softly as she brought her harp into position.[/align]


[align=center]"Nophica is not just a goddess of Autumn. She brings to fruition the care and energy of the spring, and her harvests are not just the grains, but the people...[/align]

[align=center]"...and so Coraliza and I sing of the greater harvest - souls that meet in spring and find their harvests of joy come the clearing of the fields." [/align]


[align=center]Tuning the lute, Nathan begins to strum a rolling melody. Coraliza follows his cue, her fingers plucking gently at the strings of her harp.[/align]




[align=center]♪ Do you think of me when the sunset shines, upon the fields of amber? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Will you speak my name, as the Harvest Moon falls upon the waves of grain? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Will you walk the rows, step between the stalks, within the fields of amber? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Will you catch me then, when my hair comes down among the waves of grain? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Will you wait for me under falling leaves, among the fields of amber? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Will you join me there, under autumn sky for a walk in waves of grain? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Feel the evening wind carrying the clouds above the fields of amber? Feel the pulses rise, at the moment eyes meet in the waves of grain? ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Never make a promise that cannot be kept lest more than themselves be broken; But let summer fade, and winter wait while we walk through fields of amber, while we walk through fields of grain. ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Many moons will pass once the harvest ends, that clear the fields of amber; there will children run, and the elders gaze, over what were fields of grain. ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Yet remember then that autumn wind even when the fields are empty; what we gathered then, under setting sun, out among the fields of grain. ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Out among the fields of grain. ♪ ♪ Out among the fields of grain. ♪[/align]


[align=center]la69CPRkpr8 [/align]


[align=center]Both bow to one another, then to the pilgrims, greeted by applause and putting a pleasant warm mood to the whole crowd.[/align]

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[align=center]"Master Ojune, if you would please delight us in a story?"[/align]


[align=center]Ojune Wajune walked up to the center of the stage, a developed limp evident, and bowed to the pilgrims. [/align]


[align=center]"Greetings and welcome fellow pilgrims! I do indeed have a story called the Horn of Plenty."[/align]


[align=center]"But I'll need some volunteers to help me in the telling! Do I have any volunteers? I need three!”[/align]


[align=center]"Don't be shy! Come on up if you'd like!"[/align]


[align=center]Oscare Iono rises up, dusting off some dirt and raises a hand.[/align]

[align=center]Ciel Wulfe beams with delight at Oscare, Queen Frejyalen claps and Ojune Wajune cheers Oscare on![/align]


[align=center]Ojune asks "Two more?"[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra Ambreaus speaks up "I'll help if you get no one else."[/align]

[align=center]Ojune nods to Xenedra.[/align]

[align=center]Coraliza Velia smiled softly as she stepped forward. "I'll help.  Why not."[/align]

[align=center]Finecia Hawke raises her hand tentatively. "I wil.." then silences herself relieved that others volunteered before her.[/align]


[align=center]"Now, I'll be giving each of you a part to play. There will be pauses throughout and you're highly encouraged to act out  the story as we go along.”[/align]


[align=center]Ojune beams with delight at Xenedra. "You shall play the part of the adventurous Henana Hena." He passes up a toy bow and wooden sword.[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra shoulders the bow and holds the sword at the ready. "Ha~"[/align]



[align=center]Ojune points at Coraliza "You shall play the part of the beautiful Priestess Bountina" Coraliza looks at Ojune in shock as he passes over a circlet with a symbol of Nophica.[/align]


[align=center]Ojune looks up at Oscare "And you my wonderfully tall fellow shall play the part of the Black Morbol." Ojune passes over a couple of tentacly pompoms as Oscare deadpans, kneeling over to take the items. Xenedra snickers and Ciel hides a smirk behind her hand.




And so, the story began...


[align=center]All right! Let us begin. Our story starts with the intrepid adventurer  Henana Hena. A confident young woman with lavish locks and copious amounts of charm. A bow and quiver hung on her back and a short sword swung gayly at her hip with each stride she traversed the wilds of the Black Shroud.


[align=center]Xenedra strides bravely across the stage, sword aloft!




[align=center]That was when she happened across a young settlement some three suns out of Gridania. This settlement wasn't marked on any of the older drawn maps lady Henana carried, so new it was. But she could tell it had been around a couple cycles at least and seemed a beautiful place to settle. The townsfolk, however, milled around sadly. "Why do you drag your feet and mill sadly about this a-bounding-ly beautiful spring morn?" asked Henana.[/align]


[align=center]Queen Frejyalen eyes the display ahead, with great interest.  She observes them, knowing she will need to record it later.[/align]


[align=center]To which the townsfolk replied, "Look closely about, lady! What do you find missing in this seemingly green land of plenty?"


[align=center]Henana did as she was bid, looking about the village once again before she noticed it. Between healthy shrubs and trees , for it is the style in the Shroud to plant and nurture their crops with the surrounding plants and trees, the land was cleared and bare. "Ah... I see. Where are your crops good farmers? Surely they should have started to sprout by now."


[align=center]"Should have indeed!" the farmers replied. "Come speak with the priestess to learn of our sad tale." And so Henana found herself at a humble temple at the edge of the town, surrounded by signs of Nophica. She wasn't too thrilled at being paraded around at the whims of the townsfolk. But they were obviously desperate. "Priestess!" They called, "The one from the seers vision is here! The adventurer to save us!"[/align]


[align=center]Coraliza came out to examine the adventurer.[/align]


[align=center]Her attitude did change a bit when she saw the priestess herself, Bountina she'd been called by the townsfolk. A tall beauty with hair the colour of rich dark earth and skin kissed a golden wheat by the sun. Henana figured she'd at least hear out their plea. "Priestess, why do you and the town you tend seem so sad? What has happened to your crops? Has the soil turned even while there is still so much green growing?"[/align]


[align=center]Coraliza gazes upon Xenedra in deep reflection.[/align]

[align=center]Oscare slowly creep and strafes himself into the distance, pacing about for a dramatic background effect.[/align]


[align=center]The priestess spoke gravely and her voice trembled slightly with emotion, "It is not the crops or the soil that troubles us, lady. It is the fact that our seeds were stolen. We were blessed with one of the Horns of Plenty! That is until the Black Morbol stole it away to endlessly fill it's gullet with the seeds the horn provides. Without those seeds, we shall surely starve come this winter. And Gridiania will feel the shortage as well."


[align=center]Coraliza grovels shamelessly before Xenedra as she gazed upon the priestess in deep reflection.[/align]


[align=center]Henana could hardly turn a beautiful woman down even when they -weren't- next to tears. And she'd dealt with Morbol before... usually by sneaking to get -around- them but still. She had to try! Plus she'd never been in a prophecy before. That was surely something to live up to. "Fair Bountina! Just tell me where this beast lives and what this Horn of Plenty is and I shall retrieve it for you."


[align=center]The priestess smiles and it melts Henana’s heart.  “The Horn of Plenty is a hollow ram’s horn that’s been blessed by Nophica herself. Tip it on it’s side and it spills an endless variety and quantity of seeds. All ready to plan and always produces healthy seedlings. The Black Morbol undoubtedly took it in an attempt to sate it’s endless appetite. If you follow the stream south to where it connects to the river, you’ll find his sodden lair.”


[align=center]With that the noble adventurer knelt to receive a blessing for the priestess and was sent off with the hope and well wishes of all the townsfolk.[/align]


[align=center]Oscare makes a scary face, trampling about the field and creating destruction.[/align]


[align=center]It was about a four bell journey to find the place where the stream met the river. The river flowed through the area wide and slow and the dense vegetation that grew slowed the river even further, making it almost like a marsh. Henana could smell the morbol before she could see it and after a short climb up a tree there it was.


[align=center]The Black Morbol was an immense beast of writhing tentacles and it was indeed as black as a spriggan. Only perhaps more closely a shaved and greased spriggan. One of said tentacles held the small horn and it would every so often tip back the relic to let a stream of seeds into its maw to grind and swallow as it luxuriated in the slow moving waters.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra waves a hand in front of her nose and Coraliza stares at Xenedra in fear. Nathan Telluride comments, "Tentacles, again? That's the third..." He coughs. Coatleque Crofte gasps in feigned horror.[/align]


[align=center]Henana could tell immediately that she needed to get it away from the water and the densest of the vegetation if she was to even stand a chance. From her vantage she could tell that the small space she’d just come from was the best spot.


[align=center]From her pack she unrolled a length of rope and secured it to the branch next to her in order to speed her descent from the tree after she got the beasts attention. Once done she notched an arrow and infused it with a fiery aether and lets it fly straight at the belly of the beast.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra mimes rolling and securing the rope to an invis-a-tree.[/align]


[align=center]The flaming arrow struck true and the great beast let out a loud and furious roar, thrashing it’s tentacles about blindly as it tries to orient where the attack came from. It soon figured it out as two more arrows slammed into it. Another roar and it’s full tentacles ahead in the direction of the brave lady Henana.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra climbs down the rope and..is met with applause from the pilgrims. Oscare curls a fist and punches his gut with it, forcing himself to cower over! Oscare roars at the top of his lungs to accompany it![/align]


[align=center]Henana was able to fire off one more arrow before the great beasts charge forced her to abandon her tree. Just as she touched ground and started to run to try and keep some distance she felt the beast’s great bulk slam into the tree as it crashed into the small clearing. Henana drew her sword.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra brandishes the little toy sword menacingly..ish. Frejyalen jumps slightly, the roar an unexpected addition to the performance.[/align]


[align=center]The battle between the two raged in that clearing for some time. Henana barely managing to fend off all the tentacles that assaulted them from all sides and remain ungrappled. Both starting to tire and weaken as time ran on. Thinking the battle lost as she tired Henana started to despair.[/align]


[align=center]Oscare rushes at Xenedra, roaring at her again! His deep voice gave it a threatining sort of imaginary echo. The crowd gasped in shock, Xenedra the brave heroine staggering before the mighty man morbol.[/align]


[align=center]Until she noticed the tree. The first one that she’d climbed and the one that had taken quite the beating as the battle had raged. It had taken quite a beating and seemed ready to snap. So with one final show of strength and skill she managed to maneuver the beast next to the tree and in it’s trashing the tree felt another solid blow.


[align=center]The tree rocked and groaned and Henana thought all was lost when it seemed like it would tip in the opposite direction she needed it to.


[align=center]But then rejoiced as the trunk swayed back and gave way, crashing on the giant beasts head. While it was dazed She struck the final blow and all became still.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra pokes Oscare with the sword. It's a convincing poke, but still just a poke. Oscare doubles over, a large thud due to his weight could be heard from even the back of the crowd and Oscare put on his best monster groan of defeat. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghnnnnnnn..."[/align]

[align=center]Jancis Milburga laughs, "Take a knee, Sir Iono." Oscare kneels over upon Jancis' request immediately, much to the delighted laughter of the pilgrims, all applauding his efforts.




[align=center]Such a racket they’d made that even the insects had gone silent but slowly the birds and the bugs started to call again in the gathering twilight. Exhausted, Henana staggered to her feet and started to look around for the Horn of Plenty.


[align=center]After a bit of searching she finally discovered it. Shattered in two the horn sat atop a massive pile of seeds and under a limp tentacle. Then she despaired, kneeling by the broken relic for some time before emptying her own pack and starting to scoop as many of the mixed variety of seeds as she could into it and placed the shattered remains on top. With a heavy heart she trudged back towards the settlement.[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra kneels and picks through some of the grass, uncovering the artifact![/align]


[align=center]Upon Henana’s return there was a mighty cheer from the townsfolk. Some had packs and looked about to set out, looking for their hero after the terrible noise of the battle had died down. So overjoyed and sure that their hero had brought back the needed horn they failed to notice Henana’s lack of cheer.



[align=center]Oscare is the least menancing raid boss as he keeps his knee. I hope you got the loot you wanted. Pilgrims shouted out, supporting Xenedra even as she slumped in defeat. Leanne Delphium doesn't see any shirts.[/align]


[align=center]But the priestess was more observant as she greeted their hero warmly, “You return! Hale and whole. But what grieves you, precious sister?”


[align=center]It was then that Henana set her pack on the ground and opened it, the broken shards of the horn plain for all to see. And the townsfolk grieved with heavy hearts the loss of their treasured relic.


[align=center]Yet again it was the priestess that observed the golden gleam of the seeds behind the broken horn and she smiled warmly. Her tone kind and full of mirth, “Do not grieve for what has been lost. You have still brought us life and exactly what we needed most.” She scooped a handfull of seeds to show around the gathering.


[align=center]“Nophica still blesses us with her bounty! No more weeping or sorrow for we will survive this winter and can collect seeds come this harvest. The children of her divine seeds will be just as strong as the mother plant. Rejoice for we -have- been saved!” She turns back to Henana amid the happy cries and cheers of the townsfolk.


[align=center]“I bid you to stay. Rest and heal here with us our brave savior. Come weeks end we’ll have planted and will host a generous feast in your honor.” She then stooped to press a kiss to Henana’s forehead.




[align=center]Oscare grumbles again, mentioning something about he would've had it all if it weren't for that meddling adventurer. Coraliza blows Xenedra a kiss; making the woman blush.[/align]


[align=center]Henana started to smile broadly as she listened to priestess Bountina speak. Forgetting all hurts and grief as her spirits lifted at the words and the gathered crowds cheers. “Of course I shall stay!” And they rest is, as they say, history.




[align=center]The story over, Ojune walked up to the front of the stage. "Come take a bow, performers! Thank you for participating."[/align]


Jancis chimed in "Fantastic! Thank you Master Ojune and thank you to our wonderful actors!" and was echoed by many "Thank you for your tale~"

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[align=center]"Lady Ciel, please bless these pilgrims with a song after such a riveting tale."[/align]


[align=center]"It would be my joy, though I fear my song could not compare to such a wonderful tale, and all of the actors involved."[/align]

[align=center]Ciel Wulfe bows to the crowd to much applause.




[align=center]"Before I begin, I wish to remind everyone that the Matron, blessed Nophica, is not just about life and crops but healing as well.  She is about renewal of all things and reclaiming what has been broken, and this can be said for the body, spirit, and the heart."[/align]


[align=center]1PgoUV6DHwg [/align]


[align=center]Ciel Wulfe begins by lifting her voice, bright and clear on the breeze.[/align]


[align=center]♪ Let me lie on grass as green... on the Matron's grace I lean~ ♪ [/align]

[align=center]♪ Let me lie on grass as green... on the Matron's grace I lean~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Under burning sun... through my veins she runs. ♪[/align]


[align=center]♪ Let me breathe the forest air... 'it's the life force that we all share~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Feel my burning tears~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Heal me through as I lie here with you - heal me through~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Let me sleep and keep me close... ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Heal me through as I lie here with you - heal me through~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Let me sleep and keep me close... ♪[/align]


[align=center]♪ Let me lie on grass as green... on the Matron's grace I lean~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Under burning sun... through my veins she runs. ♪[/align]


[align=center]♪ Heal me through as I lie here with you - heal me through~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Let me sleep and keep me close... ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Heal me through as I lie here with you - heal me through~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Let me sleep and keep me close... ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Under burning sun... through my veins she runs~ ♪[/align]

[align=center]♪ Her and I are one... ♪




[align=center]Ciel Wulfe finishes the song with a sweeping bow. The pilgrims fill the valley with applause and cheering.  "Lovely~" "Thank you."[/align]

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[align=center]"And now, even though she has graced us with such a performance as a powerful heroine, Lady Xenedra shall enchant us with a story."[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra laughs and takes the center of the stage. Lifting her chin, projecting loud and clear. "I personally love origin myths and I happen to have one that fits the bill here." She plays at opening an invisible book. [/align]




[align=center]"There was once a farmer who lived amongst the stone and ice that is Coerthas. As most of us know, Coerthas wasn't always blanketed in white like it is now, but being that close to the Farreach and in the mountains, no less, it's never been known as a partic~ularly warm locale."[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra mock shivers, hugging her arms around herself and making a face like a grumpy child.[/align]

[align=center]"And it was once much larger..."[/align]


[align=center]"However! The farmer's fields, settled between two of the rockiest outcroppings in the whole of the region and far to the east, always grew green. Or purple or orange or red if he decided to grow eggplants or pumpkins or peppers~." She grins.[/align]

[align=center]"Of course those in the craggy valley around him were curious, so one night a few of them snuck onto his farm and peeked in his window as he was getting ready for bed. There on the wall-" Xenedra motions out beyond the crowd with her palm. "-was a symbol. A uniform sprout in a little pile of earth. Nophica's symbol. And below the symbol and the simple shrine around it the farmer knelt, praying to the Goddess of harvests."[/align]


[align=center]Bowing her head over clasped hands, a serene image of prayer, she lifts her head suddenly, expression furious![/align]

[align=center]"The other farmers were outraged! This was Coerthas! Land of cold and rocks and HALONE! How DARE one of Halone's people pray to another Goddess simply so that he might outshine them! How dare he wish for more, for prosperity above all others!"[/align]


[align=center]"Their rage firmly at heart and hand, the group of farmers waited until morning and began the perilous trip to visit The Mover of Glaciers, Halone. She was pleased to see the fires of conflict burning within them and told them that she would move against their enemy at once."[/align]

[align=center]"Down from her haven Halone flew, down to the sheltered little oasis of greenery. She looked with disdain upon such thriving life in her frigid mountains and smote it with a gesture."[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra tips her head up regally, aloof and flicks her wrist.[/align]

[align=center]"The plants withered and died immediately as the farmer watched from his tiny house in awe. Yes his livelihood was ruined, but how often does one see a Goddess? Still, his senses returned to him and he questioned his celestial visitor."[/align]

[align=center]Lifting her chin and looking earnestly up to question as the farmer, "Why? Why, most loved Halone, have you brought this pain upon me?"[/align]

[align=center]"The Goddess whirled on the man, living up to her name of The Fury." Xenedra adopts the whirlwind anger of the Goddess the speak, "Why!? You call me most beloved, but you pray to another! You pray for more than what my lands give you, from *another*!"[/align]

[align=center]She lets the fury go, sinking back into the role of the frightened farmer, voice wavering, "My lady, I and my family have always held you foremost in our hearts and minds, but the lands are fickle and barren. To simply live, I pray for a good harvest and Lady Nophica answers, knowing full well that we are yours only."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra looks down her nose at some invisible sniveling farmer, head held high, "I've had enough of your LIES, wayward mortal. Nothing, NOTHING will grow from your lands again as long as I hold reign here. May you whither and die as your plants have."[/align]

[align=center]"With that, she turned on her heel and was gone in a glimmer of light off frozen armor."[/align]




