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Screw the Raven. Quoth the Crow, 'HI!'

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Well, hello there! Call me Crow. Crow Torrance! I have this character on two servers, under the same name mentioned. These servers are Figaro and Besaid. I'll not lie, I am brand new. However, I am not new to the RP scene, and am eager to jump in. Please, let me know who you are, and hopefully I'll get to meet y'all in-game!


City-states. On Figaro, I am in Gridania. On Besaid (which is likely to be my most-used), I am Ul'dah (Did I spell that right? I forget that one state so often!).


Linkshell? I just started, I have none. Please, people. I wanna get out there and involved! Don't hesitate to invite me.


I'm...an oddball, I'll admit. My humor is occasionally out there, but I'm a nice guy (at least out of character. I really can't say how Crow will treat you, that depends on the situation). I look forward to meeting you people!


Quoth the Crow,


That's all, time to go!

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