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The Hunt Part 3 (closed)

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The first sign...


The scent of the creature still lingers on the tract of sand where it chose to mark it's territory. Generally the land itself would be covered with this beast's piss, but this scent is relatively fresh; no more than a day or two old. 


G'leo inhales the pungent smells, enough to cause his tail to curl in disgust. His body is almost pressing against the ground as he breathes what remains of the beast's trace, but he must do this until he is able to memorize and recognize it. He remains there for a good five minutes; allowing the sun to bear upon his back as he crouches against the sand like an Orobon. When he opens his eyes does his true trial begin.


The scent is now to be considered old. His prey will have moved on and be harder to hunt. It moves often like the condor and swiftly as the drake does across the desert, and it could very well be in any region of Thanalan by this time. He must travel as swiftly as his prey, and wait for his opportunity; should it present itself. The scent lingers for now, but the sands will cleanse itself from the impurity soon. 


Rrrememberr, if a beast marrrks it's territory, it does so to establish it's domain. This beast will do so each day the sun shall rise to ward off any it's competition. My son, you arrre as an unwelcome guest in it's land when you enterrr it's domain and nothing morrre than a merre piece of sand underrr it's claw. It is strrrong and fierce, and it will defend its pride to the verry end. Conquerrr your mind but do not dismiss yourr fearr; it will keep you alive. Walk boldly to face yourrr adversarrry and do not let doubt settle into yourrr hearrt. The deserrt and yourr prrey will test you, but you musn't falterrr. Prrress on my son, and become the man you werrre meant to be. The deserrrt will be your true judge, and if you arrre worrthy...you will rrrise in victorrry to be at yourrr fatherr's place.



His father's words still echo in his ear. 


G'leo rises from the sand, breathes deep and long, and begins to advance further into the desert. He will create a shelter and remain for a time until the beast has chosen lay it's claim again. His legs will carry him far, but his resolve...must carry him farther. 


The first sign...

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