[align=center]"For a long time the farmer sat, head in hands until he heard soft footsteps approaching him. His eyes grew wide and he sucked in a gasp of surprise as Nophica, green as spring and golden as fall all at once, approached him across the fallow field. At her feet re-sprung the life that Halone had banished."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra smiles warmly to those listening to her story and speaks gently as Nophica, "You have done no wrong here, sweet Farmer. It was as you said, but my peer has never been one to listen. War is in her heart, it is simply her nature."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra, once against the farmer, hangs her head and frets, "But my Lady, how can I hope to win against Lady Halone. Surely my home is doomed."[/align]

[align=center]She shakes her head reassuringly, lifting it to fill the role of Nophica once more, "Your goal and mine are one in the same. I wish to see life and bountiful harvests even in the harshest environs. I will not abandon you now. Replant your rows and trust in me."[/align]

[align=center]"For three days the farmer hesitated, caught between Goddesses, but on the third day he took heart and began resewing his garden. He worked hard, doing three days work in that one day, and fell asleep amoungst the seed beds, drained. When he woke the next morning, he was surrounded once again by flowering plants."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra murmurs, "Impossible..." as the farmer and looks around in wonder.[/align]


[align=center]"But no sooner had his spirits begun to lift, then did a hail of ice begin streaking from the heavens. Halone had come to ruin his miracle. The knives of ice tore through the plants, reducing the budding leaves and flowers to ribbons as the farmer fled to his house, attempting to avoid the same fate. The ice fell for days upon days, all over the region not only ruining his crops, but the crop of the other farmers, too."[/align]

[align=center]"Finally, Nophica could stand no more and moved against Halone in one burst of power. The ice showers melted and fell as harmless, healing water. The farmers watched in wonder as the sky blessed them with water for their fields."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra holds her hands out to catch the invisible rain, face full of amazement.[/align]




[align=center]She holds up a finger. "This-"[/align]


[align=center]"-was the first rain that Eorzea had ever experienced. The rain continued, a soft weeping for a land that had too long been ravaged and the earth soaked it up hungrily."[/align]


[align=center]"All around the bewildered farmers trees sprung up, but not saplings, full *trees* already baring fruit. Bushes of berries and vines of tomatoes and fields upon fields of flowers filled in the patches between the heavy laden trees and the land was all at once, no longer barren."[/align]

[align=center]"Halone howled to see her land changed so at the hands of Nophica, but she had been raining ice for days and she was exhausted. It was beyond her power to do anything to stop her, though after her assault, Nophica was equally worn. The Goddesses were at a standstill and the land remained ripe."[/align]


[align=center]"Out of all of this..."[/align]

[align=center]Xenedra closes her invisible story book and looks out across the audience.[/align]

[align=center]"-grew not only the bitter rivalry that Nophica and Halone share to this very day, but also the region that we now call the Black Shroud, home to towering trees and bountiful harvests."[/align]


[align=center]Xenedra Ambreaus smiles, awarded with claps and cheers. [/align]

[align=center]"Lovely story, very well done." "Such fascinating story-telling!" "Thank you~"[/align]

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[align=center]"Lady Leanne, pray serenade us with your harp and voice with another song?"


Leanne Delphium nodded before walking forward, gulping...


Leanne adjusts her hat and takes a deep breath. Rather than say much, she decides to go straight to the song. She closes her eyes, as her fingers begin to dance along the strings of her bow-harp, weaving together a gentle song. [/align]



♪ You already know, and understand her very well...of the things she's not capable of doing, and what she can do! But there's more than you can imagine...! ♪


She sighs happily, giving a brief pause to her words.


♪ And if you know nothing about her...I shall teach you all...with my song! In life everything has a price and valueee! And what she most want from us is happiness! And of course harmony!! ♪


Leanne smiles as the song picks up.

♪ Because of thee, because of me! That she produces much glee! Oh Nophica, my deepest thanks to you, mother of all the trees! ♪

♪ Because of they, because of her! That we're granted, such bounty! Oh Matron, my deepest thanks from me and all of this...county!!! ♪


The song once more slows down alongside the swift fingers of the bard.

♪ If you hear she tired of gifting us, that's just a myth...she's the jubilant farmer with her trusty, steel scythe... ♪

♪ That doesn't mean we shouldn't return her favors! Aaaaaahhh! So please just plant a tree, and sing with me! Giving her a thanks! ♪


Leanne beams radiantly as the music picks up once again, digits striding through the harp.

♪Because of thee and because of me, that she makes her work a sacred decree! Oh Nophica, my deepest thanks to you, mother of all the trees! ♪

♪ Because of they, because of her, that we have this abundance of life! Oh Matron, my deepest thanks from me and all wildlife! ♪


She goes one last time.

♪ Because of thee, the jubilant farmer, that I live, and I thrive! Oh Nophica, I, Leanne Delphium, thank you with my soul and heart for I am...aliivee! ♪


The girl slowly closes her eye, humming, until the sound of the harp finally fades. Pilgrims sit up, claping enthusiastically. Leanne blushes and bows politely, before shuffing away timidly as the applause continues.

Xenedra comments, "I liked it, adorable even~ " Leanne laughs embarrassedly, adjusting her hat sheepshly. "I hope it was of everyone's liking, yes..." she clears her throat.[/align]

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[align=center]"Master Chuta, please take the forefront and share your tale?"


Chuta Allfriend slowly steps from the line and takes his place at the front of the makeshift stage, turning a hand up and looking at the rain. "Well how do you like that..."

Ciel chimed, "Nophica blesses this celebration." Nathan agreed, "Halone and Nophica are fighting over our storyteller." getting a confident smirk from Ciel and a smile from Xenedra at the comment. Leanne nods in agreement; looking up to the sky as she enjoys the water hitting her form.

Xenedra holds an arm uselessly over her head. "Ooph..." Ojune reaches into his satchel and pulls out a large hat. How did that fit?!


Despite the rain, everyone either smiling or tolerating it, Chuta continued with his tale.




"When most people think of the Twelve, they think of powerful, mighty Gods. They might not be all benevolent, not all the time, but there's certainly nothing anyone could say about Nophica to paint her in a poor light."[/align]


"She comes from good stock, you know?" He laughs a little, looking up. "Azeyma might not appreciate me implying her daughter's not as glorious as some of the others, but she had a lot to live up to. Not all of us can come from a mother so powerful and important."[/align]


"Could you imagine the sort of concern that'd put on a young girl? Not only was her mother the Law and the bearer of Truth, which would have made getting away with things as a kid pretty difficult..." Chuta says that part a little quieter with a sly grin.


"...but on top of that, her older sister, blessed Llymlaen, was also known as the watcher of the seas! That's quite a bit to contend with. But Nophica wasn't going to be put out by those expectations. There's glory and bounty in all things, and you don't need to be a sun goddess or a perfect navigator to get your recognition."[/align]


"No, where some of the other Twelve are about power and amazement, our dear Nophica just puts her back into her work. She tilled and tilled, she hoed, she tended and mended and planted and watered. And for her efforts, we're blessed. Every harvest that is a bountiful one shares in the gifts she shared with us."

"It's a good reminder we should all take with us, I think. It takes all sorts in life to make things go, and you can't very well eat a great axe or all the coin in the world. Well, I reckon you could, but... It sure wouldn't taste as good."


The pilgrims snickered and nodded, grinning at Chuta.


"While we're honored Nophica today, don't just remember the godhood and the powers and the divinity. Remember that once, Nophica was just a woman who wanted to work hard. Sometimes that's closer to divinity than hurling lightning or parting the seas, if you ask me."

Chuta pauses a moment, then nods. That'll do.




Jancis claps, still a humored smile on her face. "Thank you Master Chuta." [/align]

[align=center]Chuta allows himself a small smile. "My pleasure."


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[align=center]"And now to finish our celebration, we are honored to have Lady Eva speak."


Eva Zelorius nods, rising. She leaves the sitting area with the other pilgrims, joining the performers on the stage.[/align]



"Good evening and may the Twelve bless each and everyone one of you here this night who took time from busy schedules to be here in honour of the Matron."

"You must forgive me as I'm unaccustomed to giving the parable to such a large group of people.  Usually I speak for a few clicks about some story and the few of us that attend have a quiet discussion afterwards about the parable or any other matters of importance."

"For this evening since this is a bit different from my usual format, I will give the parable as I always do and ask that all present listen with an open mind, and an open heart. "

"Afterwards I will be available for anyone who may wish to talk, or I may be reached through the Church of Saint Adama Landama or the Sanctum of the Twelve - the latter of which is where I usually speak the parable."

"I know I have a soft voice.  Before I begin, I would ask any who might have trouble hearing me to come forth and sit closer."

A few of the pilgrims scooted closer in the rain, sitting together as they looked up at the elezen.[/align]


"You may clasp your hands or close your eyes if it aids you in visualizing.  Let us begin..."[/align]




"My story this eve is nae anything secondhand.  Those who have heard past parables know that they sometimes come from storybooks or tales I had been told in passing.  The young woman I speak of was real, and of close acquaintance."

"She was like most others, had dreams and aspirations from a young age of learning magic and becoming an enchantress.  As she grew older reality set in a bit and her belief in miracles faded, as it does sometimes when children get older and see how the world works."[/align]

[align=center]"In time she fell in love with a boy, and they were to be wed.  Before long she found her belly swollen and rejoiced at the notion of motherhood.  And that is perhaps at the center of this particular parable."[/align]


[align=center]"You see, she was a woman of some faith.  Nymeia, however, can be fickle with her shears.  And tragedy ensued when the baby came along.  Alas, the child lived only long enough to draw a few short gasps before passing on to Thal's realm."[/align]

[align=center]"The woman was heartbroken after that.  The tragedy was only made worse with news that due to those complications she would never be able to bear children again.  A sadness overcame her, after that.  She sought motherhood in other ways.  She was left with a void that could not ever be filled, and she wept for the little boy."[/align]


[align=center]"Time passed - as time is wont to do.  First moons, and then years.  She moved on with her life.  It was perhaps the first in a number of tragedies to strike this poor lass.  But she learned to let go.  She made amends with the Twelve.  She opened her heart to love again, and made room.  To some she was perhaps a mother."

"Miss Jancis said earlier that sometimes we must sow tears in order to later reap joy.  I feel that describes it beautifully.  Miracles so often come when we least expect them.  And to this young woman, a miracle was about to happen, so many years after those tears were sown."

Oscare raises a hand. "May Nophica know you preach it."[/align]



"She found herself praying to the Matron after that, in those dire moons before the Calamity.  She sought to be like a mother to those who needed one.  That she might hold close those who felt similar tragedies, and comfort them."

Eva smiles softly. "It may be that the Matron heard the woman's prayers, and felt her tears upon the earth.  Her heart poured out to Nophica, and I sincerely believe that the Matron heard - and not only heard, but answered."


"Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don't believe there are coincidences.  And to see this woman smile, holding her swollen belly in her hands...  It was a sight to behold.  It near brings me to tears right now as I recall it."

"Some time later she gave birth to a healthy pair of twins!  They are still around to this sun - living breathing testament of the miracles that Nophica bestows upon those who make room in their hearts for love."


"This woman - she is ordinary.  I know her well.  And I was there when those healers told her naught could be done and that she would never bring children into the world.  She was not special in any way before feeling Nophica's blessing."

Eva pauses a moment, opening her eyes and looking around; her hands remain clasped together.[/align]


"I pray that this evening's parable may lift spirits.  For when we make room in our hearts for the Matron, and all of the Twelve, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities, and... miracles do truly happen."

"May the Twelve bless all of you this evening, and may Nophica in particular provide a bountiful harvest, not only in terms of the crop, but in terms of spiritual awareness, peace of mind, and emotional well-being.  Thank you all for listening to the parable of the miracle mother."

Eva Zelorius bows her head reverently for a moment, extending her arms then gazes heavenward with a smile.  "May the Twelve hear our prayers and bestow upon us their blessings."


[align=center]And as she did so, the rain ceased, the clouds opening up to reveal a sun-streaked sky above.[/align]




The pilgrims clap enthusiastically. Leanne grins brightly as she looks up to the sky, clouds giving way to the sun. Chuta flicks an ear and looks bemused up at the parting clouds. Jancis looks at the priestess with awe-filled eyes as the sun breaks out. She bows gratefully.

Nathan comments "Now that's an exit." Chuta mutters, "...only worked because I made them mad." clearly joking. Ciel smirks confidently at the amusing miqo'te.

Xenedra shakes her head, grinning, and begins the process of flicking water from her clothes and squeezing it from her hair.


"Please grace our storytellers and bards with another round of applause. Surely this day Nophica's smile is more jovial for your words and all of the work everyone has done this day."

"Lady Eva shall stay here upon the platform, should anyone wish to speak to her for blessings. Lady Reinette will also be available to hear and help with your prayers and personal blessings this day. I thank you all for making this pilgrimage in honor of Nophica."

Jancis rings the hand bell, signaling the performances over.


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Coraliza Velia: "And I am quite excited.  You know, I never expected that I would be doing anything like this."

Nathan Telluride adjusted his hat. "That's the whole reason in the whole world to be doing new things - so that every day, you can wake up, greet the sun, and wonder just what in the world it's going to show you with the new day.  Otherwise, what reason is there to get out of bed at all?"

Coraliza Velia rocked back on the balls of her feet before she gave an eventual nod. "I am curious enough about the world to try new things anyway.  There are some things that one simply can't witness just by words on a page."

Nathan Telluride grins, and taps the Miqo softly on the tip of her nose. "This coming from the gal who has enough books to build herself a fortress of them, and do scandalous things hiding behind paper walls."

Coraliza Velia could feel her cheeks redden before she gave a shake of her head. "I need to thin my books out a bit."

Jancis Milburga: "Master Telluride, yes?"

Nathan Telluride: "Top of the day to you - Jancis, if I remember right? I know that voice from previous pilgrimages."

Jancis Milburga smiles and bows her head politely. "Yes, yes that is me. And pleasure to meet you as well, Lady."

Coraliza Velia parted her lips into a bright smile as she gave the woman a bow. "Ah! Indeed it is quite the pleasure.  I'm Coraliza."

Coraliza Velia bows courteously to you.

Jancis Milburga: "Lady Coraliza, a pleasure. You are performing with Master Telluride?"

Nathan Telluride looks to his right. "And this splendid sliver of sunshine itself here is indeed my partner for the duet we'll be performing today, yes."

Coraliza Velia: "I am indeed!"

Jancis Milburga lights up, smiling. "Oh this event will be so delightful. I am so honored to have you both here. Surely the padjal will be quite happy with your performance as well as the other pilgrims."

Coraliza Velia gave another nod as she let her hands come to a rest against her lap. "Oh I do hope so.  I've never performed in front of others before so this will be quite the event for me."

Jancis Milburga: "Do forgive me, I should continue to check on other details before the rest of the pilgrims arrive. The bell is nigh close."

Nathan Telluride beams with delight at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia smiles at Nathan Telluride.

Nathan Telluride arches a brow at Cora. "Best have any final words with those butterfiles, my dear, because the cocoon is about to open, and wings are about to be spread."

Coraliza Velia caught her bottom lip between her teeth before she gave a swift shake of her head. "I am letting them settle.  I'll be alright!"

Nathan Telluride kneels, and sets his ear near to the Miqo's tummy, and then gives it a little tap. "Settle down in there! Good people are trying to prepare for revels, and it's hard with all that bloody flappin' about!"

Coraliza Velia let out a soft though surprised giggle as she peered down to Nathan. "Oh, I do hope that they heard you then."

Nathan Telluride: "Eh, I may not speak their language. For all I know, I just told them that the moon is made of wax droplets."

Coraliza Velia gave a bit of a twirl before she beamed up to him once more. "Well then we shall see!"

Nathan Telluride nods once and briskly. "Right, then!" He stands up straight, and adjusts his hat. "Now, let's hope for a good crowd and a happy goddess."

Coraliza Velia wrung her hands together gently before she let out a soft sigh in an effort to relax her nerves a bit.

Coraliza Velia nudged Nathan gently.

Coraliza Velia nudged Nathan once more.

Nathan Telluride patted Cora's shoulder. "Holding steady, my dear?"

Coraliza Velia offered a nod. "Mmh!"

Nathan Telluride pats his lute case. "Whatever you do love, remember to have fun with it. Think of the place as being one warm bath, there to relax you and let it all flow naturally."

Nathan Telluride smiles at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia nodded as she leaned down to take the harp case once more.  She clutched its handle gently before her violet gaze lingered over each who had gathered.

Coraliza Velia pokes Nathan Telluride.

Nathan Telluride: "One more thought before showtime, hm?"

Nathan Telluride smiles at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia gave a swift shake of her head. "Not particularly! Did you have a thought before hand?"

Nathan Telluride: "Just to hope you keep those pokes in line with the performance, my dear," He says to Coraliza, and winks.

Coraliza Velia blinked a few times before she grinned. "I planned on doing nothing of the sort during the performance. "




Nathan Telluride: "It all goes to remind why there's always some irresistible farm girl out there - seems the goddess takes care of her own."




Oscare Iono: "The acting was... ridiculous."

Ciel Wulfe: "No, no, it was perfect."

Chachanji Gegenji consoles Oscare Iono.

Chachanji Gegenji: I think ya made a very nice morbol!

Nathan Telluride grins at the Lalafell. "If they were too much more convincing, we'd be cleaning blood and morbol bile from the gardens, and nobody wants that."




Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm amused it stuck well enough for the rain comment.

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at Nathan Telluride.

Coraliza Velia smiles at Xenedra Ambreaus.

Nathan Telluride rubs his chin. "I'm not sure I'll be able to desert the image of a rainstorm being a rolling melee between goddesses. Hells know the extent one could pull from that thought."




Coraliza Velia giggled softly. "You all were quite wonderful."

Oscare Iono: "I thank you too."

Coraliza Velia motions joyfully to Oscare Iono.

Oscare Iono sighs. "I'm not used to people. I'm too used to bitin--" Oscare's attention randomly turns to Nathan, distracted. He blinks a couple of times.

Nathan Telluride gives Oscare a glance. "I hope you don't get a reputation for skill as a Morbul, good sir."

Oscare Iono bites his lips, eying the man up and down. "I'l -- I'll make sure not to."

Coraliza Velia stifled another soft giggle before she shook her head. "I've never.. performed in front of people before."

Nathan Telluride glances at Cora. "You realize, you can never say that again, I hope?"

Nathan Telluride smiles at Oscare Iono.

Nathan Telluride beams with delight at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia: "I do realize that."

Coraliza Velia motions joyfully to Nathan Telluride.

Nathan Telluride taps the top of Cora's head lightly. "From here, you are a veteran songstress, experienced in harp and stagecraft, and all the company here are witness to it. Remember that."

