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Crow Torrance

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[align=center]~The Renascut~

A researcher down on his luck, trying to get by using conjury as stage magic; and a dancer trained in the theatre. Two of starkly opposing personalities are responsible for this hodgpodge group of gypsies, entertainers, and street rats. Crow Torrance and Emilie Hana founded the Renascut amidst the hustle of Ul'dah. What better, what more fitting a place than where ambition is the sole true ruler?


From the sands of Thanalan to the coasts of La Noscea, fliers are posted advertising the Renascut and their current recruiting phase. Fame, fortune, and freedom for the taking. Some to escape the cruel hand fate has dealt them, others to make a name, and some simply to see the world: all are welcome.


The Renascut ranges from merchants and craftsmen peddling their wares wherever the troupe may go, singers, dancers, performers of all persuasion, even orphans and outcasts, shunned by others. It is part of the code to take care of those in need. The code? The code is as follows...


The needs of many come before needs of the one.

Gil is good.

Gil can also be bad, use wisely.

Do not steal.

If you must steal to survive, do it only from one who can afford it, and don't get caught.

If you are caught, repercussions will follow.

Do not bring ill will upon the Renascut without good reason.

Fame, glory, gil.

It is admirable to harm another for a just cause, but justice can be skewed in one's eyes.


More of a set of rules and advice, even a proverb that functions as a guildline, the code will be upheld, or consequences ensue.


For those who long to be free, wish to belong, or even strike it big, the Renascut is waiting with open arms.[/align]







Crow Torrance, Emilie Hana


RP Style:






RP theme:

A tight-knit Troupe of entertainers, peddlers, street rats and outcasts who gathered together. Gypsies with at least some degree of a value system that travels the world doing performances, with members using gil earned for their own purposes.



No real headquarters, but the largest tent is located just outside of Ul'dah.


Application criteria/process:

Simply go to the website and (once registered, if you aren't registered on guildlaunch already) submit an application, filling out the form as specified. Afterwards, Admin/officers will look it over. If approved (Chances are you will, we are fairly lenient) you will be given an IC interview by a member of the Renascut, followed by an opportunity to become one of the fold. This serves as a last-chance sort of thing. If you wish, you can back out during the interview. ICly speaking, if you apply, you have expressed interest to the Renascut. IC, we will know of your desire, and so if approved, will be looking to recruit you.



Standard stuff, really.

1) No God-mod or ERP (In laymens terms, the latter is RP of a sexual nature). For instance, you cannot make someone fall, or explode or the like. Say you want a child IC? By all means, have a child. But please, do not do anything explicit where we are having to stare on, disturbed. We follow the dont-ask, don-tell policy.


2) Don't meta-game. OOC knowledge is not IC, don't use it to your advantage unless permission is given, or it was direct advice to you.


3) Language? Language is fine, but do try to not drop an F-bomb ever few words, it gets a bit tedios to read the same thing over, and over, and over.


4) Do not abbreviate common words. Plz, thnx, k, and such will not be tolerated.


5) Do not break any of SE's policies. This can get you in deep trouble, duh.


Additional info:

Unless stated specifically otherwise, Renascut will always be recruiting. Always. If we are full, we will close and give an obvious notice, but otherwise feel free to apply. An OOC linkshell will be provided upon joining, along with the Iinkshell. The Linkshell here functions as an IC tool. If you played FFXI, you recall that a little Mithran girl was using a linkshell as a phone. In the realm of Eorzea, linkshells have also been described in a manner that did not break the fourth wall by those who peddle them. As such, LS chat will be IC communication via the pearls.

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