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Blank Cheque


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(none of this is a typical writing style or format of mine but im trying something new)


A letter is sent to


Evangeline Primrose

The Quicksand, Room 307

Thanalan, City of Ul'dah, Eorzea


In it contains the time, date, and address of a meeting place of Otto's choosing. Cordial, worded warmly, he invites he for a sit down meeting to address her progress, the Ball, a host of issues. He promises of gifts to come and aide to be rendered.


Otto is at one of his offices, down Emerald Lane - cloistered away from the derelict parts of Ul'Dah. Its almost dusty in the reception area, a rarely used and unmoving time capsule from when it was first furnished and put together. Truthfully Otto rarely used it, and he keeps it nominally staffed with a single, Tafetta adorned secretary. She works scarce few hours a week greeting anyone who can get on this side of town and wishing to deliver messages, set appointments, anything secretarial really.


Behind the reception desk, past double doors that swing on hinges, is one of his more personal workspaces. It is a disaster zone of tools, benches, work spaces, dye and stains and paints on a bare concrete floor. Wood frames, mannequins, racks filled with rolls of fabric of every color and texture, a small and modest coal-fueled forge he uses for precious metals and his jeweling; everything he would need to work and design - mostly design nowadays with less work. He has been taking on jobs solely for artistic rigor and merit - foregoing monetary gains, and even accepting losses for the need to do meaningful or challenging commissions.


His secretary sits bored, elbows propped on a desk and her face in her hands as she looks out to the street through the office-front's glass


Evangeline Primrose should have received his Starlight gifts. He had designed it almost entirely himself, an outfit designed to show off her form in its elegance - and to his more base desires. She should hopefully be arriving within the bell for a sit-down meeting. He paced around his office and work-room at first, in his bright pink suit and red gloves and shoes, his 'typical' outfit - but finally sat down and quieted as he did his 'meditation' routine of sorts he has developed over time to deal with impatience.


Now to think of nothing, do nothing, and sit quietly with eyes closed as I wait for my guest to arrive.

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"Otto Van..."


Evangeline fingers the embossed vellum letter, it's luxury and quality grounding her. Despite all her expectations, the ball had been enjoyable for her. She'd spent an evening dancing, socializing and flirting, mostly with the man she'd arrived with. For a while she almost felt she knew Otto the man, not Otto the syndicate member. An Otto who joked and whispered silly things into her ear. Not the Otto who casually signed checks worth more than a family might earn an a lifetime.


Regardless, the letter could not be refused. Otto was far too important. Her line of finance, and also line of legitimacy with the city's elite. Without him, she was back where she started, handing out pamphlets at every street corner, being chased by any brass blade that could muster the energy to do so.


Still though... could he care about her? Even not she puzzled over the gift he had sent during the starlight celebration. A set of training equipment, armor of sturdy leather and shiny brass, designed for movement, rather than protection. Extravagantly all the pieces were embedded with materia, enhancing the speed and reflexes of the wearer. Was the gift just another attempt to lower her guard, and make her amiable to his influence?


The Elezen laced up her boots and shrugged on her tunic, many questions still racing in her mind. Eventually she made her way onto the busy streets of Ul'dah, heading towards the address listed. She greets the secretary warmly, then sits, waiting for the woman to fetch Otto. For a few moments she is kept company only by her troubled thoughts.


"What have I gotten myself into?"

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Otto's secretary, dressed in little more than undergarments, come to alert him of his guest. He rouses from his rest. He comes through the double doors of the rear of his office and shop and carries a cheered and unassuming expression. Eva is sitting against a wall, in a plushed chair, flanked on each side by similar chairs. He sits beside her at first in an empty chair, flashing a smile to her before having a thought cross his face. Standing, he pulls the chair he was sitting in off the wall, and drags it across the floor to sit in front of her. He sits, smoothing his tie as he apologizes "Forgive me for being so crass and assuming that I can just sit beside you."