Coraliza Velia returned the poke before she gave a twirl. "Something of the sorts!  I shall have to keep that in mind."  She offered him a bright smile before she cast her gaze toward the path. "What now then?"

Nathan Telluride: "We should pay respects to the hostesses, of course, and see if there are any generous and winsome souls here who we should endeavor to make acquaintance with."




Oscare Iono shrugs a shoulder. "Anyway, who's this handsome guy over here?" Oscare throws a thumb towards Nathan.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Anyway, I mentioned you enjoying the part before because you didn't seem to actually- Well I don't really know him.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think you have a fan, ser bard~

Coraliza Velia clapped her hands together excitedly. "Ooh! A fan!"

Oscare Iono scratches the back of his neck, exhaling.

Xenedra Ambreaus smirks.

Coraliza Velia nudged Nathan. "See!"  She then pointed a slender gloved finger toward Oscare.

Nathan Telluride grins widely. "However well things went, I'm humble enough to know that any glory I may have gathered is eclipsed by the incredible beauty of the ladies upon this berm."

Oscare Iono shakes his glance, putting two and two together and backs off immediately. "Anyway, I'll be going."

Nathan Telluride puts his hand to his chest. "Did I make a comment in error? The rain still has my ears a tad clogged."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think once he figured out you weren't interested in men he moved on~

Nathan Telluride: "I suppose we'll just say that the gods and godesses' methods of communicating are inscrutable, sometimes. Your story was quite memorable, my dear," He says to Xenedra.

Xenedra Ambreaus bows courteously to Nathan Telluride.

Nathan Telluride: "If you'll excuse us briefly, miss Xenedra, we should take a moment to express our courtesies to the hostess."

Nathan Telluride bows courteously to Xenedra Ambreaus.

Coraliza Velia nods to Nathan Telluride.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Of course. Nice to meet you both.




Ojune Wajune: "Oh! And I didn't see you at first, thank you as well 'priestess Bountina."

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia: "You are quite welcome! It was an honor that  you let me participate.  The story was great."

Ojune Wajune: "Oh... Perhaps I was too short."

Coraliza Velia: "Mmh! I quite enjoyed it, too!"

Ojune Wajune "Oh, I'll take no offense." cants his head to the side, "Now for real names... If I heard lady Jancis correctly... Is Xenedra, Coraliza, and Nathan?"

Coraliza Velia nodded. "You are correct, yes!"

Ojune Wajune smiles.

Ojune Wajune: "I did quite enjoy both of your performances. And your voices acompanied each other so well in your song."

Coraliza Velia beamed. "Thank you so kindly.  It was a lot of preparation."

Ojune Wajune bids farewell to Nathan Telluride.

Nathan Telluride: "And to you, tale-spinner." He says to Ojune.




Nathan Telluride clears his throat. "Apologies for interrupting - we wanted to show our appreciation to your efforts in putting together this pilgrimage. You did a stellar job," He says to Jancis.

Coraliza Velia offered a polite nod. "We enjoyed the performances and thank you for having us among those."

Jancis Milburga: "Master Telluride. Lady Coraliza. Your duet was beautiful and uplifting! I can still hear it in my head. I am so honored you both came truly I thank you threefold."

Coraliza Velia: "The pleasure was all ours."

Nathan Telluride: "Oh, the honor is ours - and good luck keeping us away, should there be another similar celebration soon. We'd sneak in, if that's what it took."

Jancis Milburga laughs lightly, "I shalt keep it a secret, you have my word."

Nathan Telluride: "And  as unusual as it is for me to break away from a crowd, I have a promise to keep to someone, and despite my reputation, it's one I will not break."

Coraliza Velia: "To you as well."

Jancis Milburga: "I cannot imagine your reputation as poor, Lord, but I understand keeping commitments. Both of you travel safely."

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Ojune Wajune: Thank you for the parable, lady Eva. It was quite touching.

Eva Zelorius smiles and bows her head politely, "I'm glad you thought so.  Truth be told, I was a little nervous in telling it this eve."

Ojune Wajune tilts his head slightly, "Oh? Why for? The usual sorts of stage fright and different sort of venue?"

Eva Zelorius: "I'm used to a different venue, and a much smaller group.  I really enjoyed your performance too though!"

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at Eva Zelorius.

Ojune Wajune: "Thank you! I was hoping people would find it fun at least."

Eva Zelorius nods to Ojune Wajune.

Eva Zelorius: "All of the performances were a joy, really."

Ojune Wajune: "Indeed they were." hesitates slightly, "Might I ask for Nophica's blessing, priestess?"

Eva Zelorius: "Of course!"

Ojune Wajune smiles at Caen Macleod.

Caen Macleod bows courteously to Ojune Wajune.

Eva Zelorius: "The blessing comes with a request from this humble priestess, however..."

Ojune Wajune bows his head reverently as he recieves the blessing. Murmuring something inaudiable before looking up to Eva, "Yes?"

Eva Zelorius: "Find a mother, or a farmer, and thank them in word or deed for their hard work.  Do this in the Matron's name and I am sure She will bless you with a bountiful harvest all the suns and moons of your life."

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at Eva Zelorius.

Ojune Wajune: "I shall, my lady."

Eva Zelorius bows courteously to Ojune Wajune.

Ojune Wajune bows courteously to Eva Zelorius.

Ojune Wajune: "I shall let others have a turn. And I should find my volunteers and thank them."

Ojune Wajune: "Thank you again, lady."

Ojune Wajune smiles at Caen Macleod.

Eva Zelorius bids farewell to Ojune Wajune.




Ojune Wajune clears his throat lightly as he aproaches the pack of tall folk, "Thank you again Black Morbol and adventurer Hanana."

Ojune Wajune beams with delight.

Xenedra Ambreaus smiles at Ojune Wajune.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think I should maybe be thanking *you*. It was a lot of fun.

Ojune Wajune: "Oh! And I didn't see you at first, thank you as well 'priestess Bountina."

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at Coraliza Velia.

Coraliza Velia: "You are quite welcome! It was an honor that  you let me participate.  The story was great."

Oscare Iono shakes his glance, putting two and two together and backs off immediately. "Anyway, I'll be going."

Ojune Wajune: "Oh... Perhaps I was too short."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think he was just interested in getting to know our Highlander friend here better~

Xenedra Ambreaus: I wouldn't take offense.

Xenedra Ambreaus winks at Ojune Wajune.

Ojune Wajune "Oh, I'll take no offense." cants his head to the side, "Now for real names... If I heard lady Jancis correctly... Is Xenedra, Coraliza, and Nathan?"

Xenedra Ambreaus nods to Ojune Wajune.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm a fan of that style of storytelling.

Ojune Wajune: "I did quite enjoy both of your performances. And your voices acompanied each other so well in your song."

Coraliza Velia beamed. "Thank you so kindly.  It was a lot of preparation."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Where'd the idea for your story come from, if you don't mind me asking?

Ojune Wajune: "The origin story you told, where did you hear it? It was well told."

Xenedra Ambreaus: You want to know the secret~?

Ojune Wajune nods to Xenedra Ambreaus.

Xenedra Ambreaus gazes upon Ojune Wajune in deep reflection.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Will you trade me a secret for it~?

Ojune Wajune grins, "Of course. Sounds fair."

Xenedra Ambreaus motions joyfully to Ojune Wajune.

Xenedra Ambreaus: You first then.

Xenedra Ambreaus grins broadly.

Ojune Wajune: "Where my idea came from? Well..." smiles, "I was exploring a ruin some time ago with Master Furoro. We were inside of an old temple there that was clearly used to worship Nophica and we came across a curious set of symbols. One looked to be a goats horn filled with all sorts of bountiful foods. So I came up with a story for the odd symbol."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Ruins, eh? Where abouts?

Ojune Wajune: "Here in the shroud. An old elezen ruin from before Gridania is founded and the clans split if we are correct in it's age."

Ojune Wajune motions to the south.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Aah, well...

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm afraid my secret is less interesting. I wanted a myth to explain rain. It just sort of became more.

Ojune Wajune: "And so you made the perfect creation story for rain. It truely seems it should be written down and passed down."

Ojune Wajune smiles at Xenedra Ambreaus.




Ojune Wajune: "So are you a bard? Traveling and sharing your stories with the world?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: I would say I'm a bard, yes....

Xenedra Ambreaus gazes upon Ojune Wajune in deep reflection.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Though I don't travel the world, so much as wander where I please.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Or.. stay put, depending on my mood.

Ojune Wajune: "Ah... traveling whereever the winds take you."

Ojune Wajune: "What region are you from originally?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: Originally? Thanalan.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I much prefer La Noscea, though.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Yourself?

Ojune Wajune: "Also Thanalan. Ul'dah specifically. But I much prefer the green and wonder of the Shroud."

Xenedra Ambreaus: The Shroud... likes to rain on me. That's part of the reason I wanted a story about it.

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs at Ojune Wajune.

Ojune Wajune laughs at Xenedra Ambreaus.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I recently purchased a house here though... Thinking of trying to put together a theater there.

Ojune Wajune: "Then perhaps you are why we were rained on today."

Ojune Wajune smirks teasingly.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Heheh.. I'd hate to think that was *my* fault. Maybe I should thank Eva for sending the rain away, mm?

Xenedra Ambreaus smirks.

Eva Zelorius smiles over at Xenedra, "I had naught to do with that.  I rather like the water droplets, anyroad."  She grins.

Xenedra Ambreaus: You have to admit that the timing was perfect though, yeah?

Eva Zelorius: "But... I did just get through saying I didn't believe in coincidences...."

Eva Zelorius nods to Xenedra Ambreaus.

Leanne Delphium nods. "Yep! Besides...I want to craft a ballad about a boy lalafell and it's faithful behemoth.'

Ojune Wajune also teases the priestess, "And I thought you didn't believe in coinc--- exactly."

Xenedra Ambreaus: You diiid~

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs at Eva Zelorius.

Eva Zelorius: "I like to think She was here with us this eve, listening."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I imagine she's the type to enjoy a little harvest festival like this.

Xenedra Ambreaus: It didn't see to ruin it for anyone at least, the rain.




Xenedra Ambreaus: I would have personally liked a wide-brimmed hat, but...

Ojune Wajune: "True. It really was only a light shower."

Ojune Wajune: "And it seemed the winter winds have relented a touch."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Mm!

Xenedra Ambreaus fluffs her skirt. "I was a little wary of wearing something so light today, but the weather has been kind."

L'aenoh Tia twitches his good ear. "Excuse me just a moment."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Hey.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hey."

Ojune Wajune glances over Xen's attire, realizing just how short the skirt really was and blushing a touch, "Ah... Quite fortunate for you. Or this fellow would have had to give you his jacket."

Xenedra Ambreaus: His jacket would be a tent on me!

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs at Ojune Wajune.

Ojune Wajune: "But a warm one!

Xenedra Ambreaus: I saw you missed most of it~

Xenedra Ambreaus tsks L'aenoh Tia teasingly.

L'aenoh Tia: "What, you were looking out for me? I didn't think I meant that much to you."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I noticed when you swaggered in.

Xenedra Ambreaus: You did miss out, though.

Xenedra Ambreaus: The performances were all great, better than last time, I'd venture to say, as a whole.

L'aenoh Tia: "I don't think she'd look too good in my coat anyroad. Just drag it around on the dirt and get it dirty 'cause it'd be way too long on her--..hm?" He shifts, turning his attention to Xenedra. "Ah. I'm sorry I missed it. I meant to be here sooner, but.."

L'aenoh Tia: "I fell asleep on a tree and lost all track of time."

Xenedra Ambreaus snickers.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Terrible excuse.

Xenedra Ambreaus: We acted out- it was Ojune, right?

Ojune Wajune nods to Xenedra Ambreaus.

Xenedra Ambreaus: We acted out Ojune's story for him.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I was a terribly brave adventurer.

Xenedra Ambreaus flips her hair.

L'aenoh Tia: "Yeah? Give me the short version."

Ojune Wajune: Lady Xenedra was terribly good at it.

L'aenoh Tia: "...no pun intended."

Xenedra Ambreaus falls back into snickering.

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at L'aenoh Tia.

Xenedra Ambreaus: ..Awful.

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs a bit anyhow.

L'aenoh Tia: "...what? I didn't say anything mean this time."

Ojune Wajune: Well you see, Xenedra... or the Brave Henana defeated the Black Morbol and brought the poor farmers and priestess Bountina back the stolen divine seeds and relic. Saving the day."

Xenedra Ambreaus bows.

L'aenoh Tia: "Yeah? So was the Brave Henana wearing a skimpy outfit during their adventures too? Just curious and all."

Xenedra Ambreaus: All in a day's work, and all that.

Ojune Wajune nods to L'aenoh Tia.

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at L'aenoh Tia.

Xenedra Ambreaus: This is hardly skimpy.

L'aenoh Tia: "...I'd hate to see what you consider skimpy then. By the way that outfit just makes you look way more pale than you actually are. It's blinding my only good eye!"

L'aenoh Tia: "Good story though."

Ojune Wajune: "And if you missed it and you can convince her. You should have lady Xenedra tell you the story she told. It was quite the tale."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Says the man in a head to toe white jacket?

Ojune Wajune laughs.

L'aenoh Tia chuckles, hands stuffing into his pockets. "At least I could pick you out in a crowd full of people. You reflect the sun wonderfully, like a beacon. So what's this about the story you told?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: Hmmm..

Xenedra Ambreaus: Do I wish to reward the one making fun of my skintone~?

L'aenoh Tia: "I'm not making fun! Just making an observation."

L'aenoh Tia beams a bright, wide smile right at Xenedra and bends forward at the waist.

Xenedra Ambreaus: If you say so...

Xenedra Ambreaus: Well.

Xenedra Ambreaus: It's about a farmer in Coerthas who prays to Nophica for good harvests.

L'aenoh Tia: "Go on.."

Xenedra Ambreaus: He pisses off the other farmers because they can't grow anything and they go tattle to Halone that her subject is praying to another Goddess.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Halone comes down from the mountains and plays merry havoc on the farmer's field. Then Nophcia shows up and fixes them.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Halone gets pissed and makes it rain ice on the farmers and Nophica fights back by melting the ice and turning it to rain.

L'aenoh Tia: "So the two just keep fighting it out?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: It's the origin story for rain, as well as the rivalry between the two Goddesses and the Shroud itself.

Xenedra Ambreaus flicks a hand around vaguely at the trees.

Xenedra Ambreaus: It's better when told in full, I think.

L'aenoh Tia: "I see.. I never actually knew. Admittedly don't really follow the Twelve all that well. Been meaning to fix that - it's why I've been coming to these things."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Should I let him in on the secret?

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at Ojune Wajune.

Ojune Wajune gazes upon Xenedra Ambreaus in deep reflection.

Ojune Wajune: "I think... not after his 'observations' earlier."

Ojune Wajune beams with delight at Xenedra Ambreaus.

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs at Ojune Wajune.

L'aenoh Tia: "Oh, okay. Well that's fine too."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Or maybe we can get him to tell us a secret in exchange.

Ojune Wajune: "That is always fair."

L'aenoh Tia: "Okay, here's a secret. I like sleeping on top of the roof of my house."

Xenedra Ambreaus gazes upon L'aenoh Tia in deep reflection.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Think that's a decent exchange?

L'aenoh Tia: "Hey, you said 'a' secret. You didn't specify it had to be a very good one."

Ojune Wajune grins like a little deviant, "Well... now you know where he sleeps."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Well it's GOT to be *even*!

L'aenoh Tia: "She doesn't know where I live though."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I bet I could figure it out.

Ojune Wajune: "And you just issued a challange if she chooses to accept it."

Ojune Wajune smiles at L'aenoh Tia.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hmm."

L'aenoh Tia: "Bet you couldn't."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Why not?

L'aenoh Tia: "I thought we were betting."

L'aenoh Tia: "..come on, now, I wanna hear the rest of the story."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I was just curious why not. I'm pretty sure I could get *you* to tell me.

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at L'aenoh Tia.

Xenedra Ambreaus: And that was the end.

L'aenoh Tia inhales deeply.. and then steps off to the side. "Tch! I was about to give up a secret for literally no additional information. You two are absolutely horrible people."

Ojune Wajune: "What?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: Oh *that* secret.

L'aenoh Tia: "Yeah. -That- one."

Xenedra Ambreaus: It wasn't the *end* of the story, it was *about* the story.

Ojune Wajune: "It was a secret for a secret. Not a secret for an 'ending.'"

L'aenoh Tia taps his foot against the ground and furrows his brow, tail swaying low to the ground. "Hrrmmhh. How about you tell me anyroad? I thought we were the bestest of friends, Red."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I thought *you* said you were surprised I noticed you at all~

L'aenoh Tia: "...My plan is backfiring, clearly."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Why yes!

Xenedra Ambreaus motions joyfully to L'aenoh Tia.

Staelufre Lysmerl finds a comfy bush nice and close by. She settles in, shamelessly eavesdropping.

Xenedra Ambreaus: How about one more little secret~

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at L'aenoh Tia.

Ojune Wajune moves up to the next tier in his light limping gait in order to stop craning his neck upwards.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hmm.."

L'aenoh Tia: "Okay. Someone's hiding."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Too vague.

L'aenoh Tia: "Someone's hiding and they've been listening to us talk for an undetermined amount of time."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Oh yes, in the bush.

Xenedra Ambreaus: That's not a secret.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Try again~

L'aenoh Tia: "She's my mate."

Xenedra Ambreaus: *That's* a secret!

Xenedra Ambreaus motions joyfully to L'aenoh Tia.

Xenedra Ambreaus: -Why's she hiding then?

L'aenoh Tia: "Why don't you ask her yourself?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: Psst.

Staelufre Lysmerl: ...Yes?

Staelufre Lysmerl shrinks a little further into the vegetation, trying to make herself harder-to-see.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Whatcha doin' down there?

Staelufre Lysmerl glances from Xenedra to L'aenoh. Then back to Red. "T'is the unfortunate thing, that when a stray wind comes meeting against the sea's stronger breeze, it is the one who becomes lost and caught in another's path. This, the smaller thing, so does cry out and remains unheard and oft without its own direction, as by nature's yielding it is secured."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Whyyy don't you come on out?

Staelufre Lysmerl stands, awkwardly shuffling out of the bush. She stands there, caught and uncertain what to do next.

Xenedra Ambreaus nods Staelufre Lysmerl up toward Ojune and L'aenoh. "Join us?"

L'aenoh Tia: "Uh.. what?"

Xenedra Ambreaus smiles at Staelufre Lysmerl.

Staelufre Lysmerl: I am Staelufre Lysmerl. Blessed crossings unto you.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Xenedra.

