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Investigator looking for work

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Generally, this is an RP request of sort's to show that if you need an investigator to find something out, search for something, someone or anything really, then give me a PM OOCly. Im usually on between 4-11pm CMT on weekdays and usually all day on holiday's or weekend's. If not then just give me a PM here.


ICly, I do everything, from tracking down criminal's, to finding lost people and kitten's, to even solving puzzle's and finding buried treasure. Inessa is not only an investigator who hunt's down and convict's criminal's but can also uncover secret's, solve riddles and fit pieces of the puzzle together.


Should you require anything conventional or unconventional in the terms of problem solving, simply seek me out. Just keep in mind that Inessa is a private investigator. As such. she holds no official capacity in the law and cannot detain people ICly. She will need proof to show that such a person has committed wrong before they can be detained. If they however have an existing bounty on their head, she can go after them and detain them due to an official warrant being out for them.

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Woooooo! first job!



Also, if anyone else want's to hire me, feel free to message me on the RPC or in-game. I do require IC payment but OOC, you guys dont have to pay anything. You only pay OOC if you want too.


I can also take 2 more job's at most. I dont want to get flooded with work and having to keep an eye on the detail's of ten different contracts at once but I will choose what contract's I pursue on a first come, first serve basis.


Client: Senah Viqqoh


Contract: Must find and locate Senah's fiance, K'zin Silkencoat, and then bring him to meet his fiance.


Terms: Must lure him to her without telling him any information that Inessa was hired by his fiance to track him down and bring him to her.


Any additional information brought to her concerning her Fiance will be met with bonus rewards.


Payout: 500'000 gil. (both OOC and IC) 10k for the initial payout to fund the search. 40k if additional funding is needed. 450-490k once the job is completed.


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Woooo! I got work!  :D


As a result. I have two more open slot's for job's I can take.



Contractor: V'aleera Lhuil



Job: To hunt down a clutch of twenty puk egg's of a rare kind and kill/destroy them.

Additional Job: Discover how the Dragon egg's ended up in the hand's of pirates in the first place.



Primary Reward: one hundred thousand gil (100'000 gil)

Secondary Reward: Mastercraft Dememateria (for when the additional job is complete)


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So it's been a while since I updated this.


Still looking for work ATM.


Im still running the same contract as before, however its on a semi-haeitus due to a lack of IC connections to get it going again. Will continue it once the person I need comes back from his Haeitus.


Still have two more slot's if anyone is interested. Also, im going to post an IC add as well as make an IC thread for interactions if anyone is interested. Will be up before the day is out.

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