His smile refuses to leave his face. He doesn't wait for a response as he continues. He starts to speak then stops, holding an outstretched hand to his stomach with an exasperated exhale "I haven't eaten since last night. It's near mid-day, I can have Y'vant behind the counter fetch us whatever you want to eat. What would you prefer?"


Y'vont perks up as she pulls herself up from the counter, sauntering over from her station to them sitting impromptu across from each other. She sits and purrs silently to herself, content with anything to do other than sit around in as little as possible to please Otto as his request. Tail flicking behind her she rests it on Otto's shoulder as she crosses his arms across her frame and looks to Eva for her request.


"We have a lot to discuss my dear Eva. Weeks ago I gave you millions of gil, a promise to hang off my arm at your request, and more. I trust you got my Starlight gifts hm?" At the mention of gifts, Otto remembers something as he holds up a finger, standing suddenly and going to the back of his shop to fetch a hardcover book with a quickened step. He returns looking it over, sitting in his chair without much grace as he sets the book on Eva's lap.


"I remember you read 'romance novels' or something like that? I had Ridley find me a 1st edition of some popular authors best-selling novel. Look inside the cover and it shares his and my autograph."


Otto looks to the side, seeming confused as he relaxes into his chair "Ah where were we? Oh its good to see you again Eva. Lovely as ever, wild-eyed still. Tell me where we are with our ventures"

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Evangeline merely watches him for a moment, slightly unnerved by his frantic, energetic actions. Then she does her best to keep up with his rapid words.


"You're quite alright to sit with me, Master Otto. Your secretary is quite... interestingly dressed. A bite to eat would be nice and..."


She racks her minds to pick out the pertinent points, as she accepts the book, "Y-yes, this is quite nice, and things are moving along slowly but surely with the gil..." Evangeline becomes swept away by the speed of the conversation, "and I received your present and... how are my eyes wild, and yes it's quite nice to see..."


Evangeline pauses, and taking a deep breath and exhaling it, she places a hand on Otto's chest, "Mr Otto, perhaps you should slow down for a moment. I've never seen you so animated. Is everything quite all right?"


There is a look on her face that is half concern and half bemusement.

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Otto in his 'excited' state simply places his hand over Eva's, holding it there for a moment as he breathes deeply then making a firm gesture to pick her hand off his chest and placing it on her lap before leaning back into his chair. He looks away, squinting as he rubs his temple, pinching at his brow while tries to compose himself.


Otto haphazardly snaps, almost rudely, towards his Assistant "Bring the both of us my usual meal then since the Lady Eva didn't give an answer as to what she wants. Before you leave, also bring me my chequebook and a pen" Otto doesn't wait for a response as he give a dismissive wave to send her on her errands. The secretary returns promptly with a fountain pen and cheques and leaves Otto and Eva alone in his office. The air is stale, the space rarely used for much more than his handiwork in the back.


He looks across from himself, observing Eva as he taps his fingers on a knee absent-mindedly, churning over thoughts in his mind. Coming to a decision he clicks his tongue in his mouth as he stands, pulling his chair back to sit beside Eva. Otto undoes the two buttons to his suit-jacket, relaxing as he reaches into an inner pocket, pulling out a small glass phial with a corked top. It contains nondescript white powder - a powder he is quick to want as he twists the tiny cork off. Tipping the phial over at an angle, he puts a tiny mound of the powder on the tip of his pinky. He inhales it into his nose at once, sharply, making little in the way of a reaction as he re-corks it and places it on the table before them holding the book he gifted, cheques, a pen, and the phial.


Otto looks calmer as he takes back to relaxing in the chair as he angles himself a little to view Eva as he crosses his leg. "Where were we?"

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Evangeline stifles a laugh as he flits around, "Anything would be quite fine to eat. Do not worry on my behalf."


Her brow furrows slightly as he takes out and sniffs the white powder, though she doesn't say anything immediately.


