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In Need of the Written Word? [Open, Connections, OOC Comments Welcome]


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Traveling along the streets of various cities, settlements, and lands is a.. notable 'gentleman'.  An Elezen with an uncertain clan by appearance (his deep brown skin with short, messy dirty-blonde hair hiding beneath a wide brimmed hat, and blue eyes make it anyone's guess whether he is a Duskwight or a Wildwood), wanders about with written notice and verbal message alike.  He gives the friendly disposition of what might a 'toned down bard' would, wearing clothing somewhat fancy, but practical, as he'd vehemently insist.. or maybe just to someone with an over-fondness of well-tailored, durable vests and numerous, copious pockets.  Bright reds and earthy browns abound in his aesthetic choices, as do several well-smithed daggers hidden along his belts in leather sheathes.  


However, he seems friendly enough.  Smiling and speaking loud and clear to those who come to listen to him, he treats everyone with a lively cadence; on close inspection, it appears that he's wearing something beneath his wide-brimmed hat which partially covers his ears.. but to any replies he gets, he seems to hear them just fine.


"Greetings have you, fair folks of all sorts~  I am here to share the knowledge and resource of my employer, a highly skilled Scribe, willing to write up any tale, letter, tome, document, will, writ or more you may seek to have down upon page~  The extent of his services span about any sort of literary possibility that comes to mind, from mere letters and notices, to signage for merchantry.  What's more, he creates tomes and books of all sorts, binding the pages by his own hand to your wishes, should a book of your deeds or findings be something you seek require~  Or even custom grimoires fit for novices to masters of Arcanima may be made or mended upon request. He is quite apt at taking anything down word for word, or transcribing what you say and 'writing for a different audience', should you desire~  And beyond all that, he can scribe in any number of penmanship styles or likenesses, down to its exactness~  Should you find want of such service, speak with me to set up a meetin' may you prefer word of mouth, or take a request to fill and send it away by post, so he will reply to you in letter. If ya like the more personal approach, you can find the man himself, at ward 3, plot 10 in the Mist, working at the Eagle and Quill bookstore~  Thank ya kindly for your ears!"    



I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so if it's in the wrong place, feel free to move it (sorry!) but this is somewhat of an open RP in a strange fashion.  It's an IC sort of 'making connections' thread, so let me explain what this is all about.


My main character, Xavarian Mystrife, is, in fact, a scribe!  This Crier in the thread is the guy he's hired to 'get the word out' about his services, and as such, the Crier is visiting various places to let it be known that these services are available.  Considering that Eorzea doesn't have the highest literacy rate, yet people might still want any number of things written down for them, he's going and giving people the courtesy of actually speaking to him as opposed to just putting up flyers; because someone who might really need a scribe might not be able to read those fliers!


On an OOC level, this is a way to meet with my character, Xavarian Mystrife, and have him create either an IC item (a book, a letter, a will, a legitimate or forged document, a riddle / puzzle, a written plot device, and so on) for your character, or have him (aka me) write something up for you on the forums based on the interaction between our characters.  Depending on what it is, is how it will be posted.  If it's a letter, I can write it out for you and send it In-Game to who you specify (as a third party if you wish), or PM it through the forums depending on what you'd like.  I could also write it out as Xavarian would, and 'give it back' to you to send.  If it's a book you want 'circulated', I'll post a description of the tome, and then what's inside on the forums, so you can link to it appropriately.  Should it be signage of some sort, and something you actually want for a website, for a trading company, or what have you, I'm an artist and can attempt to draw something out based on what Xavarian would produce for your character; though in this case, I'd only draw something (instead of write about it) if it were actually going to be shown somewhere OOCly, since that's a lot more work.  If it's something more private, I can PM it just to you.  There are all sorts of possibilities for this, and you'd be free to tell me OOCly, as well as whatever the character requests ICly. :> This also isn't for real In-Game gil unless you want to pay him with In-Game gil (to which I certainly wouldn't object, I so desperately want to improve my player housing).  He will, ICly, ask to be paid though, but the amount (and how) depends on what's asked of him (and quite possibly the situation of the client, as he's definitely willing to work with them.)


BUT!  These aren't OOC writing requests.  It does require some RP with my character, and based on that interaction is what is going to be written.  That said, the actual writing (unless it's a simple, IG letter) will likely happen a day or two after the RP has taken place, and may be longer depending on the length of the thing to be written, and my IRL schedule.  But it will happen!  Just let me know OOCly if you have a 'deadline' or an event that this is for, and we'll get everything squared away for it.


