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Dubious Distributions


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Dubious Distributions is a small medium-to-heavy RP FC with a theme focused around the losers and cast-offs of Ul'dahn society, led by a charming-but-probably-idiotic Duskwight. Together, we will either become greater than the whole of our parts, or collapse in a flaming wreck of failure and sad.


We are seeking active RPers whose characters fit the aforementioned concept. Please visit our website for further details.

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We are, in fact, alive. Here's what we're looking for from an IC perspective:


-Losers. Your character doesn't have to be a complete failure with no redeeming qualities, but we actively seek the outcasts, misfits, and overlooked in Ul'dahn and Eorzean society.


-A sense of humor. In this regard we're not looking for fourth-wall breaking metahumor and memes so much as we are things that are silly and farcical in-setting, with characters doing illogical things based on very logical conclusions.


-A willingness to RP with the community outside the FC. If you're shy, we'll help you develop a method that works for you, but DO-BS should ideally be a small but outgoing FC.


OOC, we need:


-Players for a semi-casual static in anticipation of Alexander. Not shooting for world firsts, but progression is desirable.


Recruiting is open for another 5-10 active members. Contact Verad Bellveil here or in-game today!


Important Edit

We do use the Fate-14 system in Roll Eorzea for some events, but members of DO-BS are not required to use them, and most in-FC events will not need them.

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