"Where were we...?" She clears her throat, taking a moment to adjust to the now apparently 'normal' Otto. "Ah... I appreciate the gift, I'll add it to my collection. The training clothes you sent work quite well. Good range of movement, and for some reason I feel faster wearing them. People keep making strange comments about them however... saying they aren't proper. They work well enough for me though."


"The progress with the funds are going well. I've expanded my school slightly, and hired a few part time teachers. My training makes it harder for me to spend as many hours there as I like. The clinic will begin as well, once I can find a suitable doctor to take the position."


Evangeline tilts her head, "Speaking of doctors... what was that powder, if you don't mind. Some sort of medicine? You didn't seem quite yourself until you took it."

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Otto sniffles once, pulling at his nose once as he noticeably calms and relaxes. "Ah yes Doctors. I saw your ad in the paper, it almost doesn't surprise me you haven't found a hook yet for one. The pay isn't advertised as suitable, and more importantly I can think of scant few professionals, especially in the field of medicine, that would read the rag you posted it in. Still, keep looking - I think I may have someone on my own side look into the matter as well."


Otto nods as he keeps his train of thoughts going "Schools are good to hear. I trust you have refugees you've picked build all of this from that list I provided? Gainful employment matters very much to the beleaguered people beyond that wall. I trust you'll do the right thing."


Clearing his throat, he leans heavily on the armrest of his chair - sitting beside Eva he says "Talking about schools is one thing though. A few nights ago I couldn't quite get to covering the issue in the Quicksand which is why I brought you here. Why did you kiss me at the Ball Eva? It was an..." Otto purposefully lets his eyes wander as he looks over Eva "...interesting gesture. Trying to secure my favor so the gil keeps coming? People have done worse for less I suppose."


Otto reaches forward to the small table in front of them, holding up the phial of powder "Its a drug Eva. Something you righteous Ishgardians care little for if I understand correctly. It helps keep me awake and alert."

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Evangeline laughs, "The Tonberry's Lantern is a rag? You read it Mr Otto, and you are something of a professional I think, despite the way you dress your secretaries and assistants."


"I have been attempting to approach the problem from a bottom up approach. There are those who were educated and skilled before the fall of Ala Mhigo, they should have the chance to use their skills again. The funds and materials come from Ul'dah, but the labor comes from within their community." She adjusts her tunic, "I'm hoping the money will actually stay there, instead of going to the first Avaricious businessman who figures out a way to obtain it.


As the kiss is mentioned she blushes slightly, "I.. had become caught up on the mood." She avoids his gaze, "It was a new experience, having a handsome and witty man on my arm. It simply felt proper, was all." A frown appears as he continues, "Otto I would appreciate if you would not make such allegations. I do not whore myself out for favors. If that is what you seek, I believe you could find someone cheaper." She gestures at his scantily clad secretary. "I do what I do for my own reasons, Master Otto, and for none other."


Evangeline gives an annoyed huff, and crosses her arms. "Drugs? Why would we have an issue with them in Ishgard? We have Alchemists as great as any southern city. Has your physician prescribed it for fatigue?" Her eyes flit curiously to the bottle, "Is it something like a very strong coffee?"

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Otto bristles at Eva's refutation, annoyed by her constant insistence on arguing. He lets the annoyance pass as he looks away from her, rolling his eyes towards the table for brief moments.


Otto waves his assistant off, her leaving at once without a word in response to how Eva remarked for her dress.


He watches her leave, taking cue from the door closing to immediately start to speak again "Honestly Eva, your behavior is frankly awkward at times. Its a little hard to read you, even for me. So please forgive me for mistaking your advances as a way to secure help out of me. You know speaking of help..." Otto pulls from an inner coat pocket, a new cheque much like the first he gave to Eva. Embossed and flecked with gold and one heavy paper. He pulls a fountain pen from his coat as well, unscrewing the cap as he scratches a signature across it. The line to indicate the amount of gil was and will be left blank.