On an IC level, what will happen is that my character will set up a single, or several, meetings with yours.  If all goes according to plan (which it may not, but that'd be up to you~) they'll discuss what it is they want, and my character will either do it right then and there (if it's something simple like 'I'd like you to write down what I tell you in a letter') or might take several meetings to get it all down (such as a character requests that they would like an autobiography, Xavarian will meet with them as long as it takes for him to take down all that your character has to say, listening to the story, and writing it accordingly, as well as confirming that the tome he makes for it is to your character's liking).  You can pull him into shady things as well, such as forging documents, or having him write ransom notes to a certain-someone-else's penmanship likeness if you'd want that as well... he won't tell on you (and I totally encourage the shady dealings)~  He also makes 'specialty books' that might conceal something, might be more battle-ready than library worthy, might have a particular odd quirk about them for a specific purpose, and so on.


Whatever he does for your character can be used however you'd like, as a plot device, an IC item, something for your character's wiki, whatever.


The way this thread works is that it is IC, but in any number of places at any number of times.  The Crier here is an NPC (I made him as a character, but he's only level 1, oops); but if your character is illiterate, please feel free to speak with him, ask any questions, or so forth.  If you want to specify a place and time (so others can join you at that place and time) do so in your post, like (Limsa, Morning) at the beginning of it, and I'll reply to you, and anyone else that specified that place / time accordingly.  If (Limsa, Morning) is going down, but someone else puts (Thanalan, Night), it'll be a different RP for them.  Multiple RPs can go down at once, I'll just denote which reply is for who in the beginning of the post.  If you don't specify a place and time, then that's fine!  Since this is mostly sort of an advertisement, I don't actually expect any of the RPs with the Crier will go on that long; the NPC isn't the scribe, just sort of taking down 'orders' and answering questions on his behalf.  But I thought it'd be something different to try.  If you'd just like your character to take a form to fill out, that's fine too!  Or if you want to contact my character sometime, but forum RP isn't your thing, you can either just copy the form without replying to this thread, then send it to me in a PM or send me an entirely OOC PM. Whatever suits you.  :>  This is mostly supposed to be fun, a way to establish what's happening ICly, and kind of an experiment, but any approaches (even the less agreeable ones) are welcome.  If the Crier somehow gets beat up to the point of not being able to work anymore, I might... make a new thread later.  *sweats*


Otherwise, if you're just wanting to Forum RP for a bit, that's fine too, you don't need to necessarily 'sign up' so to speak.  On the other hand, if you want to just 'sign up', but NOT participate in this thread, that's totally cool as well.  


Feel free to post ICly or ask OOC questions here or via PM!




Appointment Form (replace the words in parentheses with the info.)

Appointment for Scribery Services

[u]Name:[/u] (Character Name)
[u]Service Interest:[/u] (Short Description of what you want made, if you know.  Could be vague like 'book', 'letter', or 'document' but it could also be more detailed if your character knows the specifics.)
[u]Preferred Place to Meet:[/u] (Where your character would be comfortable meeting mine to discuss what they'd like.)
[u]Preferred Times to Meet:[/u] (OOCly, basically this is when you would be available for our characters to meet up.  Doesn't need to match IC times, unless you want to give IC time as well (like day or night) to set the scene. :> )
[u]Contact Address:[/u] (Purely IC; a place where correspondence letters can be sent.)
[u]Any Other Particulars You'd Like Known:[/u] (Basically anything else Xavarian should be aware of going into this.  Want him not to disturb your pet coeurl upon entry?  Want him to bring certain materials on the initial meeting?  Directions?  Beware of Aetheric Explosions?  That goes here.)
[u]Scribe's Note:[/u] This is a meeting in which you, I, and any other party involved will discuss what it is you would like fashioned for you.  Unless you have specified what I should bring precisely above, this will not be the meeting in which you receive your request.  I will ask you a number of questions so that you may get exactly what you are looking for, to the quality you wish.  I will also negotiate prices with you; let it be known, that there are means of pay beyond gil, and I will gladly work something out with those who'd rather keep the coin they have.  There will be subsequent meetings as necessary afterwards for what it is you wish.  These are were you will relay to me the exact things you would like to be taken down, once all materials have been gathered.  Letter correspondence will be provided when necessary.  If you'd like to meet instead of a place of your choosing in my work-study, I can be found at the Eagle and Quill bookstore in the Mist (ward 3, plot 10) Thank you for your time~


OOC Note:  

First meeting = 'Meet and Greet' basically, in which anything can happen.  Xavarian will try to stay focused, and ask a number of questions about what your character wants (taking it down for later), but just about anything can go down here.   It's pretty freerange RP.  Kidnap him if you want, get him into some weird mess, I'm down.  :>  As stated, though, this isn't the meeting where anyone is getting their request, unless he has all the materials he needs for it already on him.  (like simple letters, and whatnot.)  If it is a book-binding request, and all questions are answered, then my character will get to work on getting the materials and making the tome for yours, and that can possibly only take one meeting.