Xenedra Ambreaus: So~ why were you hiding..?

L'aenoh Tia: "A blessing? I didn't know I had to have some kind of blessing for that.." He turns, leaning in to whisper loudly against Staelufre's ear. "Did you know we had to do that? I certainly didn't."

Staelufre Lysmerl opens her mouth to re-vocalize the same thing she'd said earlier. Clamps it shut and mulls a moment, gratefully distracted by L'ae.

Staelufre Lysmerl: T'is a folly to think such thing necessary. Were of the Twelve to ever dictate we beg for blessings, the All-Mother would know not but shame for those She so lovingly created.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm amused she has pink hair.

Staelufre Lysmerl blushes, and subconsciously tucks her tail up behind a leg.

Xenedra Ambreaus: You know your beau once made all of us at a table dye our hair pink~?

Staelufre Lysmerl: Regale me, if you would please.

L'aenoh Tia: "...I remember that night. Well."

L'aenoh Tia: "Parts of it."

Xenedra Ambreaus: It was a dice game. Part of it required the loser to take ona  challenge by the winner.

Xenedra Ambreaus: A lot of us ended up with pink hair, this fellow included.

L'aenoh Tia: "Briefly. My hair was also shorter then."

Staelufre Lysmerl tries to envision it.

L'aenoh Tia: "...it's not a pretty sight. Don't try to imagine it."

Xenedra Ambreaus: The most powder of pinks~

Staelufre Lysmerl reaches up to grab some of his hair. "Could try so once more."

Staelufre Lysmerl: I wish to see it.

Xenedra Ambreaus griiiins.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hrmph. Maybe if we have another game.. besides weren't you supposed to stop by for drinks sometime? What, too busy for us now?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: We should have another game soon, then!

Staelufre Lysmerl nods. She will remember this, a new determination to turn L'aenoh's hair pink ensuing. "Are you of the scions of the apprentice, broad of breadth as they are?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm going to go with "no."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Though I'm not sure what you're asking.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Scions of the apprentice?

Staelufre Lysmerl only looks more confused when she answers no.

Staelufre Lysmerl looks to L'aenoh imploringly. "I forget what Wakkheya is named."

L'aenoh Tia: "...which one was Wakkheya again?"

Staelufre Lysmerl: Tall, elezen, leader of his scions.

L'aenoh Tia: "Renaud. She means Renaud."

Staelufre Lysmerl: Yes. Do you fall beneath his banners, kin and kith of the kindred spirits?

Xenedra Ambreaus: Oh, am I with the Coral Sea?

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'll say I'm a friend of the company. Not a member.

Staelufre Lysmerl: Your face remains unfamiliar, so dense the banners do fly. I would wish to remedy this.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Sure.

L'aenoh Tia: "Yeah, we don't see nearly as much of you. What gives?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: I suppose I could line up more fun for myself.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Are you usually at the coral house, or~?

L'aenoh Tia: "If not there, then at our own home...-- Leanne stays there. I think. On a couch or something."

Staelufre Lysmerl: T'is one of broad-rimmed and much beguiled hat!

L'aenoh Tia: "You sleep on the couch I sleep on."

Staelufre Lysmerl wishes her tail about happily, for a brief moment. Then goes still and looks to L'aenoh. "You two share a couch?" She pouts.

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Xenedra Ambreaus: Hullo again.

Xenedra Ambreaus nods to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium tips her hat with a radiant smile. "Hello!"

Xenedra Ambreaus: You seem excited~

Xenedra Ambreaus chuckles.

Leanne Delphium snickers. "I tend to hear that a lot at times, to be honest...but yes! Today in case, very excited for the event!" she claps happily.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Well~ I can't wait to hear your song. I assume that's what you have for us again?

Leanne Delphium nodded. "Mhm! I hope my song is...good enough."

Jancis Milburga: "When is it not, Lady Leanne?"

Leanne Delphium clears her throat, her excitement dropping to show a bit of nervousness.

Leanne Delphium: "I-I dunno! I can't be my own critic."

Leanne Delphium grimaces.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Yes you can! What's the saying? Everyone is their own *worst* critic?

Leanne Delphium scratches the back of her head. "Well...that is indeed truth...if it was for me I would say my music is bland and boring and all sorts of bad stuff..."

Leanne Delphium snickers. "...Then someone would tell me to shut up and say I'm being too hard on myself."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I promise to give you an honest opinion afterward.

Xenedra Ambreaus smirks.

Leanne Delphium: "That somehow makes me even more scared...!"

Xenedra Ambreaus laughs at Leanne Delphium.

Finecia Hawke looks from person to person, spotting Jancis, Coatleque and Leanne from past adventures, she smiles small and nods, "Ladies, It's good to see you again. Quite a day for this." She looks up into the sky breathing in the air.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm sure it will be fine and if I *do* think you could improve anything, you'll know and you'll be able to work on it next time, no?

Leanne Delphium: "...True enough, I guess."

Leanne Delphium inhales and exhales deeply, trying to relax.

Xenedra Ambreaus: You'll be fiiine~

Leanne Delphium took yet another breath. Suddenly, the girl nodded, sparkling with energy. "...Y-Yes! Will do  my best!"

Xenedra Ambreaus: That's the spirit~

Xenedra Ambreaus motions joyfully to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium nods once again, smiling. "Ah! What you're planning yourself?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: I've got a story. I told it for Ilwe' and Nebula's small event that had a few months back, but~ I think it fits the setting.

Leanne Delphium smiles, nodding. "Well, I'm anxious to hear it! Mayhaps I can be a critic to your tale? Though knowing me, I will certainly say that it is very nice." she giggles, shaking her head at herself.

Xenedra Ambreaus: If you like, it'd only be fair.

Xenedra Ambreaus smiles at Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium smiles. "It is not necessary, just jesting. I'm sure it will be nice, regardless of my input." she nods, offering a warmer smile.

Xenedra Ambreaus chuckles, "I don't mind either way~ but I do hope you like it."

Xenedra Ambreaus nods to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium snickers. "I probably will!" she nods with a wide grin.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Still nervous~?

Xenedra Ambreaus teases, grin growing.

Leanne Delphium: "Nope! Not right now...hope that maintains for the rest of the event!"

Xenedra Ambreaus: You should be just fine then.

Xenedra Ambreaus nods to Leanne Delphium.




Ciel Wulfe: "Nophica blesses this celebration."


Ciel Wulfe: "That was some impressive acting, Oscare."

Oscare Iono: "That was a nice song."

Ciel Wulfe smiles at Oscare Iono.

Ciel Wulfe: "Thank you."

Oscare Iono: "The acting was... ridiculous."

Ciel Wulfe: "No, no, it was perfect."

Ciel Wulfe: "You really got into the spirit of it, and that made it all the better."

Oscare Iono sighs. "I tried. Oh, I should go thank the others, I guess."

Ciel Wulfe looks around and uses the opportunity to quietly slip away, back to her other duties.




Xenedra Ambreaus nudges Leanne Delphium lightly with her elbow. "It was a cute song. I liked it more than the last, actually."

Leanne Delphium sighs deeply in relief, eeping a bit as her attention is called. "A-Ah! Yes!" she smiles. "Glad you liked it..."

Chachanji Gegenji waves to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium waves to Chachanji Gegenji.

Chachanji Gegenji cheers Leanne Delphium on!

Leanne Delphium snickers at the lalafell.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Thanks.

Leanne Delphium nods with a grin. "See! The two things I said became truth!"

Xenedra Ambreaus: I'm amused it stuck well enough for the rain comment.

Xenedra Ambreaus nods to Oscare Iono.

Oscare Iono: "Hi."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Hullo there Morbol.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I didn't kill you too hard, did I?

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at Oscare Iono.

Oscare Iono lets off a negative, cold stare. "Thanks for the performance." His tone was pretty bad, too.

Chachanji Gegenji: I think ya made a very nice morbol!

Leanne Delphium tips her hat, giggling. "Nice acting skills, Captain Oscare."

Oscare Iono returns the tipping motion with his own hat.

Xenedra Ambreaus arcs a brow. "You're welcome..?"

Leanne Delphium: "Agreed!"

Coraliza Velia giggled softly. "You all were quite wonderful."

Leanne Delphium nods to Cora.

Oscare Iono: "I thank you too."




Leanne Delphium takes the opportunity to flap her hat a bit, since the rain did leave her fancy headwear soaked wet.

Leanne Delphium: "Well, suppose it is time for mingling...!"

Leanne Delphium snickers. Not more sheepishly, she jumps over the fence, heading towards the crowd.


Annunu Nunu: "Hardly, you know that I'm just a fan.  There was a little boy sitting near me though who kept falling asleep."

Chachanji Gegenji is frustrated with Annunu Nunu.

Chachanji Gegenji: I was not!

Annunu Nunu: "Yes you were, sleepyhead!  I saw you nodding off."

Chuta Allfriend stifles a smile "Just resting his eyes, I bet."

Chachanji Gegenji expresses his annoyance with Annunu Nunu.

Annunu Nunu laughs at Chachanji Gegenji.

Chachanji Gegenji: I'll have ya know that I was payin' FULL attention... Th' grass... th' grass was jus' slippery 'n all. From th' rain.

Annunu Nunu eyes the boy, unable to tell if he's short for a Dunesfolk or just slouching.

Annunu Nunu: "So that made your eyes close...?"

Chachanji Gegenji: There was rain in 'em!

Annunu Nunu questions Chachanji Gegenji.

Annunu Nunu: "But you are Dunesfolk, are you not...?  You have a special covering."

Chachanji Gegenji: Fer glarin' light!

Annunu Nunu gazes upon Chachanji Gegenji in deep reflection.

Chachanji Gegenji senses something amiss with Annunu Nunu.

Annunu Nunu: "Well, alright.  If you say you weren't falling asleep, I believe you."

Annunu Nunu smiles at Chachanji Gegenji.

Chachanji Gegenji: Good! C-cuz I totally wasn't.

Chuta Allfriend smiles and shakes his head.

Annunu Nunu: "How old are you?  Fourteen, fifteen summers?"

Annunu Nunu seems a bit older, but it's hard to tell even for other Lalafell.

Chachanji Gegenji: I'll have ya know I'm n-nineteen!

Leanne Delphium: "Nineteen summers, yeah."

Annunu Nunu: "Nineteen...?"

Leanne Delphium steps in with a gentle smile for Chachan.

Chachanji Gegenji is annoyed with Annunu Nunu.

Annunu Nunu seems frankly dubious at that - seems about as likely as the not-sleeping thing - but she doesn't question it out loud.

Chachanji Gegenji: Is wut I said!

Annunu Nunu looks up at Leanne.  "Oh, is this your mate...?"

Leanne Delphium grimaces. "....No. I'm just his friend."

Chachanji Gegenji looks at Leanne Delphium in shock!

Chachanji Gegenji: Ah! Ms. Hat!

Chachanji Gegenji cheers Leanne Delphium on!

Annunu Nunu looks momentarily bemused at the grimace, then turns to indicate Chuta.  "You've met Chuta Allfriend of course, my - err - "

Chuta Allfriend: "...mate, is what she meant to say."

Leanne Delphium: "...Mate."

Annunu Nunu sees Chuta Allfriend and blushes with embarrassment.

Chuta Allfriend smiles and nods.

Chachanji Gegenji shrugs.

Leanne Delphium snickers. "Well...not a...common union. But who I am to judge love. As always, a very nice tale you had, Mr. Chuta."

Chachanji Gegenji nods to Leanne Delphium.

Chachanji Gegenji: Was all real nice!

Annunu Nunu laughs lightly at that.  "Well, I'm proud to be with such a talented storyteller."

Chuta Allfriend: "Hm? Oh, well, thank you Miss Delphium. Your song was awfully jubilant, too."


Annunu Nunu glances back over her shoulder, noticing Otto.  "Oh, good evening, Mr. Vann."

Annunu Nunu bows courteously to Otto Vann.

Leanne Delphium smiles widely, bowing her head. "My thanks." she giggles. "Wish I had your confidence while in a stage, to be honest." she then looks over his shoulder to Otto, tipping her hat..

Chachanji Gegenji tries to cheer Leanne Delphium up.

Chachanji Gegenji: You was good!

Chuta Allfriend: "Aww, you were fine. I've just been doin' this for a long time. It feels more like chatting with old friends than performing."

Leanne Delphium laughs. "As long as you don't laugh at the notion of a bard with a bit of stage fright..." she then blinks. "Ah, by the way...Chachan, what you're doing here in Gridania?

Chachanji Gegenji: Huh...? Oh!

Chachanji Gegenji: I came ta learn some'a that conjoory stuff!

Chachanji Gegenji: But there was so much neat stuff goin' on 'n I ended up here!

Annunu Nunu: "Chachan, huh?  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I'm Annunu - but please call me An."

Annunu Nunu bows courteously to Chachanji Gegenji.

Chachanji Gegenji: 'N now it's all dark...

Chachanji Gegenji: Oh. Um... haldo!

Chachanji Gegenji waves to Annunu Nunu.

Annunu Nunu nods to Chachanji Gegenji.

Leanne Delphium: "Well, the conjury guild works twenty four hours per sun. So don't you worry, there might be someone there to attend you." she grins to the lalafell. "Ah! About introductions...sure you heard my name by now but....!"

Annunu Nunu: "Leanne... or Ms. Hat?"

Leanne Delphium tips her hat to Annunu. "Leanne Delphium at your service, Ms. Annunu!"

Annunu Nunu laughs at Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium: "....Also know as Ms. Hat, yes."

Leanne Delphium laughs at Annunu Nunu.

Chachanji Gegenji agrees wholeheartedly with Leanne Delphium.

Annunu Nunu: "Your song was most beautiful, Ms. Leanne."

Chachanji Gegenji: I fergot ta write her name down in mah book. So she's Ms. Hat.

Chachanji Gegenji: And yes! Was nice!

Leanne Delphium smiles embarrassed. "Ah...yes, my thanks. Glad you all liked it." she bows her head once again to the three.

Leanne Delphium: "Wouldn't know if people'd like...thankfully, they did! Also, Hello, Ms. Crofte!"

Annunu Nunu: "You're shy about performing though...?"

Chachanji Gegenji idly pulls out his hat and squeezes the rainwater out of it. When he looks up, a new arrival to the group has appeared!

Chachanji Gegenji looks at Coatleque Crofte in shock!

Leanne Delphium fidgets with her digits. "...A-A bit...yes."

Leanne Delphium sighs and hangs her head.

Annunu Nunu: "If all else fails, Ms. Leanne, I'm told liquor can loosen the inhibitions and allow one to give a strong performance."

Annunu Nunu grins a bit mischievously.

Chachanji Gegenji senses something amiss with Annunu Nunu.

Chuta Allfriend grins at that. "It doesn't hurt sometimes."

Annunu Nunu reassures Chachan.  "It's just if all else fails."

Leanne Delphium: "...I don't know...people also tend to say liquor makes you do some very stupid things...like a friend of mine that played piano while -naked- in the middle of his company's house."

Leanne Delphium: "...Ah, he didn't know how to play either."

Chachanji Gegenji looks at Leanne Delphium in shock!

Annunu Nunu: "W-well, um, that's if you have way, way too much, from what I understand..."

Leanne Delphium sighs. "WELL, I never got that much drunk, but...I'd lik to avoid that happening..."

Leanne Delphium: "...Even more in front of a crowd."

Chachanji Gegenji nods to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium shudders.

Chuta Allfriend: "No one's sayin' to drink a whole bottle'a wine prior to getting on stage. Jus' havin' a glass does the trick."

Annunu Nunu: "Well, they also say imagining everyone in the audience in just their smallclothes can help reduce stage fright..."

Leanne Delphium nodded to both Chuta and Annunu. "...I see...well...if another opportunity appears...Mayhaps I can try?" she giggles at imagining people in their underwear, shaking her head.

Leanne Delphium: "A glass of wine would surely help my mind to accomplish such feat."

Annunu Nunu laughs despite herself.  "I admit, I've never even given a speech before, much less performed music, so I have only hearsay."

Chachanji Gegenji: I don't know none of that neither.

Chuta Allfriend: "Jus' keep at it and you'll find your groove. Took me a few years before I really settled into it."

Chuta Allfriend: "Like I said, now it's like talkin' to old friends about things."

Annunu Nunu looks up at Chuta gently, her eyes softening when they rise to his face.

Chuta Allfriend gives a small smile to the lalafell.

Leanne Delphium nodded with a gentle smile. "Mhm. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Chuta. Out of curiosity, for how many years you've been on it?"

Chuta Allfriend glances off and counts mentally, speaking quietly under his breath. "Since before Chachan was walkin' about, plus some."

Chachanji Gegenji looks at Chuta Allfriend in shock!

Chachanji Gegenji: That'sa long time!

Leanne Delphium: "...Nineteen? Agreed!"

Chuta Allfriend: "Doin' it longer'n not, so... Doesn't feel so long."

Annunu Nunu nods, confirming Chuta's words.  "He used to come by the village near my father's estate when I was a little girl."

Leanne Delphium blinks, eyes in awe. "It's longer than my number of cycles!"

Leanne Delphium giggles.

Chuta Allfriend shrugs. "No matter what's goin' on in the world, folks'll always pay good coin to hear good tales and keep good company."

Leanne Delphium nods. "Indeed! Else, bards like me would be entire out of job."

Leanne Delphium laughs at Chuta Allfriend.

Chuta Allfriend: "It's not the most glamourous lifestyle, but it gets me by. Wouldn't trade it for a thing." He smiles again, glancing at An.

Annunu Nunu glances up at Chuta when his gaze turns momentarily in her direction, smiling.

Chachanji Gegenji: 's best ta do what you love.

Chachanji Gegenji agrees wholeheartedly with Chuta Allfriend.

Leanne Delphium nods to Chachan. "...Like becoming a hero, huh Chachan?"

Leanne Delphium laughs at Chachanji Gegenji.

Chuta Allfriend: "Should I be tellin' tales of your exploits, Chachan?"

Annunu Nunu: "Chachan's a hero?"

Chachanji Gegenji motions to himself.

Chachanji Gegenji: Cha bet I am!

Chachanji Gegenji: Well... workin' on it, anyroad.

Annunu Nunu: "How wonderful!  And we can say we knew you when."

Annunu Nunu motions joyfully to Chachanji Gegenji.

Leanne Delphium: "Perhaps in the future! He's after all a hero in...yes."

Chachanji Gegenji scratches the back of his head bashfully.

Leanne Delphium snickers.

Chachanji Gegenji nods to Leanne Delphium.

Annunu Nunu smiles at Chachanji Gegenji.