Otto hands it to Eva "Here. Why don't you take this and fill out however much you want. Keep in mind you won't be pulling a hundred million or anything, no bank lets a simple cheque pull that much, but I wonder how much you will take."


He smiles as he sits back in his chair to watch her reaction. "Oh, if I were you I wouldn't concern too much over the drugs. They aren't something to be played with, and no there isn't any doctor that would ever prescribe it. It is...illicit in nature. However, I am one to concern myself with how I can secure more affection from you." Otto looks to Eva from the corner of his eyes "I like to think I enjoyed it, what little was offered."

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Evangeline sighs, softening slightly, and turning back towards Otto. "I.. I am sorry." She clears her throat, "I did not mean to speak so harshly. It is a sensitive topic for me." She gestures at his check, "Things like this cannot help me be nervous, Otto, things that tie me down with obligation and favor."


She takes the check and places it into a pocket, "I believe it best to keep our business and personal situations separate, lest the situation become confused." Widening her eyes slightly, "They're illegal...?" She seems even more curious about the vial. "Why would that be? Are they dangerous? In Ishgard it is only Dravanian artifacts they are chiefly concerned about. I fail to see the danger in a powder to cause alertness."


With a blush she looks away again, "That was... interesting. That night." Finally she turns back, "Could you do me a favor, when we speak of money, and business, let us restrict our talk to that. However if we are to speak of personal issues... let us not bring finances into that."


"If we are to speak personally... I shall be frank Mr Otto. I am something of a lewd woman, despite my appearance. I have, desires, much as you know, given the start of our relationship. Those towards women I am comfortable with, to an extent." She blushes, "Those with men, very much less so. I am not sure quite what to be doing in this circumstance."

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Raises his eyebrows after hearing her speak, unsure exactly what to say. He absent mindedly scratches at his cheek once before reaching forward and swiping the bottle of powder off the table. He unscrews the cap and hands it to Eva. "Here, take a small amount and either swallow it or do what I did earlier with it. Just don't take too much, you'll understand soon why I enjoy consuming it often."


"Try that, and then tell me what you think you want to do." Otto doesn't say anything else as he sits back in his chair, studying the Elezen woman intently. He lets his eyes wander slightly, uncaring to be as disciplined around a woman like Eva at this point.

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Evangeline takes the vial with a puzzled expression, "Very well." She looks into it curiously, "I have heard some rumors of you yourself Master Otto, and your conduct."


She pours a small dab of the powder onto the back of her hand, "However you have always seemed a gentleman to me." Eva looks at the powder curiously, then back to Otto, who's condition seemed improved by the substance. Cautiously she raises it to her mouth, and licks off the dab of powder, like a cat might lap up milk.


"The taste is rather..." Evangeline pauses, her pupils dilating as she leans back against the couch. She closes her eyes and laughs, almost a giggle, then turns to Otto, wearing a strange expression. "It's rather hot in here isn't it."


She laughs again, then settles herself onto the couch, a low flush growing all over her face. "This substance has made me feel rather strange." Her eyes flutter for a moment, then she runs her hands over the couch, her clothes, Otto's sleeve, enjoying the feel of the materials, "Quite unlike a strong coffee."


She clears her throat, "W-what were we talking about again?"

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Otto watches Evanegeline carefully, noting her reactions. He smirks, humored, by her running her hands on his sleeve and the couch - familiar with what she is going through. He stands from his spot on the couch, staying in front of her as he takes a hand and holds her face by her cheeks. Turning her face from side to side he also checks her eyes to see how she is handling his drugs. After his appraisal, he takes the phial and takes her hand in his, dabbing a smaller amount than she had before - but enough nonetheless. "Take it" he says as he stands and walks to the other side of the room behind the reception desk to fetch water.


