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Garlean Airship sighted in the Black Shroud!

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Garlean Airship sighted in the Black Shroud




A floating form that could have been possibly a garlean airship was seen gliding in northernmost border of the Black Shroud. The rumor is met with panic but also incredulity albeit a mysterious picture has been shared as proof throughout linkpearls. Speculations regarding its route have been made. Curious adventurers make way to northern Thanalan, at the Golden Baazar, where it's suspected this airship will pass by in the next hours.




Time: Jan 09, 22:00 GMT

Place: Golden Baazar, north of Drybone Camp, Thanalan

Event Type: Social-Meeting


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While various hopefuls returned to their respective cities and homes disappointed, a group of adventurers witnessed airships admist an ominous fog at the day's end. One was uncredited as possibly garlean by a specialist on Garlemald Culture and Technology but an earlier ship's origins remain yet mysterious.

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