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Shattered Shins

Dat Oni

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Dear Lalafells, 


Welcome to Shattered Shins, a linkshell for the Lalafell roleplaying community. 



Our goal is to help with endgame content and provide roleplaying opportunities for the Lalafell users on Balmung. And before you ask, yes, the name was mildly inspired by the awesome Broken Chairs LS. We love you guys!


The linkshell can be used for idle chatter, planning roleplay, requesting help with content, etc. At present, we have two people in charge of handing out invites, as this is a brand new linkshell. If you'd like a linkpearl, just ask either Koporo Aporo or Memeli Meli, whoever is online, or post in this thread, and we'll get to you ASAP, okay?


Some ground rules:

1. Obviously, Lalas only, unless the staff comes to agreement on an exception.

2. Be cool, be humorous, and generally, just try to have fun. It's a bunch of Lalafells in a LS, what's there to take seriously?

3. Rudeness, bullying, spamming, using the LS to vent constantly or any other kind of behavior that falls under the category of "not nice" is not tolerated. Don't do it, man!



Violating the rules will be met with a warning. Further violations will result in temporary, and eventually permanent kicks from the LS. 

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