Chuta Allfriend: "Hero'in' doesn't tend to pay well." He looks thoughtful for a moment, then it passes.

Annunu Nunu: "Well, sometimes it can. Heroes are always finding treasures.  Dragon's hoards and such."

Annunu Nunu: "And the Adventurer's Guild pays for various errands, does it not?"

Chachanji Gegenji: Ah, most'a my coin comes from doin' odds 'n ends fer th' folks in Ul'dah.

Chachanji Gegenji nods to Annunu Nunu.

Chachanji Gegenji: Aye, I get most of me work through Ms. Momodi.

Annunu Nunu: "Oh, you are Ul'dahn as well...?  I live there too."

Annunu Nunu might seem slightly out of place in Ul'dah, given she's Plainsfolk.

Leanne Delphium: "It depends anyhow. For example, while I called myself a bard, a more apt description of me is that of an adventurer."

Chachanji Gegenji looks at Leanne Delphium in shock!

Chuta Allfriend: "I don't know how you folks manage. Seems like an awful lot of busy work."

Chachanji Gegenji: Ah! Ya doin' adventurin' stuff too?

Leanne Delphium: "...My coffers got quite swollen from how much economic I try to be."

Leanne Delphium giggles and nods to Chachan. "Adventure is my life, Mr. Chachan!"

Chuta Allfriend laughs. "I don't worry too much about coffers. It's a nice problem to not have."

Chachanji Gegenji: Mosta my money goes ta Gran, I think.

Chachanji Gegenji seems lost in thought.

Chachanji Gegenji: He eats a LOT.

Leanne Delphium: "Considering it's a baby behemoth..."

Leanne Delphium: "...Growing phase, I'd say even."

Chachanji Gegenji: I should get 'im a treat from here.

Annunu Nunu: "... Baby behemoth?!"

Annunu Nunu looks at Chachanji Gegenji and panics!

Chachanji Gegenji: Whadja think he'd like?

Chachanji Gegenji nods to Annunu Nunu.

Annunu Nunu: "H-he's not here is he...?"

Annunu Nunu looks around hastily, still on edge.

Chuta Allfriend grins. "Might just be a baby boar painted. I've seen it before."

Chachanji Gegenji: I got 'im at th' market in Ul'dah.

Chachanji Gegenji disagrees with Chuta Allfriend.

Leanne Delphium: "From here...hmmm...so antelope meat would be a nice treat!"

Chachanji Gegenji: He is totally a baby behemoth 'n he's gonna hero wit me!

Chuta Allfriend gazes upon Chachanji Gegenji in deep reflection.

Chachanji Gegenji: He's at home, by the by. Ms. Momodi was nice enough ta watch over 'im while I came here for a sun or two.

Chuta Allfriend: "...it'd make for a doozy of a story. Boy Lalafell and his trusty steed, a towering, slavering monstosity. Together, they fight crime."

Leanne Delphium: "Agreed, Mr. Chuta."

Leanne Delphium laughs happily.

Chachanji Gegenji: He's not slaverin' or... whatever that other word ya said.

Annunu Nunu inches closer to Chuta, clearly not entirely comfortable with the idea of a baby behemoth wreaking havoc.

Chachanji Gegenji questions Chuta Allfriend.

Chachanji Gegenji: He's a good boy!

Annunu Nunu: "Monstrosity."

Chachanji Gegenji points at Annunu Nunu.

Chachanji Gegenji: That. He ain't that.

Leanne Delphium: "Well, believe it or not...I saw Gran, and it seems the creature is the real deal...and it's very cute and friendly critter!"

Chuta Allfriend: "Now now. I've seen pictures of them when they grow up. He'll be pretty big."

Leanne Delphium: "It's jarring thinking at in the future he will be all big and full of muscle."

Chachanji Gegenji: Fulla muscle and HEROISM.

Chachanji Gegenji: Also rock-summonin'.

Annunu Nunu: "C-can a fiend really have heroism...?"

Chachanji Gegenji: He ain't a fiend!

Chachanji Gegenji is frustrated with Annunu Nunu.

Chuta Allfriend thinks a thought and then frowns for a moment, then perks up. "I'm not sure about the summon part. Rocks tend to just.... be."

Chachanji Gegenji: He's mah friend.

Annunu Nunu: "But behemoths are fiends...?"

Annunu Nunu questions Chachanji Gegenji.

Chachanji Gegenji: There's an R there 'n everthin'!

Chachanji Gegenji: Friend, yes. Fiend, no!

Leanne Delphium walks closer to Chuta, whispering into his ear.

Chachanji Gegenji stares at Annunu Nunu in disgust.

Annunu Nunu fails to understand Chachanji Gegenji.

Chuta Allfriend doesn't signify anything other than his ear flickering gently. "You're gonna make it reeeaaaal easy for the storytellers of tomorrow to make their coin, Chachan."

Chachanji Gegenji: Ya think so?

Leanne Delphium giggles. "Agreed with Mr. Chuta. Just remember...no rock throwing inside Ul'dah."

Chuta Allfriend: "Sure will. People love heroes."

Chachanji Gegenji cheers Chuta Allfriend on!

Chachanji Gegenji: I'mma make a buncha cool stories ta tell, then!

Leanne Delphium: "I will be eager to hear every single one of them when the time comes."

Leanne Delphium smiles warmly.

Chachanji Gegenji agrees wholeheartedly with Leanne Delphium.

Annunu Nunu: "Perhaps Ms. Leanne will compose a ballad."

Chachanji Gegenji: Anyroad, I should get ta th' Conjoorerers a'fore I ferget again.

Chachanji Gegenji: Nice seein' ya again, Ms. Hat!

Annunu Nunu nods, curtseying to Chachan.  "It was a pleasure to meet you, Chachan."

Chachanji Gegenji: 'n nice meetin' ya two as well!

Leanne Delphium: "Ballad of the Behemoth." she giggles. "See you, Chachan!"

Chachanji Gegenji bids farewell.

Chuta Allfriend tips his imaginary hat at the boy. "Stay safe, hero."

Chuta Allfriend: "Interestin' character, that one."

Leanne Delphium: "Gotta love his enthusiasm."

Annunu Nunu watches Chachan go, then sighs.  "He's going to kill us all someday, isn't he?"

Leanne Delphium grimaces. "I'd trust enough faith in him."

Chuta Allfriend looks somber. "He's liable to get himself hurt if he doesn't take things serious enough."

Annunu Nunu: "It's not that, but if that thing really is a behemoth...?"

Leanne Delphium: "Well, as far as I know, he has a person guiding him into taming the creature."

Chuta Allfriend: "If it is a behemoth, the damned thing's gonna get killed by whatever city he's staying in when it's recognized."

Annunu Nunu seems reassured by Chuta's words, smiling up at him.

Leanne Delphium: "Besides, we don't accomplish anything without a pinch of enthusiasm!"

Chuta Allfriend: "I doubt the Wailers or Blades or 'Jackets would care much if a behemoth showed up in their homesteads..."

Leanne Delphium smiles awkwardly. "...Well, let's see what happens in the future. BUT, as an optimistic person...I have faith in him."

Chuta Allfriend: "Hm. Maybe you're right."

Annunu Nunu: "It's not that I don't.  I think he could grow up to be a great hero.  Those who truly try find what they seek, yes?"

Annunu Nunu nods to Leanne Delphium.

Chuta Allfriend: "Isn't that what I was yappin' about up there? Hard work makes the person what they are."

Leanne Delphium giggles. "It would be a memorable tale!"

Leanne Delphium: "And indeed!"

Annunu Nunu: "He's truly nineteen?  He seems so young."

Annunu Nunu says this as if she's so much older, which is of course difficult to tell.

Leanne Delphium: "I...have my doubts, to be honest, on that...yet, it is the age he gave me...I'd rather believe."

Annunu Nunu nods at that, not pressing the issue any more.

Leanne Delphium: "...And anyhow...like him, I have a very lofty ambition. So I symphatize with him."

Annunu Nunu 's curiosity is piqued by that.  "Truly?  What is your ambition, if you don't mind saying?"

Leanne Delphium adjusts her hat with a single hand, beaming bright. "To travel to every single corner of the world. Not only Eorzea, but all of Hydaelyn! Hearing and sharing tales, meeting new people and places!"

Annunu Nunu: "That seems a very achievable ambition, and well suited to your free spirit, Ms. Leanne."

Annunu Nunu nods to Leanne Delphium.

Chuta Allfriend: "One of Oschon's kids, then?" He smiles at the thought. "Plenty of world out there to see."

Leanne Delphium snickers, nodding. "I plan to experience all that the world has to offer, yes. My wandering soul compels me to. Which is why I left Gridania. And why I shall soon depart again, to wander aimlessly through the roads."

Chuta Allfriend: "That's how I started. Can't find fault with that."

Annunu Nunu glances up at Chuta momentarily, her expression wistful, but it clears as she looks back to Leanne.

Leanne Delphium snickers, nodding. "Perhaps it is achievable, but it is also very lofty. Which is why I can't help but sympathize with Chachan."

Leanne Delphium: "May our dreams be different, I think we share of the same passion and fervor."

Annunu Nunu: "I admire you both, for having such lofty dreams.  I can't say I have anything so far-reaching... simply to follow my father's legacy."

Leanne Delphium smiles warmly. "Well...if it's a nice dream to you, who can say against? I mean...I don't think dreams should be rated by how ambitious or lofty they are...right, Mr. Chuta?"

Chuta Allfriend: "That's right. Besides, I've never met anyone more determined than An here. She gets what she wants."

Annunu Nunu smiles at Chuta Allfriend.

Annunu Nunu: "Stubborn more like, Chuta."

Annunu Nunu laughs at Chuta Allfriend.

Chuta Allfriend: "Hush, let the storyteller tell the story." He smiles back warmly.

Leanne Delphium snickers. "One way or another, being stubborn can be good!"

Annunu Nunu seems to notice how late it's gotten.  "Oh my - the bells have flown, have they not?  I'd best be off.  Take care Ms. Leanne, it was a pleasure to meet you and hear your song."

Annunu Nunu bows courteously to Leanne Delphium.

Chuta Allfriend 's stomach rumbles. "All this talk' harvestin's got me wantin' to do the same. I reckon it's dinner time."

Chuta Allfriend: "Pleased to share the stage with you, Miss Delphium. I imagine we'll do so in the future again." He bows slightly at the waist.

Leanne Delphium tips her hat as usual. "It was an equal pleasure, Ms. Annunu. And equally to you too, Mr. Chuta. Don't forget to thanks Nophica for her gift." she winks and giggles happily.

Annunu Nunu sees Leanne Delphium and blushes with embarrassment.

Chuta Allfriend defers to the lady.

Annunu Nunu reaches up shyly for Chuta's hand and heads off.

Leanne Delphium waves to Chuta Allfriend.





Leanne Delphium: "....."

Leanne Delphium looks at Crofte with a raised brow. "...Oh my."

Coatleque Crofte smiles at Leanne Delphium.

Coatleque Crofte: "Miss Delphium.  Stellar performance as always."

Leanne Delphium giggles, bowing her head. "Thanks. Both for the compliment, and the protection you provided today."

Cassandra Lachance: "Indeed, that was quite a performance, thank you for sharing it with us."

Leanne Delphium nods with a grin. "Hope you two enjoyed the event as much as I did! And that you two didn't notice my...little stage fright."

Leanne Delphium laughs embarrassedly, scratching the back of her head.

Coatleque Crofte: "Of course.  Though there was little for me to do today.  Unlike last moon."

Cassandra Lachance smiles, shaking her head. "It wasn't at all noticeable, I assure you."

Leanne Delphium: "Sometimes it is best to have some peace. After last moon...gosh, I love how things have calmed down...."

Leanne Delphium looks over to the stage, curious. "Oh, Ms. Xenedra still talking about her tale." she giggles. "Uhm, by the way! Hope I didn't interrupt anything..?"

Leanne Delphium asks both women.

Coatleque Crofte: "Of course not."

Coatleque Crofte: "I was actually waiting for Eva to become available before I take my leave."

Cassandra Lachance: "Oh, not at all! And I should go as well. I actually was just passing by Gridania when I saw the gathering. I didn't mean to stay for quite so long."

Leanne Delphium scratches the back of her head. "Eva?" she blinks, eyes suddenly become clearer with clarity. "...I thought for a moment about...erm...another Eva." she grimaces at the thought before tipping her hat. "Aaw..well, at least, if you stood with us...it means you enjoyed it!"

Leanne Delphium nods with a vibrant grin. "At least I hope so."

Cassandra Lachance motions to herself.

Cassandra Lachance nods. "I certainly did, it was a good surprise. I generally don't spend time in Gridania unless I absolutely have to."

Leanne Delphium: "Aaw...oh well. As a...erm...well, being a child of twelveswood, I don't really understand it but...!"

Leanne Delphium: "At least you enjoyed the event! It is all I ask."

Cassandra Lachance nods at Leanne. "In any case, it's time for me to go. It was good to meet you, Miss Leanne. I am Cassandra, by the way. I look forward to hearing more of your stories."

Coatleque Crofte: "I should not hold you up further then.  I wish you Twelvespeed Miss Cassandra.  If you are ever in Thanalan, perhaps we shall see each other again."

Leanne Delphium tips her hat in return. "I hope to meet you once more also, Ms. Cassandra. It was an equal pleasure." she nods, bowing her head afterwards.

Leanne Delphium waves to Cassandra with a big smile before looking to Crofte. "So! Ms. Crofte...let's go?" she juts a thumb towards the location Eva is, giggling. "You will never gonna be able to talk with her if you wait so far away!"

Coatleque Crofte blinks then sighs.

Coatleque Crofte: "Aahh... yes, of course."

Coatleque Crofte: "Otherwise she may leave at this rate."

Leanne Delphium chuckles, nodding. "Mhm!"

Leanne Delphium: "Best not lose the chance while it is there!"

Leanne Delphium nudges Crofte. "Ms. Crofte...!"

Eva Zelorius welcomes Coatleque Crofte.

Coatleque Crofte: "Hm?  Oh, yes."




Eva Zelorius welcomes Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium grins to Crofte, waving to her before walking before, taking her hat off.

Leanne Delphium clutches firmly to her hat with both hands. "I did. A lot. Even though I conside Oschon to be my patron deity...it is nice to be back to my homeland. And nice to give my thanks to the matron for everything she gave me, once more."

Eva Zelorius nods to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium: "I...rarely ask for blessings...but, since this day Nophica might be hearing us right now...may I bother you with a bit of selfishness...?"

Eva Zelorius: "My matron deity is Nymeia, but Nophica has always held a place close to my heart.  And the Twelve are ever listening.  And it is no bother at all.  What would you ask?"

Leanne Delphium nods, closing her eyes while lowering her hat. "Even if not necessary...I'd like to ask for the continuation of the abundance my dad and mom received ever since they came to Gridania, united as a couple...abundance for my little brother, who like me, dreams of travel and adventure, and works hard to reach me...abundance for all my friends, who likely as well works extremely hard to the accomplishment of their objectives..." she tilts her head. "...I'd wish to give further strength to the >

Leanne Delphium wishes of Ms. Crofte..." she giggles to herself. "...And I wish for her to continue providing through the land what she always did, for I be able to continue my endless journey through all of Hydaelyn."

Eva Zelorius nods, "They sound like good people.  And while that is a tall order, it has been said that the Twelve help those who help themselves.  I shall invoke these blessings upon your family and friends, and I pray that they are heard.  But all fruit is the product of labor."

Leanne Delphium: "...And labor it is what we shall all do."

Leanne Delphium nods, raising her face with a bright smile.

Eva Zelorius: "It is also said that many hands make for light work.  I pray that the helping hands available to you and those you love are many, and that your work is light, but remains labor of love."

Eva Zelorius gazes heavensward, "Matron, we ask that you hear our prayers this eve, and bestow Your blessing upon Your children!"

Leanne Delphium looks upon the sky, once more enjoying the rain caressing her cheerful features. After a moment, she bows her head, putting her hat back. "My thanks, Ms. Eva."

Eva Zelorius: "Anytime.  Make sure that you let those you care about know you care about them, and wish to see them enjoy a bountiful plenty.  Too often we let words like that remain unspoken."

Leanne Delphium nods. "I shall!" she beams brightly, adjusting her once more soaked hat over her head. "A thanks, once more...!" she turns around, waving with energy to Eva before walking off.

Eva Zelorius bids farewell to Leanne Delphium.

Leanne Delphium waves to Eva Zelorius.

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Eva Zelorius: "The Twelve bless you and keep you."




Eva Zelorius smiles at Caen Macleod.

Eva Zelorius: "Thank you for being here, Caen."

Caen Macleod: it was a lovely parable.. one I think I may have heard already. *he smirked playfully*.

Eva Zelorius wraps an arm around Caen, embracing him gently.  "I suppose it might have been a touch familiar for you."

Caen Macleod: so what do we do now?

Eva Zelorius: "I was going to wait around a bit, to see if anyone wished to speak about the parable, or anything really."

Caen Macleod: alright *he smiled again*.

Eva Zelorius: "There were some good performances this eve.  Did you enjoy it?"

Caen Macleod: I will admit, I've never been to one of these before.

Caen Macleod: its interesting.

Eva Zelorius nods to Caen Macleod.

Caen Macleod: and yes the dancing was fun.

Eva Zelorius: "We used to hold storytelling events, back before.. Dalamud.  This conjured memories of those..  pleasant ones, of course."

Caen Macleod nods to Eva Zelorius.

Caen Macleod: I'm glad you wanted to share this with me.


Costia Demora stands in place, she observes from a safe enough distance as the topic that had been played tonight was uncomfortable for her at best. Plus she was waiting for a few friends to finish up.

Eva Zelorius beckons to Costia Demora.

Eva Zelorius: "Didn't know she was here.  I thought I saw A'eyshn in the crowd though."

Caen Macleod beckons to Costia Demora.

Caen Macleod: heh I had a hard time paying attention to much else.

Caen Macleod: shall we go get her?

Eva Zelorius: "You can.  I should speak with Miss Jancis before we depart.  It may be every other parable will be held away from the Sanctum going forward."

Caen Macleod: alright, I'll go see what's going on.

Costia Demora: "Hmn, Your all set it?"

Caen Macleod: what?

Caen Macleod: oh yes

Costia Demora motions toward the crowd, "Seems everything is settling."

Caen Macleod: it was a nice spirited gathering.

Costia Demora: "That's good to hear," She smiles warmly; She knew that Caen may know of her own 'lack' of belief, "Hope Eva's bit went well?"

Caen Macleod: aye, she did a wonderful job.

Costia Demora: "Sure you hung onto every syllable she spoke like a Opo Opo in a tree," She smiles clearly jesting.

