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Hiiii. tumblr_me96xdxu7A1qdlkyg.gif


So, some of you lovely people said I should posts my arts on here. I've been drawing and such since I was a little girl, and have now had a Wacom for a few years. Art is so important to me, and so you would think that I'd practice a lot, but sadly I don't. However, I've been wanting to change that, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to share as I make. ^_^


XIV stuff will come in time, for now, here's my Adventure Time OOC - Jhu'lie.




For Samhain, my lovely wife asked for our Maneki-neko dressed as Hatsune Miku!




So, that's my newest stuff! I plan on working on chibi characters, and am hoping I can draw one for my wife for a Yule / Christmas gift of her XIV character![/align]


Thank 'ou for viewing!

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