"So, we were talking about what you wanted to do. We were discussing your proclivities with wanting women more than men and being unsure what to do. I think this should help you find an answer though".


Otto returns to standing in front of her with a glass of water at the ready, looking down with an angled head genuinely wondering what she will do next.

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Evangeline looks up at him with wide eyes, blushing as he inspects her face. She looks down at the dab of powder, "More?" She giggles, a most uncharacteristic action, "I suppose there is no harm in it." Her tongue darts out again to taste the powder, and again she closes her eyes, a soft pleasured sigh issuing forth.


Evangeline takes a moment to stretch languidly on the couch, almost purring in hazy contentment. "W-women...?" She smiles at Otto, "They are lovely." Then she places a hand on his stomach, feeling the texture of the fabric, and the muscles underneath, "Men are something else."


She finds it hard to think, her mind full of a warm, pulsating, light as she breathes in deeply. A myriad of scents assault her, overflowing her mind, has she ever smelled so deeply? Before she knows why, she has wrapped her arms around Otto's waist, pulling him tight. "Dangerous..."

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Otto stands upright, the sight of an elezen woman hugging his waist and rubbing her cheek against his pants...humorous. He rolls his eyes as he looks away, noticing his assistant walking back into the shop - the bell ringing on the door as she opens it with bags in her hand for their food. He holds up a hand to silence her, nodding his head to the table for her to place the food on then leave. She is not unused to such scenes and does as commanded then promptly leaves without saying a word - dismissed for the day.


Otto reaches behind his back, surprised he needs to pry with force Eva's hands from around his waist as he kneels in front of her. He holds her chin in a hand and hands the glass of water back to her from the table and orders her "Drink". He rests a hand on her knee as he waits to see what her reaction will be.

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Evangeline giggles as she is pushed back, and pulls her feet up, curling them under her. "Why Mister Otto... I guess the rumors about you are wrong." Taking the water she has a long drink, some of the water dribbling out and onto her tunic. Evangeline places the glass down sloppily on the floor, and it falls clattering.


"All the Ladies love Master Otto... don't they." She pats the couch, "Sit." The water seems to have calmed her down slightly, "It is rude to leave a lady alone." Evangeline giggles again, "Where did you find this substance?"

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Looks out a sigh, smiling however at Eva's insistence on laying compliments on him. He sits down on the couch beside her and leans back into it, crossing his arms behind his head with crossed legs "So, how do you feel? Sounds feel different don't they? You feel like you can process a conversation at the snap of a finger and more. I have come to enjoy consuming that nearly daily. It keeps my drive going, I tend to rest little and need all the help I can get."


Otto looks forward as he speaks to a non-descript part of the room as he keeps speaking "As far as all the ladies liking me...well I can't say. I wonder what sort of rumors you have heard of me though. I very much want to hear them. And don't worry about my leaving..." Otto takes a hand, patting the top of one of Eva's thighs "with you like this, I think its best I stay here for a few bells to see how you hold up."

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Evangeline shakes her head, "No..." She murmurs before leaning against his shoulder, "It's not like that." Rubbing her forehead, "It's like everything is coming too fast... I don't have time to think." She giggles suddenly, squirming, "It's strange."


"Everything is all jumbled up." She mumbles, "Jumbled up and fuzzy..." Closing her eyes she just rests against him for a moment, enjoying the warmth, and finding things easier without visual input.


"You and the ladies Otto? I see how your employees dress... I appreciate it even."


She shifts slightly, as he pats her thigh, "Is this what you do? Give women this... drug, and make their minds all fuzzy?"

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Otto hooks a finger to his tie, pulling at the knot to a side and setting the tie on the table in front of them. "Do I give women these drugs of mine?" He asks as he sits back on the couch with her "Yes sometimes. For me its the same as giving you those drinks you like so much of mine"


"I'm the first to admit the young women that work for me, are dressed in a way I appreciate. Its not like most mind, they certainly don't. Would you like to spend time with one sometime?"