Caen Macleod: its nice to finally rest for a few suns.

Costia Demora: "So... Are you faithful," She asks knowing what the topic of the eve was tonight, "I don't believe I've ever asked you that Caen."

Caen Macleod: I believe in Rhalgr's might yes.

Costia Demora smiles and nods, "Faith is good to have, Its just the same as hope."

Caen Macleod: in some ways they can go hand in hand.

Costia Demora nods; Clearly respecting everyone that has gathered here by not getting to deep in her own beliefs. "Why aren't you at her side right now?"

Caen Macleod: she needed to talk to the one in charge of the gathering.

Caen Macleod: I believe that others wanted to talk to her as well, about the parable.

Costia Demora: "I see. Since two of company mates are here I figured I'd watch and observe and see you two home safely," She offered a coy smile, "Not that I don't think either of you are capable, but it is no less my duty to do so."

Caen Macleod: well its nice of you to think of us.

Caen Macleod: how have you been as of late?

Costia Demora: "Why would I not? Eva is a good friend, probably one of the few I've left. Her well being is mine to watch," She then pondered briefly Caen's question, "I'm doing well enough. Alex and I postponed our wedding for another Moon."

Caen Macleod: something wrong?

Costia Demora: "Nothing..," She says monotone hiding any affliction of emotion, "... How's the Adders?"

Caen Macleod: well enough *he laughed* the shroud is still standing.

Caen Macleod: in this past moon I have done more that I thought I would have.

Costia Demora: "I ought to go pay my respects to Eva. I did tell her I'd make an appearance here. I know deep down she feels she can give me reason enough to 'pray' blindly to the things others worship. Suppose its a challenge for her." She smiles, "Are you working with Turk?"

Caen Macleod: haven't really seen him as of late, he's probably been on some lengthy assignments.

Costia Demora: "Suppose that's the nature of the beast. The longer you are in service the harder the work."

Caen Macleod: aye.

Costia Demora: "Hmn," She looks towards the others and back to Caen, "..So- I suppose she'll be tied up for awhile."




Jancis Milburga: "If you wish to speak to the priestess Eva - she is up on the hill and ready to hear your blessings. Also you can ask her about other parables she speaks regularly of the Twelve."

Finecia Hawke turned to Jancis and called out, "I do have one to speak with Lady Eva before she departs." then turns her attention back to Lexia and takes her hand, giving it a tight squeeze.

Finecia Hawke nods to Lexia and walks off to find Eva.

Finecia Hawke approaches the Priestess solemnly, her face most stoic but her eyes darkened some in the night, she stands before her tall and straight, but with a short bow of her head, she offers, "Lady Eva, I'd like for your prayers for those departed that they may find their way back to our world in some form continuing the cycle of life.

Eva Zelorius nods to Finecia Hawke.

Eva Zelorius: "Have you suffered some loss, recently?"

Finecia Hawke shook her head, her face more rigid and stoic, almost steeled against something as she kept her eyes focused on the Elezen, "No... not recently. Almost six years hence now... I wish.... I wish to release him from my hold. Let him go. He'd want that." her hands flexed and clenched a few times as she spoke.

Eva Zelorius gives a nod, looking thoughtfully at Finecia for a moment.  "I see..  I would encourage you to look beyond that.  Death sometimes seems senseless, but often there is more to most things than we are given to know.  You say that he would want you to let go... and there may be some truth to that."

Eva Zelorius: "He does live on though, in your memories.  In that way, he will never die so long as he is near to your heart.  And there is some comfort in that.  But six years is a long time to hold on...  And you should consider what possibilities might avail themselves to you if you but only opened your heart to them."

Finecia Hawke looks back over her shoulder to Lexia and nodded slowly, understanding dawning on her, letting out a slow breath, "I believe that is the case." Turning back to the Priestess, "Can.... one thing.... transform into something other, more wonderful?" She asked but held her lips tight against her mouth.

Eva Zelorius taps her chin a few times, giving a slight nod of her head after pondering for a moment, "I think so.  But it may not be the thing you expect it to be.  Sometimes we are surprised.  Sometimes love finds us when we don't want it to.  It is a curious thing, and does not subscribe to any plan, or reasonable sense of logic.  The heart is a strange and beautiful instrument."

Finecia Hawke bowed respectfully, seemingly almost with her own weight sagging at her shoulders, she then looked back up to the Priestess and straightened herself, "Thank you Priestess, you have been helpful. I will give my respects now to this earth here."

Eva Zelorius: "Of course, my dear.  I pray that the Matron, and all of the Twelve bless you with clarity, and that you may find some peace after the loss you have suffered.  May Nophica's blessing be upon you."




Costia Demora: "Well then lets see if her hands are not tied, aye?"

Caen Macleod: after you..

Costia Demora can be seen waiting patiently. She notes the dialogue as she walks into view.

Eva Zelorius beckons to Costia Demora.

Costia Demora: "Evening Eva. I apologize I couldn't pull myself away from my work earlier. I really did wish to support your endeavors this eve."

Eva Zelorius: "I remember how it is...  You've naught to apologize for.  Did you receive my missive though?"

Costia Demora: "I did receive your note, I do appreciate the communications. Alex and I do both plan to approach you about our personal matter."

Eva Zelorius: "All right."

Costia Demora: "I heard from Caen the eve went well?"

Eva Zelorius: "It was a bit unnerving with so many faces watching.  But I think it went well enough."

Costia Demora: "I'm glad. I do know this sort of thing is really important to you. Passing on the words of the twelve and providing comfort to others. I'm really glad you were given allowance to partake this eve. Who do I thank for running such a gathering?"

Eva Zelorius: "I like your armour.  Gold is a good look for you.  Oh, ah... Miss Jancis over there contacted the church and they recommended me.  The parable might take on a new form, going forward, now."

Eva Zelorius motions without pointing in Jancis' general direction.

Eva Zelorius nods to Costia Demora.

Costia Demora moves in slightly closer as to not want to cause offense. She speaks softly, "Though I may not have a strong belief in all these things but I would like to show you my support regardless. You are a friend and its been sometime since we acted like such.."

Costia Demora: "I would like us to have more talks in the future ourselves, if time mandates such. I miss your tea and your elder advice," She smirks jesting slightly.

Eva Zelorius nods, floundering a bit between topics as they are brought up.

Costia Demora gives a moment; she did feel slightly awkward at this locale but she stood there regardless.

Costia Demora: "So what are blessings?"

Eva Zelorius looks thoughtful for a moment, "That is a question I wrestled with for awhile, myself.  Blessings are.. a way a priest or priestess can become like a conduit of the Twelve, and bestow upon a faithful worshipper a sense of.. warmth, or positivity, or... not always what they may want, but often what they need.  It's.. very difficult to explain."

Costia Demora: "I see. So its string of words to comfort someone's mind as well as ease their worries?"

Eva Zelorius: "Sometimes it is words.  Sometimes it is more than that.  A asked a fellow before to speak a word or perform a deed of thanksgiving, in the Matron's name.  It may seem a small thing, but it may brighten someone's day - which in turn could brighten others' days as well."

Eva Zelorius: "A lot of it has more to do with listening, than with speaking...  So few I think feel that they are truly being heard.  And that is important."

Costia Demora: "Interesting," She smiled, ".. Are these words you will be giving at Alex and my own wedding?"

Eva Zelorius: "I would imagine so, however that all depends on the bride and her wishes.  In the end it is her day above any other."

Eva Zelorius smiles at Costia Demora.

Eva Zelorius: "That is much of what I had hoped to speak with you and Alex about."

Costia Demora: "Well do not relay this back to Alex but I'd prefer the Ceremony portion of our wedding to be focused on his beliefs..Since he has a stronger conviction then I."

Eva Zelorius: "You should not have secrets from him like that.  And you should both be in agreement.  That is one thing I wish to speak with you both about.  When you are both ready, of course."

Eva Zelorius: "Your beliefs are important too, dearie."

Costia Demora: "..I'm speaking to you as a friend, that I will most likely just go along with his belief in Rhalgar. I've not many matters in ceremony in concerns of the twelve."

Eva Zelorius frowns only slightly and only for a moment, giving a slight nod of her head.  "We'll figure it all out together."

Costia Demora: "I thought to be honest with you, since you will be conducting our ceremony," She smiles, "Besides.. out of all those left from the days of yore, your one of the few I feel I can speak frank to."

Eva Zelorius: "I do appreciate that, too.  Always valued A'eyshn for that reason, as well.  Sugar coating's well and good for some, but I rather be told news plainly and without any bias.  I'll make sure to emphasize this as well when we speak with Alex."

Eva Zelorius: "Do you have any notion about when that may be?  There are a few matters to discuss, and some planning.  A rehearsal is often a good idea so that you are prepared for when your guests are present, and know what you need to say...  There is much to discuss."

Costia Demora: "Hmn. I did not realize that there was so much preparations."

Eva Zelorius: "It's a lot of planning.  We can simplify some of it though."

Caen Macleod: I am willing to help in anything needed.

Costia Demora: "That would be appreciated," She smiled half-hearted, "..to be honest I'm glad you accepted the role. I really do not have to many people in this world I consider a friend. It does me and my future family great honor."

Eva Zelorius: "You've come a long way from that girl I met in Limsa Lominsa who bumped into me and dropped groceries every which way...  I am proud of you Costia."

Costia Demora: "I've had good instructors in my life to grace me with their experiences and to provide the cobblestone for my path. Still, my time in Ul'dah was just as equally impactful. A combination of it all I really think gave me the means to get where I've come."

Costia Demora: "Appears you have lips that wish to utter words for your ears, " She commented softly, "I will leave you to your business Eva."

Costia Demora bows courteously to Eva Zelorius.

Eva Zelorius: "Of course.  Please let me know when you and Alex can speak together sometime, at more length.  The Twelve bless and protect you in the meantime."

Costia Demora nods though she takes the blessing with respect of her friend, "You as well."




Caen Macleod: I will go wait over there.

Eva Zelorius welcomes Coatleque Crofte.

Coatleque Crofte: "Hm?  Oh, yes."

Coatleque Crofte smiles at Eva Zelorius.

Eva Zelorius: "Is there aught I may help with?  Or have you come for a blessing?"

Coatleque Crofte: "Yes.  I mean both.  I mean... I wanted to say that I thought your parable to be the most touching of the stories here."

Eva Zelorius: "Oh, thank you dearie.  That one is.. close to my heart.  I am pleased that you were touched by my words."

Coatleque Crofte: "I was.  I had hoped to entreat the Matron that she may bless me should I... should I ever be bonded.  It is what I have desired since I was a girl."

Coatleque Crofte shifts on her feet awkwardly.

Eva Zelorius: "The 6th Astral is always an easy moon for the parable.  I find it natural to speak of Nophica and her blessings.  I can...  Let me see..."

Eva Zelorius gazes heavenward, "Matron, please hear your child's yearning heart.  That she may one day know the blessing of motherhood she has desired from the time she was a wee lass."

Coatleque Crofte looks down and blushes.

Coatleque Crofte: "Thank you, Miss."

Eva Zelorius smiles softly at Coatleque, "It is not a selfish thing to wish for.  It is a lot of work, but not without greater reward.  I pray that you may someday get your wish, but... do not rush too quickly into it.  The right father is also important."

Coatleque Crofte nods to Eva Zelorius.

Coatleque Crofte: "Of course.  I shall take your words to heart.  Perhaps some day Menphina shall reveal him."

Eva Zelorius: "If you would pay the blessing forward, find someone who is a mother and help them, even in some small way.  Small deeds have a way of creating large smiles."

Eva Zelorius: "I shall further pray that the Lover helps you find one whom is fit.  When the time is right."

Eva Zelorius smiles at Coatleque Crofte.

Coatleque Crofte looks around the flowers in thought for a moment before her eyes lift back to Eva.  "I shall consider doing that as well.  Thank you again.  I should... I should go now."

Eva Zelorius smiles and nods, "The Twelve go with you dear."

Coatleque Crofte: "And you as well."




Eva Zelorius nudges Caen gently with her index finger in the ribs.  "C'mon?"

Caen Macleod: alright.. sorry got a bit distracted.

Eva Zelorius takes Caen's hand in her own, patting it gently with her other hand before they walk off together.



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Jancis Milburga: *rings the hand bell, signaling the performances over*

Chuta Allfriend: "Not bad, not bad at all. See you folks at the next one, I wager."

Chuta Allfriend smiles and passes a glance at the rest of his company and makes his way off.

Jancis Milburga: "Pray do not be shy to approach our prayer leaders and blessing givers. They are here to hear your words."

Queen Frejyalen: "A lovely ceremony."

You bow courteously to Queen Frejyalen.

Jancis Milburga: "Thank you very much, Lady. I am so honored to have so many bards and speakers here. The conjurers and padjal must be beaming, surely. Are you going to ask for any blessings this day?"

Queen Frejyalen: "I am merely here to observe."

Jancis Milburga: "As you like, Lady. Be well."




Jancis Milburga smiles at L'aenoh, "You made it."

L'aenoh Tia: "Late to the party, but yes.. I made it."

Jancis Milburga looks over his white jacket for a minute. "Will you ask for blessings? We could use some."

L'aenoh Tia: "I...yes. How does it work? Same as last time? I don't have any shells."

Jancis Milburga: "You do not need shells or purchase them. They were, ah, customary. Traditional."

L'aenoh Tia: "Okay."




Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: That was good, I'm glad I made it.

Sigurd Rainecourt: Me too. I nearly got lost on the way. I don't know much about Gridania.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: It all looks the bloody same!

Iskierka Stormspeaker reaches under her mask to scratch her face.

Sigurd Rainecourt: It does. I can't tell north from south around here.

Iskierka Stormspeaker: C'mon out, Pim.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Can't ev'n see the sun half the time. Anyroad, goin' to take a walk 'bout, aye?

Sigurd Rainecourt: Same. Alright. Good seeing you here.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Ye as well!




Finecia Hawke smiles warmly at Lexia, "did you want to ask for blessing, Lexia?"

R'lexia Thras nodded and grinned as she slid her arm through Fin's once more after standing. "If you don't mind. How do you feel, though? Did you enjoy it?"

Finecia Hawke nodded to her, her eyes narrowed almost drifting, "I did.... " her gaze shifted away, "There is Reinette from the other night at the company. We could ask if you feel comfortable with her."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: S'good to see the two o' ye!

R'lexia Thras smiled softly as she gave Fin's arm a squeeze, then turned to Tausenadel. "And you! Are you going to seek a blessing, Master Tau? We were about to head over to Reinette."

Finecia Hawke: "and it's good to see you again, Tausen." she grinned wide at the Sea Wolf, "Glad you can make it. It was quite moving, with even Nophica perhaps playing a part."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Oh! I'll speak to a few but I don't need to both'r 'em with the likes o' me. Aye, that was somethin', wasn't it? Ain't seen the like a'fore.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn leans forward, stage whispering. "Though, truth be told, I pref'r the rain."

Finecia Hawke nodded, her smile wry, "Certainly was unique. Lady Jancis just has it in her, I believe."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn agrees wholeheartedly with Finecia Hawke.

R'lexia Thras chuckled and shook her head, flinging water droplets from her hair, ears and tail. "The rain isn't so bad, but it has its drawbacks. I really liked it.... makes you think."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Aye! Anyroad, don't let me keep ye. Ye two get goin', I'm goin' to stick 'round a bit.

Finecia Hawke: "Welcome to join us at any time, if you like Tausen." she bows a little. "as you will..."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn bids farewell to R'lexia Thras.




Sigurd Rainecourt: Sure is good of you to put all of these together, Jancis. This one was certainly lively.

Jancis Milburga: "See? You are not overdressed in the least, Master Sigurd. Thank you, truly the logistics of the matter is but the smallest part."

Jancis Milburga reaches out to Sigurd's sleeve. "Will you spend extra time assisting Lady Reinette this day?"

Jancis Milburga: "Would I make her feel as secure and warm as possible."

Sigurd Rainecourt: I'm glad I didn't. I know not every celebration would be as fancy as something for Nald'thal, at least.




L'aenoh Tia digs around in a pocket lining the inside of his coat and retrieves.. a bent piece of gil. He holds it out toward Reinette and clears his throat quietly. "You'll need to remind me how this works again.."

Reinette Sompt bites back an amused look. "You need not offer gil, my friend. Nophica blesses all who come beneath her boughs." She picks up a basket near her feet, full of small pouches. "Take these seeds and plant them. Pray above for it to grow rich and full, and tend to the seedling like it were your own. Nophica shall see, and bless you richly in return."

L'aenoh Tia takes one of the pouches full of seeds, looking horribly excited with his ears all wiggling. "All I gotta do is plant this? Works for me, I've got an empty garden I could toss these into. I don't have to whisper anything weird to them though do I? Not sure how I'd feel talking to a bunch of plants."

Reinette Sompt: Wish for it to do well, and tend to it. The bounties of life will reward you in return. ...So, no, you don't need to whisper. Though plants do grow better when they are sung to, I hear.

L'aenoh Tia leaves the bent piece of gil in place of the pouch he just took. "I can't sing."




Jancis Milburga looks at all the people around her, smiling.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Aye, this was a sight bett'r than the few day's o' Llymlaen I saw at sea.

Sigurd Rainecourt: Less rocking motions.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: We'd find the least devout o' us an' lash 'em to the ship's rudd'r. Then we'd all close our eyes an' shout "Llymlaen take the wheel" an' she'd steer us safely. Or she wouldn't an' the lad'd drown, but that's a'cause he was a shite, most like.

Sigurd Rainecourt: That's horrifying.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: What? What is.

Sigurd Rainecourt: Just being out there at sea, floating about and praying that you find your way to safety.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Eh? Well, that's where Llymlaen comes in. But She helps a lad what helps himself, aye? So ye'd best know yer way 'round the sky.

Sigurd Rainecourt: I wouldn't doubt it was her doing that we survived after our boat capsized. I"m still pulling water out of my ears from that.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn grins wide, nodding. "Aye, that's a good sign! The sea ain't ready to leave ye yet. Ye were meant for the waves, lad."

Sigurd Rainecourt: I"m not so sure I was "meant" for the waves at all. I prefer to keep both feet on the ground when I can.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Whichev'r way ye choose, we've all got courses laid out for us. Llymlaen sees us down 'em. The safest way through is to 'njoy the journey.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Which means ye can't let a little wat'r in yer ears get ye down!

Sigurd Rainecourt: I think the inability to swim and seasickness might do me in first. I'll stick to the beaches for now.

