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Perhaps a silly RPC Library Question...

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Well I'm not new to the site at all, but I do have a question and I wasn't sure to put it. So I'll plot it here. Someone tell me if I need to move it elsewhere but...


I have an RPC wiki page where the name is misspelled. Can I get that page deleted so I might remake the page with the proper spelling? I also have a character I made a wiki page for that doesn't exist anymore. Can I get a mod to delete that page?

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To your first question, you can just move the page to the correct spelling. Click the little down arrow near the star in the upper-right corner and choose "Move". Enter the correct spelling in the "To new title" box (being sure to leave the pull-down box set to "(Main)"). Put something like "misspelled" in the reason box, then click "Move Page".


To your second question -- and generally if you want a page deleted -- put the following text at the top of the page:


"{{delete | some text about why it should be deleted}}"


That'll put it in a category, Pages requesting deletion, that we periodically check and clean up.

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