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Seventh Darkness

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So, seeing as this is going to be a fairly lengthy story with several chapters, no more than ten, not only am I going to post it here on the RPC forums once it's done, but I'm also going to publish it on feedbooks.com once I get it as polished as I possibly can. Feedbooks is a website where you can publish your own short stories or whatever it is you write as a downloadable ebook that can be read on any device that supports them, such as the Kindle or Nook or even the iPhone or Droid phones. There's an app for Droid phone's that links directly to feedbooks, but I can't remember the name of it. The reason why I'll be publishing it there is because it might be easier to read something of this length in book format rather than forum post format. Which now brings me to a question; I would like to comission someone for the cover art, wether it be someone I know at school or, preferably, someone on the forums here, I'll pay whoever it is somehow with something so if anyone is interested and who wants a sneak peak at this thing, PM me here on the forums with a link to some of your artwork and we'll get the ball rolling. I'll keep this offer up until sometime next week, maybe until Friday, so that will give people ample time to read this. I thank you all in advance.






Seventh Darkness is a code name for what I'm doing with Eternal, that's simply the name of the project, not the story. It has no name yet.


Though I would have prefered this part of Eternal's background to come out in Roll Play I've had to take a different approach to it, a completely different approach to it actually. Though this was already planned from the begining, I hadn't even considered writing a story about it but as they say, times change and you have to do what must be done to move forward.


Once this project is complete, you will know the absolute truth about Eternal; i.e. where her name comes from, her background and everything else in between up until the written story ends, and the game begins. I started Eternal with an air of mistery around her for a reason, so truth's about not only herself but others as well so deeper bonds could be made, friendships hardened. But also because creating her was a journey that I seldom take, into the unknown with little known about the actual character, which was also part of the plan and you'll discover why should you choose to read.


I'm approaching this project different from Mjollnir as in I'm going to write it in it's entirety, first, then post it though not all at once. Personally I would like a 3rd party editor on this one, one that I can trust and bounce idea's off of, but that can be a little too much to ask for something like this and I understand that I can be over descriptive sometimes with my writing and I will be trying to avoid that.... (lol, you should read the first chapter... damn.)


So, this thread is just for anyone who is even remotely interested and for another purpose; as this story will deal with nearly everyone Eternal has met, if you have had an interaction with Eternal before and would either like your character's name omitted or if you would like your character's name to be present in the story, let me know because once I'm done writing and it's posted, it's done. Just note, not everyone's name will be in there, just a few but mostly the one's who stand out in mine, and Eternal's, mind.



Well, with all that being said, if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer some but not any that would give anything away. So that's it, I'll let you all know more when it happens. Thank you.




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Just a spot of Dialogue:


Lalafell - "Well lookey what we've got here, didn't think I'd ever see the likes 'O you 'round here."


Miqo'te - "You know me?"


Lalafell - "Well I should think so, you're quite popular in these parts."


Miqo'te - "I'm not even sure where here is..."


Lalafell - "Dun worry miss'y, It'll all come back to you in time! Tell me, what's your name?"


Miqo'te - "I was kind of hoping you could tell me."


Lalafell - "Hmmm... Don't remember eh? Well, despite your popularity neither do I. Nor do any of the folks here; what you need is an expert!"


Miqo'te - "Expert?"


Lalafell - "That's right, good ol'..." [he thinks for a second] "Ahh, good ol' Dreyfus. He'll be able to tell you who you are in a jiff, yes ma'am!"


Miqo'te - "Who is he?"


Lalafell - "Just some old hack that lives in the slums 'round here. But, no time for dilly-dallying! We best get a move on before it gets dark! I'm curious as to what your name is and Gods be damned if I'll be tinkering about it over supper."


Miqo'te - "Uh, wait. What's your name?"


Lalafell - "Me...?" [he thinks for a second] "Pimlin."


Miqo'te - "Pimlin? What kind of name is that?"


Pimlin - "Wouldn't know. You gave it to me. Now lets go!"


~end dialogue~

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Here's the chapter list (subject to change) so far. I'm still toying with the order and trying to think if I missed something.


Chapters: (subject to change)


The Lost

The First Name

The Quest and the Companion

The Knowing

The Fall

The Truth

The Darkness

The End

The Awakening


So far the only two chapters that are 100% complete, as far as I can tell from an editors stand point, are The Lost and The First Name. Coinsidently, they are also the shortest chapters.

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I'm going to share with you a paragraph that I think, personally, is the funniest one so far. It might not be too funny on its own, but it'll get the basic gist across. It deals with Pimlin who is the funnest character I've had the pleasure of dealing with, he makes me laugh :P




"They hit the table with a clatter, sounding like the ticking of a clock though much more rapidly as they bounced off the wood of the table and each other until coming to their final resting places. Dreyfus immediately leaned in close to them, holding his beard back from disturbing the pieces, and studied them. Pimlin raised his chin slightly, looking frantically between the bones and Dreyfus, his eyes wide. She had to resist the urge to laugh at the Lalafellâs expression as his tiny fingers slowly emerged on the tableâs edge."

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So far the only two chapters that are 100% complete, as far as I can tell from an editors stand point, are The Lost and The First Name.


OK, so don't listen to me on that one. I got a little ahead of myself. It's taking more time than originally thought to complete this one, mainly because I keep rearranging the order of things.

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It's been a little while since I made an update, but not too much has happened. I finally plotted the travel route on the Eorzea map, image follows the text, and I've been dealing with my ever-awesome artist working on getting the cover art for this thing finished. As far as the writing aspect goes, its trucking along, to say the least. I've been spending some time looking at the beat-list (the order in which events happen) and rearranging them to better suit the type of brain melding I'm working to achieve. mua ha ha... *ahem* Anyway, that's about it.


(I understand the travel time in Eorzea would be longer than depicted on the following map. There are, however, two things that speed up the travel: A) They're on Chocobo's, B) read to find out number 'B'. Thank you.)



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*takes a break from writing* Whew! I really hope someone takes the time to read this thing, I've been putting a lot of effort into it. So much so, I want to share some of it now. I am going to post the first four chapters;


Prelude, The Fall, The Lost and The First Name.


The Lost, if I'm not mistaken, has already been up on the forums in its respective place, I'm not sure if anyone read it or not, but I hope that those who did enjoyed it. So without me talking too much, again, here ya go:




Also, these are horribly unedited. Well, not "horribly" i have run over them a few times myself, but its hard to edit your own work. So, if there are any notable errors anyone finds, or if someone wants to edit this thing for me, please let me know.





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So this little project of mine has turned out to be nothing but, cascading into something larger. I've had to split it up into two parts. The journey and the resolution. Which means I may have to split them up, releasing them seperately from each other. I haven't decided on that yet, it all depends on how the second part goes.


Heh, this is turning into the longest thing I've ever written, and I'm having a good time with it. So if anyone is still interested in what's going on with this thing, I will have made a decision soon on if I'm going to split them up or not so you may get to read something sooner rather than later. Sorry for delays. >.<

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