Otto reaches over, pulling a glove off as he places his hand on her forehead, using his other hand to turn her face towards his again as he looks into her eyes "You seem to be calming down well enough, now you can just sort of ride this feeling for a few hours. Once you take this enough, you rarely get so hyped like you have been and just get used to how your mind feels. In due time though" he says as he lets her go. He sits forward "Care for something to eat, she brought us back something light. Salad and a steak on the side from that Airstrip Bar I'm so fond of."

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Evangeline looks up at him with dilated eyes, as the initial frantic rush of anxiety and discomfort fades, leaving only a warm sense of euphoria. She struggles free of his hand and stands suddenly, stretching. "I'm not really in the mood for eating." She jumps a few times, feeling flush with energy, before she sits back down, a stupid grin on her face.


"Your women..." Evangeline nods, "I appreciate the look as well."


"Do you sleep with them?" She tilts her head curiously, "And what is that powder called?"

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Otto watches Eva stand and stretch, patting the seat beside him to mime her previous actions while she is sitting back down beside him. Unabashed he tells her "Yes, I do sleep with most of the women that work for me. Most of them are courtesans by trade, I just can afford to keep them around as...office staff as well as whenever I want something taken care of or someone."


"If you're interested I could have one show up to your room at the Quicksand later? Clients of mine sometimes appreciate their company." Otto leans to the side, moving his face close to hers as he speaks humored "Or you could take me back you know, myself being quite the prize - the best notch you could add to your bedpost." Pulling back from Eva rather quickly after he finishes speaking he leans forward and grabs the small squat phial off the table.


"You want to know what this is called? Well...I'm not sure, goes by a lot of different names. I've merely nicknamed it 'Sugar'. Care for more?"

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Evangeline laughs, the drug easing the sensation, "No Otto, I think any more and I would be in trouble. I didn't like the initial sensation as well."


"Speaking of trouble, I know not what to make of your proposition." The elezen coils around one of his arms, enjoying the sensation of the cloth, and the warmth of his body. "Men are terribly confusing, either way, perhaps we should have dinner on the subject."


"I do not desire the services of your courtesans either. I have no desire for empty affection, bought by coin... only for something deeper."


She looks up at the highlander, "Which is why I cannot figure you out, Master Vann. Why do you help and support me? Is it simple lust and attraction? A desire to bring me under your thumb?" Her eyes flit over to the vial as she speaks, "Or is there something more?"

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Otto pulls his arm closer to him, with Eva coiled around it so they sit close on the couch in his office's lobby. He would reach across himself with his free hand, and palm Eva's cheek where her branding is on her face, thumbing at the tattoo like scar while regarding her "Why not all of those reasons?"


With that, he leans down to Eva, pulling her chin up to him as he kisses her lightly, lingering after the moment passes in front of her. "I'm a man that tries to take whatever he wants, including you"

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Evangeline grins, as suddenly Otto's face is in front of hers, his hand lightly tilting her chin upwards to meet his mouth. She feels the bristle of his whiskers before her mind grows fuzzy, the warmth of his lips upon hers burning like hot metal to her drug-enhanced senses.


Finally he pulls back and speaks, the words snapping Evangeline out of her fugue. "I..." Evangeline shakes her head, "You are quite good at this Otto. I wonder how many women you have seduced as such."


Placing a lone finger on his lips she studies him, "You say you want me Otto, but for what?"


"I have no desire to simply become on of your conquests." She smiles wryly, "We already have something of a business relationship. Shall we begin a personal one as well?"

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Otto looks away for a moment, seemingly coming to a conclusion before turning back to Eva. He stands, walking over to stand in front of Eva as she sits on the couch and kneels in front of her. Sliding an arm under her legs and another behind her back he stands with her in his arms - lifting her with relative ease.


"Okay then, business and personal. Where should we go from here?"

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