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TALE Community Service Night: Nanawa Mines


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Are you tired of running out of time on leves in Nanawa Mines, just because some pesky yarzons are getting in your way? Sick of those annoying djiggas always going after your precious life blood? Annoyed at wasting time to run all the way back to town to get your weapon or armor repaired?


The Adventure League of Eorzea is here to help!


Tomorrow ((Tuesday, January 25th)), members of TALE will be on-hand in Nanawa mines to perform free repairs and prowl the mineshafts to conduct pest control, so you can do your leves in peace.


Toss your broken items up in your bazaar to be repaired for 1 gil, or however much youâd like to tip, and look for adventurers sporting a yellow and blue linkshell icon.


Join us as we take back Nanawa Mines!


((Our community service work starts at 4pm PST officially, but most likely some of us will arrive earlier to get things started sometime mid-afternoon.))

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