Second Meeting (And Beyond~) = This is where the real deal happens.  Your character relays a story to mine, or whatever it is they want taken down specifically, and my character does it.  Depending on the length of time this will take, this may be more than one meeting, or just finish here.  In the case that all questions were answered for a book-binding, where only a blank book is being produced, this is when there an in-character delivery of the book would take place.  There can be as many meetings as are wanted, after this, it all depends on what the character wants.  But this is the meeting which most writing will be based on.


What You Get = This is where I actually let you see what Xavarian made for you.  I'll have talked with you some by now already about what format you'd want this in, and so forth, so then I'd actually do it, and you'd get either a story written up on the forums, a letter delivered to someone, a plot device, a tome, an image of signage for your character's website, a forged document of some kind, a will, whatever~  As I said before, it might take me a couple days to compile, but it'll happen, and you'll be made aware.  



This list will be organized by appointment times.  If you want your / your character's name to remain unknown, I'll just write instead, but this is to help me and the rest of you see what's going down! More can be added, these are just place-holders.


1) Grimoire, Time: As Soon as possible (5 days from meeting)

2) Translation and Restoration, Time: Ongoing

3) Ziv'ir - Notes re-bound with Enchantment, Time: Till next meeting.

4) -none-

5) -none-



A list of completed orders and payment, for my reference.


1) Beginner's Grimoire (Simple, Leather, 4-tier Wind Crystal Weight Adjustment)

- Commissioned by: Lafiaht

- Status: Finished, Approved, and In- Use

- Payment: Lessons in Arcanima, Yet Unpaid.


2) Legacy of the Vale Brothers (Book written based on tales told)

- Commissioned by: Marcus Vale, 'The Unceasing'

- Status: Considered Finished, Several Copies Created, available upon request, some given to the Eagle and Quill Bookstore.

- Payment: -private-

- Note: (This case is entirely hypothetical; the player of the commissioning character wasn't able to provide the actual story for the book due to various circumstances, so only a summary will be given to interested parties.)




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Somewhere in The Black Shroud...


Another well mannered Elezen dressed in traveling attire approaches The Crier with an earnest disposition. He gently bows - a slow and graceful sort, before reaching inside an average sized woolen bag and handing The Crier what seems to be a small folded letter.


"Ah, I do believe things happen for good reason. I have been told to deliver this letter to your employer when word had reached Coerthas. I think he will find the proposition quite... interesting. You have yourself a peaceful evening."


With that said, the mysterious Elezen bows once more and turns to disappear into the quiet woods as unexpected as he appeared.


The contents of the letter:


"To whom it may concern,


"The Unceasing" has heard word of your offer and is greatly interested in your work. Marcus Vale invites you to the lands of Coerthas and the territories of Ishgard to spend a day with "The Vale Brothers." Lodging and cuisine will be provided the start and end of the day.


You will not be disappointed.


- Marcus V."


((Hoping to RP the scene via forum as I will not be back in FFXIV until Feb. Many thanks!))

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Somewhere in the Black Shroud...


The Crier turns with a grin to the approaching Elezen, and dips his head in return when bowed to.  Listening politely to the man, the letter is taken between the Crier's fingers, and he only speaks when his brief company is through.


"Ah, that they may~ I will certainly relay the sentiments by mouth and word, sir."  

The letter is given a gentle wave, as though that were somehow assuring.  

"Thank you, and peace be to your evening as well~"


Another head bow is exchanged for the more courtly one of his company, before the Crier watches the mysterious man away into the woods.  When he is out of sight, and relatively out of earshot, the Crier thoughtfully eyes the letter.  The ever curious dilemma of, well, being ever curious.  What could it say...?


But no, the Mystrifes don't hire him for snooping.  They'd find out if he were snooping.  Instead, he tucks the letter safely away in just the pocket meant for keeping letters uncrinkled, (they are practical, you know) before seeing to its soon delivery to his employer.


(( Certainly!  Forum RP is perfectly fine.  I'll send a PM your way soon, unless you wanted to start a thread somewhere yourself, to which I'll just jump on it.  Thanks for the interest!))

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  • 4 weeks later...

I added and changed some info, as Xavarian has gotten a few orders, but also, he's switched Free Companies, and now has an IC workspace and study!


He can now be found in-game (though more easily through appointment) at Mist, Ward 3, Plot 10, Room 7: The Scribe's Study in the Eagle and Quill bookstore. This is his new IC 'office' so to speak for any scribing, bookbinding, or book mending commissions.


I also added a list for finished orders.


All that said, this thread is still, and continues to be, open! As is Xavarian for nerd scribery etc. commissions. Though I've been half wondering if it'd be better to move this whole thing to the (Balmung) Connections forum; if any mod feels the same, feel free to move this. :> I just don't know what would be a better place for it (even still).


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