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You guessed it - More new blood.


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There's not much to know about me, honestly, but I guess I may as well post something about myself here. 


As you can see by my username, I go by Cercil in the FF world (main character to RP with), but you can cal

Right now, I have all of my characters in that 3 day restriction zone in Mateus, but I'm currently ready with the cash to transfer all of them to Balmung to join everyone else in all the fun. Right now, I am learning the lore and how each race works, personality, world lore, blah blah blah - and I'm fairly new to the game so I don't plan to fully RP until I have everything settled. Though, when I do get there and you see my name - feel free to bother me! Practice never hurts and neither does learning. 


My computer is a potato despite being an Alienware and I will hopefully get a desktop someday.


And that's it, feel free to pin me down with more questions.


Or don't.




Also, you can get all of my characters here ---> (Ignore Mita, she's staying on Mateus) for whenever you wanna run me down when I get my behind on Balmung.


Did I do this right?


Also, this about sums up my taste in music.

Meaning I loved Answers.



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