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The prelude of the Unnamed Knight (closed)


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This topic contains the story behind Ariel Madaellyn, from even before her memory started, and so on resuming the non-played parts of the story, or soloed parts will be here as well, so DO NOT READ IF CAN'T AVOID META . If you can please read ^^ and give your opinion, in ''pm" =) I'm not interested in pleasing anyone, but I'm open to even hard critics if it may help me grow a better writer.))




-Prologue : The prelude of the Unnamed Knight


The night had come and the sun was long gone, as the two remainders of the division patched up the holes set by garlean machines. Blood smeared bandages and held back cries of pain. The two elezen knights stared at the smoke-drenched skies.

-This is ridiculous! - Burst in words the broader of them frowning hard, and elaborated. - Where did that lot go? It was the two of us in the front-line! - And stared into the other one's eyes with his own pleading for an answer.

-You should know... That was betrayal of theirs... though it wasn't just us to begin with... any others did vanish into the flames of the battle... and made us few. - He took a moment to breathe.

-We won't last long if we stay.

Once again the broader of the two opened his mouth, yet no words came out, just stupefaction, as they fall into long needed sleep, yet before they closed their eyes, something was agreed that could never be taken back.

âOur true names shall never be spoken againâ

Two tall man, of dark skin and rough eyes. They were part of an elezen troop in service of the Hyuran of Ala Mhigo engaged on a last attempt to fend off the continuous attacks to the city, however, in the midst of battle they found themselves to be the only ones still standing the fight, as not their companions nor their corpses laid around in the field, so as they could they withstood the last bit of wear and as soon as an opening showed up, escaped into the wild, for a couple of nights 'till finding a cave to rest and regroup.

A mist surrounded mourning came, as the two elezen man departed towards the west. And moons, and malms, and suns... It was too long before they'd even say a word, for there was no more drive to those swordsmen. That was... until a certain sun, as dawn reached the land, and they woke in the halls of a small city of Thanalan.

-Ahg! - Once again the slim and petite elezen Arzim Laoieth* woke in the early morning suppressing a cry of pain,

His half-brother by father, and companion in arms couldn't seem calm this time, with a frowning forehead the broad-formed Mihkley looked at the remaining friend he had, and on his ever serious tone said:

-This is getting out of hand. We must find a healer. A doctor. Anything of the likes...

-... Though it's alright isn't it? For better or worse what's taking us down is of our own deeds... It was a great fight! - Arzim rejoiced in a weakened voice, as the other one pouted in disapproval.

A few hours passed, and heavy rain settled, bringing fog and cool to the land. They spent all that time merely lying on the cave floor with a couple of yalms from each other looking at the rock ceiling, and from time to time expelling blood and gut. It was the end. They were going to die.

A thunderous sound reached the cave, similar to steel striking steel and echoed to dizzying the two knights that awkwardly rushed to their arms, a sword for the broader one, and a couple of Hora to the petite one, and supporting each other by shoulder went out of the cave to check the source of the noise, to find a gigantic shape in the fog and raised dust smashing something.

Shrieking screams of men and woman could be heard, so yet silent in a common thought they strode towards that new chaos, spitting and spilling blood, slowly growing weaker, and number.

-Help... Pleas-ARGH! - A woman fell to their feet, or at least her upper body.

As they raised their guards and tried to escape their weakening drowsiness they saw a horrible scene. A tribe of Miqo'te getting stomped to death by mechanical legs, so tall they couldn't see the rest of the machine above the fog and dust.

Arzim charged in a stumbling motion towards one of the legs and tried tactical strikes to make it fall as he had almost achieved in before attempts at Ala, but it was to no use, this new size of machine seemed less stable but couldn't possibly be harmed by his weapon, and as his unbelieving mind struggled with the lack of power, he watched the foot move towards him.


A new steel against steel sound. He opened his eyes, and Mihkley's arm now showed a bone slightly out of the skin, and the shield that laid there before, now ripped to shreds afar.

The walking machine fell for a moment before regaining level, it obviously had some sort of flying device to it, and as it got back up the foot now came down with full force towards the brothers. And they closed their eyes accepting their end.