Sigurd Rainecourt: We are two opposites really. I like the desert, and you like the open sea. But perhaps one day, I'll learn to swim and not worry about L'aenoh attempting to drown me.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Oi now, Dhem an' me did the same to ye a'fore. He ain't tryin' to drown ye, he's jus' tryin' to help, I'm sure.

L'aenoh Tia: "I never said I was going to drown you.."

Sigurd Rainecourt notices said person just walked up., Hi catte.

L'aenoh Tia: "I was hoping that a life-or-death situation would get you to start floating. I was wrong."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Exactly!

Sigurd Rainecourt: I haven't really tried since.

L'aenoh Tia: "I'll teach you."

Sigurd Rainecourt: But really after nearly being lost at sea, I'm not exactly jumping at the opportunity.

L'aenoh Tia: "Tau can be your swimming buddy."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Aye! I float like a piece o' wood, lad. Ye've got to...Fffffhhheww!

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn inhales deeply!

Sigurd Rainecourt: Well if anything, you can pick me up before I drown?

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn speaks through pursed lips. "Keep yer lungs full.!"

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn waves a dismissive hand. "Aye aye, ye Negative Nunh. I'll help ye, o' course."

Sigurd Rainecourt: It wouldn't hurt to at least know how to properly swim. Even maybe mongrel paddle. Or whatever it's called.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Exactly! Jus' like learnin' to read!

Sigurd Rainecourt: Reading was easy though.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: So's swimmin'! Learned that a'fore I learned me lett'rs.

Sigurd Rainecourt: The most water I had back home was a drinking pond that came up to my knees.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn leans in very close to Sigurd's face, whispering with a sinister tone. "A lad can drown in four ilms o' wat'r lad."

Sigurd Rainecourt: a-ah.. I'd rather not be drowned at all, if I can help it.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn slaps Sigurd on the shoulder, laughing. "Then learn to swim, ye sod!"

Sigurd Rainecourt staggers a bit. "Aah. Very well then!"

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn nods to Sigurd Rainecourt.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn looks back towards Jancis, then to Sigurd. "With that, lad, let me say farewell to Jancis an' shove off, aye? Good luck with yer blessin's."

Sigurd Rainecourt: Certainly.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn bids farewell to Sigurd Rainecourt.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn waits his turn to speak to Jancis.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hmm.."

Sigurd Rainecourt: Hm?

Jancis Milburga: "Tausen, did you ask for blessings as well?"

L'aenoh Tia: "I think we should buy you an actual piece of wood to float on."

L'aenoh Tia: "...just in case."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Aye, iffin' only a small'un. I mostly wanted to thank ye for the ev'nt an' gath'rin' us all here.

Jancis Milburga: "Is nice to remember what we work so hard for and what we have from it."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn nods to you.

Jancis Milburga smiles, "Especially with all that has happened of late. I am happy to see you here. Always an assuring presence."

Jancis Milburga: "Dare say I spotted you as you came up, despite the stories. Though you are hard to miss."

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn nods, smiling. "Happy to attend!"

Jancis Milburga: "As you like then, Tausen. Travel safe?"

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: O' course! Ye as well, smooth wat'rs.

L'aenoh Tia: "Well, I'm not exactly going to throw you out to the ocean your first go. Maybe you can use the rock I used to sleep on for practice? Hrm. We'll see. Maybe in a few suns after I take care of a spider problem."

Sigurd Rainecourt: You have a spider problem?

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Oi! Headin' out, lass. But good to see ye out an' 'bout.

Reinette Sompt: Twelve guide, and Nophica give you plenty, monsieur Geipsyrsyn.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn bids farewell to Reinette Sompt.

Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: Ye as well!

L'aenoh Tia: "Of sorts. It's a big spider, and it talks. Nothing to worry about though you'll not even notice it."

Sigurd Rainecourt: You have a... talking spider. It didn't escape from Tau's room, did it?

L'aenoh Tia: "No, no it didn't."

Sigurd Rainecourt: Sometimes I wonder what he keeps in there.

L'aenoh Tia: "I don't know, but I'm also pretty sure his room smells like wet jackal."

Sigurd Rainecourt: I hear things scratching at the walls every so often.

L'aenoh Tia: "He actually did keep a coeurl in there once.. did you know that?"

Sigurd Rainecourt: I do know. I saw him kill it in the yard when it got too big.

L'aenoh Tia: "Could've just let it go.."

L'aenoh Tia: "At least the stew was good."




R'lexia Thras: "Um... who are you talking about? Tausenadel? He seems pretty jolly."

Sigurd Rainecourt: It was. I'd never had coeurl before.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hm? Oh, yeah. We're talking about him."

R'lexia Thras nodded as she secreted the sachet in her pouch. "I fought with him on the sea. I swear I saw his head bitten by that huge serpent."

R'lexia Thras: "I'm not sure who else was there... Master Sigurd... you were on the other boat?"

L'aenoh Tia: "Really? That's... I could see that happening. Leviathan ate someone's legs. I think we were hoping to get it back that time around, but no luck."

Sigurd Rainecourt: I was half expecting to find them.

L'aenoh Tia: "Good ol' stumpy."

R'lexia Thras glanced back and forth between the men, wondering if they were joking.

L'aenoh Tia: "I wonder what he's up to now?"

Sigurd Rainecourt: I haven't seen him in moons.

L'aenoh Tia: "Hmm."

R'lexia Thras: "I suppose they wouldn't have been digested? Or returned to the sea?"

Sigurd Rainecourt: Probably but the thought was entertaining, at least.

L'aenoh Tia: "It's a giant thing made of aether isn't it?"

Sigurd Rainecourt: In essence, yes. An aetherial form materialized.

L'aenoh Tia: "Does it even need to eat then?"

Sigurd Rainecourt: To be honest? I actually don't know.

L'aenoh Tia: "So it's possible they didn't get digested and instead just..sit in him. Somewhere. That's nasty."

R'lexia Thras: "Well, they bleed... you can kill them. ...after a fashion. I just assumed they kind of... work. Like a living thing." She pursed her lips in thought then glanced up as Finecia joined them. "Fin!"

L'aenoh Tia: "Hey."

L'aenoh Tia: "Feeling better?"

Finecia Hawke nodded to the group as her eyes narrowed, "Leviathan?" her eyes narrowed to squints, "I owe that one...." She then blinked and eyes widened, "Much, the stitches are removed, just minor scar left really."

L'aenoh Tia: "Good to hear."

Sigurd Rainecourt: they could've been returned to the aether that created them. Who knows. Maybe they are floating at the bottom of the sea.

R'lexia Thras: "Well, I like to think we paid him back for you." She grinned and rubbed her side at the memory of her own bruised ribs.

Finecia Hawke looks across the group, "did we get word of another sighting?"

R'lexia Thras: "I don't think so. They were just saying how they wanted to find someone's legs... inside. Or something." She shifted and gave a wave to the green-clad Miqo'te across the way, shooting her a grin.

Sigurd Rainecourt: We knew someone who lost their legs. It was more poor humor than anything else.

Finecia Hawke sighed a bit, shoulders dropping some, "I guess not. Though I hear that are other sightings about. We should start to take a look at where else we might be needed no?" She flicked her gaze to Lidhja across the way, giving her a warm nod.

R'lexia Thras chuckled and shook her head. "I thought you might be joking. Sometimes it's tough to tell."

Sigurd Rainecourt: Unfortunately I must bid you two to go well. I need to take care of a few things.

Finecia Hawke: "Safe travels, Sigurd, may the sands of your land be under your feet."

Sigurd Rainecourt: go well and be well.

R'lexia Thras nodded and gave the Hyur a curtsy as he begged his leave. "Of course, Master Rainecourt. It was good to see and talk with you. Save travels."




R'lexia Thras gave Jancis a curtsey as the two paused and beamed a wide smile at her. "My congratulations on the ceremony, Lady Jancis. You must be proud it turned out so well."

Finecia Hawke bows gracefully to Jancis, her smile warm but subdued, "It really did. I wish to thank you for putting it all together. I know how much work goes into such an task."

Jancis Milburga: "Ah, oh Lady Lexia I am dare say simply enchanted by all that was said this day. And the story Lady Eva spoke I do believe is quite true."

Jancis Milburga motions up the hill. "Would be quite the honor to speak to her in person I think."

R'lexia Thras nodded as her expression turned somewhat serious. "I don't doubt that... but true or not, it still serves as a thing to reflect on."

Jancis Milburga nods in agreement to R'lexia. "Very, quite hopeful and a different tone to finish the stories."

Otto Vann: "Jancis I apologize for being late and having to leave early."

Jancis Milburga: "Not at all. Your face is always a happy one to see. Thank you for making time in your schedule."

Jancis Milburga: "Perchance at a later time we can talk about blessings to make up for it?"

Otto Vann: "I hope so, perhaps talk about your own blessings."

Finecia Hawke nods her head to Otto as she tugs on Lexia's arm, "Come on, don't procrastinate now..." She grinned at Lexia sheepishly.

Otto Vann: "I would love to"

Otto Vann: "I am always available for you - its the least I can offer."

Jancis Milburga: "Least from such a generous man. Thank you. Travel safe, yes?"

R'lexia Thras giggled as she was pulled along by the Highlander. "What would I be procrastinating about? Didn't I drag /you/ here?"

Otto Vann: "I will do my best.  For your sake"




Lidhja Zhwan removes her glasses for a moment cleaning them before placing them back on looking around a moment

You wave to Lidhja Zhwan.

You bow courteously to Lidhja Zhwan.

Lidhja Zhwan bows courteously to you.

Jancis Milburga: "Do appreciate you coming this way, Lady, I know you have your own important tasks."

R'lexia Thras waves to Lidhja Zhwan.

Lidhja Zhwan smiles warmly "Oh important task me? not really." she giggle a little "But the whole performance was amazing I must say"

Jancis Milburga nods in agreement, echoing the smile. "Truly was. So many fine people were recommended this day to come here and speak, I have not been so moved. And so many people here, the elements are warm and happy this day."

Jancis Milburga: "Did you have anything you wished to ask for blessings on?"

R'lexia Thras: "I don't think so. They were just saying how they wanted to find someone's legs... inside. Or something." She shifted and gave a wave to the green-clad Miqo'te across the way, shooting her a grin.

Finecia Hawke sighed a bit, shoulders dropping some, "I guess not. Though I hear that are other sightings about. We should start to take a look at where else we might be needed no?" She flicked her gaze to Lidhja across the way, giving her a warm nod.

Lidhja Zhwan nods in agreement with Jancis "I am only sorry I was not here from the beginning"

Lidhja Zhwan gaze quickly caught R'lexia and Finecia and waves back a little

Jancis Milburga: "That is quite all right. Many pilgrims made it on their own after. Is a happy sight to see you here regardless."

Finecia Hawke turns to Lexia, "It's been a while since I've been to Ala Mhigo myself."

Lidhja Zhwan smile brightens "For me it is a happy sigh to see so many people at a performance. I have not seen one in quite a while. And in such a celebration"

R'lexia Thras furrowed her brow and tilted her head, her cheeks coloring faintly. "I guess so... did you mean to go back? Make a pilgrimage of your own?"

Jancis Milburga: "Are you a devote of Nophica, perchance? Forgive me, I ask because your dress and manner is quite like Her."

Finecia Hawke smirks at Lexia, the corners of her mouth upturned, "I wouldn't exactly call it a pilgrimage but I would like to see the caves again. Something cozy about them."

R'lexia Thras beams with delight at Finecia Hawke.

R'lexia Thras grinned and stepped close to bump Finecia's hip with her own. "I guess they do. Seemed pretty cozy and safe. Safe enough to discuss some things. Kinda funny how much I now realize I didn't know."

Lidhja Zhwan smiles "I am not. I ware this colour as it happens to be a favorite of mine. I also felt it appropriate"

Jancis Milburga nods eagerly in agreement. "It is quite so, and truly it becomes you. Has Lady Lexia been in better graces of late?"

Finecia Hawke shook her head, "We are all born and raised mostly blind to all things, little one. Just a fact of life. You are not alone." She gives her a warm smile as she offers an arm," I actually.... want to retire." she looks over her shoulder at the top of the hill where she left a memento, "I want to return to the Mist." turning back to Lexia, somewhat more relieved expression on her face. "to something new..."

Finecia Hawke throws a nod over her shoulder, "Why do you go say Hi to Lidhja, I will go head to Limsa and will meet you there again." turning back to Lexia.

Lidhja Zhwan gaze quickly looks to Lexia a moment then back to Jancis "Honestly I do not know, I have not been able to talk to them as of late. In fact I hope to catch them before the leave this event to ask. As I have been caught up in my study so"

R'lexia Thras took Finecia's arm and pulled close to the Highlander, reaching across to rest her other hand on her forearm. "Then we should go.. but I remember that Lidhja wanted to talk with us? Should we..." She chuckled as she leaned against Finecia, stretching up to give her a soft kiss on her cheek before releasing her. "That answers that. I'll see you soon, Fin."

R'lexia Thras blows Finecia Hawke a kiss.

Jancis Milburga: "Are you all heading off? The three of you?"

Finecia Hawke smiles warmly, "Give her my warmest regards, little one." Giving both one quick nod and smile before she departs.

Finecia Hawke smiles at you.

Finecia Hawke smiles at Lidhja Zhwan.

Lidhja Zhwan: "Do excuse me miss. Was a pleasure"

Jancis Milburga: "Of course. Be safe and blessed travels, Lady."

R'lexia Thras headed over to Jancis and Lidhja with a sheepish grin on her lips, curtsy-ing a greeting. "Sorry, I caught the tail end of that, Fin seemed a bit preoccupied with something. She sends her apologies, Miss Lidhja."

R'lexia Thras: "Erm... did I chase her off?"

Lidhja Zhwan smile to Lexia and look back over her shoulder "I honestly don't know... It may have been myself fault for saying excuse me a moment.." she sighs "I am still not good with social interactions it seeeems but she was a lovely lady" She turn back to look to lexia "And from what you just called me I assume my missive with my latest signature got to you then"

R'lexia Thras bit her lip and shifted a bit as she looked at (No Suggestions) a bit guiltily "Um.. I don't think I got any letter. I just remember you saying something about wanting to speak with Fin and I during our last talk. I was a little preoccupied, too." She chuckled and shook her head. "Still trying to lay a little low."

Lidhja Zhwan giggles slightly "Well Seeing as you called me Lidhja just now... rather then my old fake name of kit... " she pauses "Ahh best not to say what the old name was. but yes I did want to talk with you if I may?"

R'lexia Thras nodded earnestly as he looked around the gathering. Though the crowd had thinned, there was still a few people still about. "Of course! Did... did you want to go somewhere more private? Or at least more comfortable?"

Lidhja Zhwan nods to R'lexia Thras.

Lidhja Zhwan: "I have somewhere in mind"

R'lexia Thras looked around as she bit her lip. "Maybe we can steal the botanist's hut for a bit. Seems pretty cozy in there. Enough to ward off the night's chill, anyway."

Lidhja Zhwan smiles "If that is where you think will be best then lead on Lexia"




Oscare Iono sighs. "I'm not used to people. I'm too used to bitin--" Oscare's attention randomly turns to Nathan, distracted. He blinks a couple of times.

Nathan Telluride gives Oscare a glance. "I hope you don't get a reputation for skill as a Morbul, good sir."

Oscare Iono bites his lips, eyeing the man up and down. "I'l -- I'll make sure not to."

Oscare Iono finally manages to break his glance off the other highlander.

Oscare Iono: "You seemed to like your part too."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I was thinking afterward maybe I should have trudged around on my knees to be a better Lalafell..

Xenedra Ambreaus chuckles.

Oscare Iono: "That would've been uncomfortable."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Most likely!

Xenedra Ambreaus bends slightly to pat her bare knees.

Oscare Iono shrugs a shoulder. "Anyway, who's this handsome guy over here?" Oscare throws a thumb towards Nathan.

Xenedra Ambreaus: Anyway, I mentioned you enjoying the part before because you didn't seem to actually- Well I don't really know him.

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think you have a fan, ser bard~

Oscare Iono scratches the back of his neck, exhaling.

Xenedra Ambreaus smirks.

Xenedra Ambreaus: The duet *was* lovely. You two make a natural pair.

Coraliza Velia nudged Nathan. "See!"  She then pointed a slender gloved finger toward Oscare.

Nathan Telluride grins widely. "However well things went, I'm humble enough to know that any glory I may have gathered is eclipsed by the incredible beauty of the ladies upon this berm."

Oscare Iono shakes his glance, putting two and two together and backs off immediately. "Anyway, I'll be going."

Nathan Telluride puts his hand to his chest. "Did I make a comment in error? The rain still has my ears a tad clogged."

Xenedra Ambreaus: I think once he figured out you weren't interested in men he moved on~

Nathan Telluride: "I suppose we'll just say that the gods and goddesses' methods of communicating are inscrutable, sometimes. Your story was quite memorable, my dear," He says to Xenedra.




Oscare Iono: "Jancis."

You smile at Oscare Iono.

Jancis Milburga: "You do not quite make a convincing Morbol, forgive me. I must be blinded by my own perception of you to see completely through it."

Oscare Iono: "I don't."

Oscare Iono: "I'm not sure how I even pulled that off -- I'm not one to display those kinds of... acts."

Jancis Milburga: "Only shows to your bravery, no?"

Oscare Iono: "Sure, let's put it that way, I guess."

Jancis Milburga brings a hand up, smiling. "Did you come for blessings in particular?"

Oscare Iono: "Ble--- Oh. I suppose I could use one or two."

Oscare Iono nervously scratches at his right arm.

Jancis Milburga nods, pulling a small pouch from her robe and takes Oscare's hand, pressing the pouch into it.

Oscare Iono looks a little surprised, taking the pouch. "This is a weird role reversal. I'm always the one giving you gifts," Oscare's grip on the pouch tightens.

Jancis Milburga: "Nophica is close this day and in this moon. For my part, I do wish you are blessed with the bounty of clarity and serenity, that your fears and tribulations be put into the ground and tended to that they might grow."

Jancis Milburga: "And then you will reap happiness for all you have endured and earned. I do give you gifts time to time. What fruit would you care for next? Apples?"

Oscare Iono: "You've sent me plenty apples enough, thank you. The Agents loved them."

Jancis Milburga: "Do you have any blessings to ask for? For them?"

Oscare Iono: "I think just a couple of dearly sent words from yours truly would light our hearts once more."

Oscare Iono sighs. "I think I should depart as well. I'll visit you soon, Jancis."

Jancis Milburga turns back to Oscare, nodding. "Very well. Shall bring blessings to you and your Agents soon. Travel safe, yes?"

Oscare Iono: "You as well."

Annunu Nunu watches Oscare leave circumspectly.




