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Well my Ashley [MaiMizzu] finally dragged me over [kicking and screaming] to FF14. After a war of attrition [or at least thats what it felt like] with getting onto a server that seemed to have a manner of RP population, both open RP, and FC/Guilds, we got onto Gilgamesh!

I have 5 characters made, all really just starting their adventures. you can read about them more in the connections thread i made!  



Most of these characters are only level 1 for now as I literally just made them a little bit before getting to this post,I'm open to all manner of RP from action to romance, drama to comedy, cause i think a good ongoing story could have all of that and more! if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me! my timezone is Eastern, but i often am up late enough that even buddies on the west coast don't need to worry. Thanks for reading and I cant wait to get going here in FFXIV! 



anyone have any tips or tricks for the newb RPer on Gilgamesh? im openi to listening!

also if we end up connecting and/or RPing a bit you can message me for my Skype, YIM, or Steam!, Skype or steam preferred as YIM is a pain to me sometimes. look forward to meeting everyone and getting into what hopefully for me will be a good fantasy game experience for once!

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