A flash of light that hurt even closed eyes. To open again, as a magical barrier stood between that enormous foot and the two elezen, and a Lalafell right behind them covered in black-hooded long-robes whispered to himself enchants. Their skin became as of ground stone, and the protection field was brought back every time it wore off.

-I can't keep this on for much longer, now move yourselves! - The rough words of the tiny man pressured the two which dragged themselves out of the way, followed by the lalafell towards the cave, but before they could get to security a cry was heard. A Baby's cry. And it pierced their hearts in a way no spear could ever, so the three man turned towards the cry and carefully though with speed hurried forth.

-You folks better not die after my effort! - The little-ling spoke harshly before casting a powerful healing spell, and suddenly their less serious wounds were closed and drive rode the bodies once again.

They reached a silent place in the middle of a few broken down trees, where there was a tent brought to the ground, and beneath the textile structure laid a young woman. A Miqo'te, in pieces, and a baby in what seemed to be her lap.

A silver haired blue eyed girl of the fairest kind.

The Lalafell spoke some words, and the two elezen nodded.

"... But for now, we'll call her Ariel..."



-Chapter 1 : Dreaming in Limsa Lominsa

(Due to being blocked on it's editing I'll release what is done and acknowledge it's shortcomings, the next chapters will be re-worked to get the flow back to the story, not loosing the feel of it.)




Among the golden petals of noscean flowers idled the young girl, her silver hair spread through the grass, her skin bathed in sun-light, her white dress delicately covering the green on the land, and the blue eyes hid beyond those peaceful lids.

âLlymlaen dearest of the twelve, carry my will through the wind. Keep safe my dear haven, keep safe this wonderful isle, keep safe this precious moment...â Thought the young miqo'te drifting into sleep.

By the time she woke up, the ewe surrounded her and served on the grass, and the light was dusk, so she went to her feet, and started her path towards home, carrying her scratched fishing rod on the back, by it's strap, dress shifting with the wind, making shapes of waves in resemblance of the shore beside.

-Ariel come on here, hurry! - Heard the girl at the door as she entered the small stone house.

-Huh?! What is it father?

-Fast, wash your hands and bring me that handful of olives right there for me will ya? - Asked a smiling, pointy-eared man with a slim figure and large clothes, pointing to a table behind the girl.

-Sure! - Cleansing her hands in a mildly hot water pan she hurried to the olives, handing them over.

-Thanks, dinner will be ready in a few, go get Mihkley, he is probably in the back cutting some wood. - Requested the slim man while handling the stove, and mixing the olives to the mixture.


The young Ariel ran then out the back door, to find her other âfatherâ, Mih as she'd call, in his huge proportion, and unexpected fragility, missing whole parcels of flesh, hardly lifting an axe and cutting a trunk, and another.

-Father Mih! Please come to the table, father Ar'im says dinner's ready! - She calls in an excited tone.

-Ah! That's right! Alright sweetie, tell Arzim I'm going soon. - Answered the broad elezen.


âFather Mih! Father Ar'im!â


The girl's feet swept across the patch of grass before the house, and into it's wooden floor she hopped, with a smile on her face towards the kitchen, as light slowly left the fields. They sat down to eat a a few minutes later.

-I am sorry, I didn't get any fish yet... - Apologized the kid, knowing though her fathers didn't mind.

-That's alright sweetie, you sure will get the jest of pulling before long. Just keep on trying. - Said lightheartedly though in his usual blunt manner the broader of the two men.

-Yes, Father Mihkley is right, you see Ariel, after all, he didn't do quite well at it before lot's of tries â Laughed the slimmer one, earning a slight punch to his arm from his brother.

-Yes, I'll sure get a lot of fish the next time I try!

-But hey there fisherwoman! Beware of pirates and thugs! If you intend to keep on fishing you must stay close to home for now! - Warned playfully yet with a serious face Mihkley.

-Aye! Aye captain! - Answered more playfully the child while laughing.

They ate, and talked there for about an hour, about fishing, and about the realm, the greens, and the stories, to the time to sleep, when they set themselves to their own rooms.


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