Nathan Telluride: "We should pay respects to the hostesses, of course, and see if there are any generous and winsome souls here who we should endeavor to make acquaintance with."

Coraliza Velia offered a nod.  "Alright then!"

Nathan Telluride: "If you'll excuse us briefly, miss Xenedra, we should take a moment to express our courtesies to the hostess."

Xenedra Ambreaus: Of course. Nice to meet you both.

Nathan Telluride clears his throat. "Apologies for interrupting - we wanted to show our appreciation to your efforts in putting together this pilgrimage. You did a stellar job," He says to Jancis.

Coraliza Velia offered a polite nod. "We enjoyed the performances and thank you for having us among those."

Jancis Milburga: "Master Telluride. Lady Coraliza. Your duet was beautiful and uplifting! I can still hear it in my head. I am so honored you both came truly I thank you threefold."

Coraliza Velia: "The pleasure was all ours."

Jancis Milburga: "Surely the padjal and the hosts of Gridania want me to pass on their gratitude's to you. Blessings upon you both."

Nathan Telluride: "Oh, the honor is ours - and good luck keeping us away, should there be another similar celebration soon. We'd sneak in, if that's what it took."

Jancis Milburga laughs lightly, "I shalt keep it a secret, you have my word."

Nathan Telluride: "And  as unusual as it is for me to break away from a crowd, I have a promise to keep to someone, and despite my reputation, it's one I will not break."

Coraliza Velia: "To you as well."

Jancis Milburga: "I cannot imagine your reputation as poor, Lord, but I understand keeping commitments. Both of you travel safely."




Reinette Sompt: Good sun, to you both.

R'lexia Thras: And to you, Mistress.

R'lexia Thras beams with delight at Reinette Sompt.

Finecia Hawke almost rolled her eyes at the teasing Lexia was giving her, but held her composure as she approached Reinette, "Lady Reinette, I believe Miss 'lexia here has a request for a blessing." She bowed slightly and waited for Lexia to continue.

Reinette Sompt: A request? I would much love to hear it.

R'lexia Thras bit her lip at being put on the spot. her eyes sliding from Finecia to Reinette. "Oh... um. I didn't know you were a priestess, Miss Reinette."

Reinette Sompt looks only more amused as Lexia seems to stall for time. "I am not a priestess, no. But it is no difficult matter for me to guide others to seek the blessings they themselves do not know how to gather. What is your request, mademoiselle? I will do my best for you."

R'lexia Thras: "Oh! Well.. um. I'm not used to asking for blessings... but as for Nophica, to honor her, I would ask her to watch over our new beginnings... and to see them come safely to fruition."

R'lexia Thras nodded as if pleased at putting her request under the sphere of things growing. "I think that fits."

Reinette Sompt: You need not be shy. What wish do you seek to grow?

Finecia Hawke cleared her throat and raised an singular eye brow her gaze shifting slightly to Lexia at her side.

R'lexia Thras glanced around to the sides, up at Fin and around the clearing, beginning to fidget. "Weeeell... a few things. Some things I'm not actually sure how to say. But my tribe... my..erm.. journey with Fin. My time with our Company... Maybe it's asking a lot?"

R'lexia Thras smiled warmly at Finecia as she gave the Miqo'te a reassuring squeeze. "You want to catch her before she goes, Fin?"

Reinette Sompt nods knowingly. "For all things of the future, and for all welfare of friends and family, it is not too much to ask for. Even budding romances are beneath Nophica's generous gaze." She pulls another pouch from the small basket and hands it over. "Plant this, and pray over the small seedling while it grows. Tend to it as you would tend to your future, with your heart and love. Nophica shall see, and will return blessings in kind. For those who are giving to her creations, she shall be giving in return."

R'lexia Thras took the seed reverently, her cheeks flushing lightly and bowed her thanks. "Thank you, Lady Reinette. I'll tend it with love and hope. ...and may your ventures be fruitful and green in turn." She straightened and gave the Elezen a rather pleased look.

R'lexia Thras bows courteously to Reinette Sompt.

Reinette Sompt bows in return. "Nophica watch over you."

R'lexia Thras stepped back and made her exit, her gaze going to Fin as she waited to speak with the priestess, but joined the crowd of her fellows, carrying the seed in her hand.

R'lexia Thras retrieved a square of silk from her pouch and started making a sachet for the seed she was given, wrapping it and tying thread around the end to close it off while she stood.

Finecia Hawke kneels down and manipulates something in her hand while the other seems to dig into the dirt. After a minute or two of some furtive moment, she places her fingers on her lips and then to the ground and stands up from her kneel.




Jancis Milburga glances over at the lone guard, waving with a light smile.

You wave to Z'enath Vashyr.

Z'enath Vashyr nodded to Jancis from his position, not moving.

Z'enath Vashyr : "Things settling down, mm?"

Jancis Milburga nods, "Yes, I am no longer needed. You are relieved as well, though you make a nice guard."

Z'enath Vashyr : "I'm not off duty until I know everyone.., well you are safe in your bed, or otherwise."

Jancis Milburga: "I assure you I am not all bruised and broken under this robe, this time."

Z'enath Vashyr : "Regardless." he said looking around.

Z'enath Vashyr looking around he starred at Jancis seriously a moment "I'm also nervous I look ridiculous in this helmet." he admitted "..Secrets are bad, yes?"

Jancis Milburga: "Forgive me, I cannot picture you looking ridiculous. You can take it off if you wish. Lady Crofte removed hers.... and you know I care not for secrets..."

Z'enath Vashyr promptly removed the helmet, his ears twitched violently as he adjusted. "..Thank you." he mumbled. Before smiling lightly at her "So another fine pilgrimage?" he said tilting his head, his bangs moving to reveal a light black eye. "Which brings me to .. another thing."

Jancis Milburga blinks, "Pray explain where this came from?" she asks earnestly, coming his hair back to get a better view of his eye.

Z'enath Vashyr : "I was.. speaking with someone I thought to be an assassin, when a young woman tapped me on the shoulder.. and promptly sent me from position to on the ground, a few fulms away." he admitted, squinting his eyes as he looked to the right.

Jancis Milburga turns, looking in the way he did briefly, her expression serious as she scans the area. "Did she do anything else? Say anything?"

Z'enath Vashyr : "They just escaped." he said holding his head. "Oh sorry, they cannot be here, I was just em..barrased."

Jancis Milburga: "Is naught to be embarrassed of," she quickly retorts, turning back to him and bringing her hands up to gentle touch the bruising. Her hands are warm and she murmurs, easing some of the pain.

Z'enath Vashyr : "Thank you Jancis.." he said warmly "Was a lovely performance, for what I was able to take in." he smiled.

Jancis Milburga still carefully tends to him, mimizing the bruising with light fingertips. "It was. I feel guilt that people thank me for it when I do so little. It is their words, truly." Finishing her ministrations, her hand lingers on his face. "I am happy you are here. Beyond all others."

Z'enath Vashyr chuckled "I feel the same truly." he looked around. "But you may see me any time you wish, would you like to speak to someone else?" he offered with a smile.

Jancis Milburga echoes the smile, granted him enough to at least look around and consider it. "I am fond of all these people. But they all seem quite content as they are. And I am quite content as I am now." She lowers her hand, giving him a look, "Perchance I wish to speak to you many times. Or even be close to in silence." she said light-heartedly.




Coatleque Crofte removes her helmet with a shake of her head and holds it under one arm.

Coatleque Crofte regards Cassandra quietly for a few moments before tilting her head.  "Did you enjoy the performances, miss?"

Cassandra Lachance looks at Coatleque for a moment before replying, the woman's words sounding somewhat distant as Cassandra was lost in thought. "I did enjoy most of them, very much so."

Coatleque Crofte smiles at Cassandra.  "I am sure they all appreciate it as well.  Surely the Twelve themselves smile upon our congregation."

Coatleque Crofte: "This is our second pilgrimage this year.  Each month has a patron and we pay our respects to them.  Last moon was to Nald'Thal."

Cassandra Lachance smiles, her eyes drifting as she ponders, carefully choosing her words before returning her eyes to the woman. "Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps it's not for us to know. In any case, I'm being terribly rude. I'm Cassandra."

Coatleque Crofte: "It is my pleasure to meet you then, Miss Cassandra.  I am Lady Coatleque Crofte of her Resplendence's royal guard.  That may carry little meaning here.  I am from Ul'dah if that helps."

Cassandra Lachance: "It does help. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Coatleque Crofte: "I confess I do not leave Thanalan very often.  Are you from Gridania then?"

Cassandra Lachance nods slightly. "Originally. These days, I don't come here all that often. I was visiting earlier when I noticed the gathering, and I thought I'd see what it was all about. In any case, I reside in Limsa Lominsa."

Coatleque Crofte: "Oh, I see.  I am there often on business.  Beautiful view of the ocean, though I can not longer stand the smell of fish."

Cassandra Lachance chuckles at Coatleque's comment, nodding in agreement. "It's understandable. I don't mind it myself thought. The open sea leaves more room for your thoughts. Whereas here... I find the trees somewhat oppressive."

Coatleque Crofte: "After spending so long in Thanalan, I find the humidity to be more oppressive.  It is harder to breathe.  And it ruins my hair."

Coatleque Crofte tisks.

Cassandra Lachance smiles, speaking somewhat mockingly, "What about Thanalan though? I mean, it's certainly not oppressive, plenty of space in the desert. But the sand?" Cassandra sighs. "It just seems to get everywhere, doesn't it?"

Coatleque Crofte smiles at Cassandra Lachance.

Coatleque Crofte: "Aye, that it does.  One simply becomes accustomed to it.  Afterwards it is not so bad."

Cassandra Lachance: "I suppose that in the end, when you're home, even its imperfections seem appealing."

Coatleque Crofte: "True enough.  We live how we can where we must.  Everything else becomes foreign."

Coatleque Crofte motions to the book at Cassandra's waist.  "Are you studying, or a priestess of some sort?  Or perhaps simply enjoy your books."

Cassandra Lachance glances at the book at her waist. She'd forgotten it was there. "Oh, that. Hm... Both, actually. I do enjoy my books. This one, however, is the type of book you study. Not so much enjoy. I'm training to be an Arcanist."

Coatleque Crofte: "Truly?  A lofty goal for sure.  I take it you have some prior education then.  I had attempted to learn conjury once before but it simply was not my forte."

Cassandra Lachance: "I do. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to pursue, but I spent a considerable amount of time travelling. I did my research, and I found this to be..." Cassandra chuckles. "I wouldn't call it 'my calling', as that would make me sound like a priestess. I simply saw its appeal. Plus, I'm not the type to pick up a sword."

Coatleque Crofte: "Mmm, neither was I.  However it seems the Twelve had other plans.  I seemed to have a certain knack for it, and so now here I am."

Coatleque Crofte: "Three cycles ago I would have never thought I would raise a sword to anybody.  Now my life is pledged to the Sultana of Ul'dah."

Cassandra Lachance tilts her head slightly as she looks at Coatleque's sword, her eyes wandering, carefully observing her posture. "Quite a pledge, isn't it? I take it you've seem your share of action? Ul'dah is... A lively place. "

Coatleque Crofte: "Not as much as some.  In truth, the majority of my day is spent standing in one place until my duties are completed."

Coatleque Crofte: "The recent festival was rather trying as we had no shortage of people dressed as her Grace running around the city.  A few drunks tried to enter the palace and were turned away."

Cassandra Lachance nods. "It must be a stressful occupation at times like those. I suppose that in your position, the less you need to act, the better. Regardless, don't you find the idle times boring? Simply standing guard?"

Coatleque Crofte: "T'would be a lie if I disagreed with you.  I'll not share the boring details of how I pass the time on occasion.  The last time I did I was laughed out of the Quicksand."

Coatleque Crofte: "But yes, the majority of the day passes slowly."

Cassandra Lachance arches an eyebrow, a playful tone in her voice, "Is that so? Those boring details just got me quite intrigued. Would you share them with me? Who knows, I might need to guard someone in the future. It would be good to know how to pass the time."

Coatleque Crofte: "Erm... well... I can tell you the tapestries in the chamber of rule have twenty and five tassles along each of their bottom edges.  And the large wooden doors have some twelve hundred grains along their surface.  I am sure that is enough to understand what I do."

Coatleque Crofte: "I should not hold you up further then.  I wish you Twelvespeed Miss Cassandra.  If you are ever in Thanalan, perhaps we shall see each other again."

Coatleque Crofte salutes Cassandra Lachance.

Cassandra Lachance: "I'm sure we will meet again, Miss Coatleque, I hope you manage to keep yourself entertained."

Coatleque Crofte: "I am sure I will."




Iskierka Stormspeaker touches her hand to her face under the mask, then looks at her hand. She wipes her hand on the side of her coat, leaving a small streak of red. She starts looking around hurriedly.

Iskierka Stormspeaker 's voice is shaky. "I-is it too late for a blessing...?"

Iskierka Stormspeaker: I-is anyone available f-for a blessing? Is it too late?

Iskierka Stormspeaker is looking around, becoming more and more frantic.

Jancis Milburga: "Lady Reinette is not busy if you wish to speak to her."

You smile at Iskierka Stormspeaker.

Iskierka Stormspeaker: Th-anks...

Iskierka Stormspeaker: She's.. which one?

Xenedra Ambreaus glances up, noticing the girl looking desperately about.

Jancis Milburga motions out in the distance. "She is the tall lady of dark complexion in the dress of cream and brown."

Iskierka Stormspeaker | Drops of blood begin to fall from under her mask, onto her clothes.

Ojune Wajune follows Xen's gaze curiously, "Is everything alright?"

Xenedra Ambreaus: She seemed bothered, but I think Jancis took care of it.

Ojune Wajune: "Ah, good."

Iskierka Stormspeaker bows courteously to Reinette Sompt.

Iskierka Stormspeaker: H-hi.

Reinette Sompt: Hello, Madame. Have you a blessing you wish to be heard?

Iskierka Stormspeaker appears to be bleeding under the mask. "Please?"

Reinette Sompt frowns faintly. "You are bleeding. I can look at that for you, if you wish."

Iskierka Stormspeaker: The blessing might help more..

Iskierka Stormspeaker takes off her mask, revealing her face, scarred in ornate patterns,. She's bleeding from the scars.

Xenedra Ambreaus beams with delight at Ojune Wajune.

Iskierka Stormspeaker looks at Reinette with a look of fear and anxiety on her face.

Reinette Sompt sets the basket down. She pulls out a handkerchief and passes it over. There's little fear in her face, just a soft smile. "I've not seen patterns like that before. Here, I have a salve that will help their irritation."

Iskierka Stormspeaker takes the handkerchief and begins wiping the blood from her face. "Thanks." Her words are quick and quiet. "And a blessing?"

Reinette Sompt has to fumble through the pockets hidden in her skirt to retrieve a small tin, handing it over. The cream inside smells pungently of mint and aloe. "Apply it liberally, wherever it hurts."

Reinette Sompt nods then, grabbing a seed pouch.  "This is for you. It is a lavender seed, to be planted and loved over. Nophica blesses those who love the realm we live in, and tend for the places we stay. Giving your home and hearth beauty, and tending for even this small harvest, would earn Nophica's smile."

Iskierka Stormspeaker takes the seed and the salve. "Thank you. Thank you..." She wipes away the blood. Once she has the seed, the bleeding seems to stop.

Iskierka Stormspeaker: I'm sorry... let me wash this for you at least.

Reinette Sompt nods, curious over the scars but also smart enough not to ask. "It is one of many. Keep it in the case it will happen again. If you need any more tinctures, I live in the Still Shore of Mist, ward six. I'm always happy to help."

Iskierka Stormspeaker: I'm familiar with the place... I'll bring it by.

Iskierka Stormspeaker bows her head in gratitude. The fear is still there. She sets to wiping away the blood from the inside of her mask.

Reinette Sompt watches with some concern. "Nophica watch over you, and the Twelve see you hale and healthy once more."

Iskierka Stormspeaker puts the mask back on. She seems to change completely with it on. The fear is gone. She seems to be much more calm now.

Reinette Sompt seems to understand the transformation, somehow. She bows. "Nophica will see your blessing grows, as the seed grows as well."

Iskierka Stormspeaker: Twelve bless you.



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[align=center]((Event Recap complete!))[/align]


Only a month later :blush: It was actually much easier this past event to sort out stories and dialogue but given the holiday season it was squeezing it in around my regular goofing around schedule.


Big thank you to all our performers:

Nathan and Coraliza's duet and being eye candy to some pilgrims.

Ojune's story with actors (which went even better than I imagined) as well as being around long afterwards to share secrets!

Ciel's sharing a beautiful song by Hayley Westenra that really set a lovely immersion to the whole event.

Xenedra's story of how the rain came to pass, which is one of her many stories you can find on her wiki. Also for hanging around passing and trading secrets!

Leanne's lovely song, another original. Also for talking it up with Chach, Chuta, and Annunu getting bard tips from a couple older sorts.

Chuta for telling another original light-hearted story.

Eva for sharing a very powerful and inspiring parable. I had no idea she had been doing them for months and it was lovely to finally see one.


Also big thank you to the RAIN! The timing was stupid perfect on it twice when it rained on Chuta's story, giving the man something to grump about (in good humor of course) as well as clearing up at the end of Eva's inspirational story. I don't know if a DM was watching or what, but it was TOO perfect!


Other thanks yous:

- Want to thank Eva again for staying even longer at the event when people started lining up loosely to get her blessings. I know she was planning on getting ready to depart and then I yelled "If you want a blessing from Eva this is your last chance" and then she ended up being held another hour. Thank you so much for sticking it out, Also thank you to Caen who waited for her. :blush:

- Reinette for being every helpful and handing out seeds of blessings to others and listening to their concerns and wishes. Her ears are big for a reason and she uses them well. Hehehe

- Oscare for being such an attentive and involved pilgrim! He was the fiercesome Black Morbol and he also admired how handsome Nathan is to the point of being flustered and bashful. Great role play.

- R'lexia and Finecia for sharing stories with everyone around, bringing their friends along, and leaving blessings at the site.

- Tausen, Sigurd, L'aenoh and other Coralites for supporting me and being around to talk and add to the atmosphere, even if it was creepy stuff like drowning.

- Coatleque aka Cici for hanging out with new role-player Cassandra and talking for quite some time about locations and feelings about the Twelve, it's a nice log to peek at. Cici is always helpful with being the guard and watching the event for things I miss; keeping people in range and an eye for newcomers.

- Z'enath for being a stoic guard and giving me a lot of inspiration to start doing these pilgrimages in the first place. I miss you.


Feel free to add your own thoughts and logs! IC or OOC. Either way I'm really happy that this seems to be wanted as a monthly event. ♥

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