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Word of mouth spread between Goldsmiths

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Word of mouth spread between Goldsmiths



"...and my partner managed to find out it was a foreign, broken machine of sorts. So Esthaime's now in need of a very discreet goldsmith specialist on automatons or a helpful bloke or lass who's knowledgeable on foreign technology to take a look at the damage. Sounds like fun work, doesn't it? You could drop your name at Esthaime's if you're interested but little me, I'm keeping myself out of it. There aren't enough earrings these days and too many pillowhouses in dire need!"




When: Feb 5, 22:00 GMT / 14:00 PST (shared by Esthaime's receptionist to registered people)

Where: Eshtaime's Lapidaries

Type: Mini-Event

Invited: Those knowledgeable on Automaton Repair and/or foreign technology

Note: I'll be using my own characters to fill up a couple of needed NPC spots. If I have one introduced with another name/race/etc, please work with it.

Note2: The image above is introductory but not In-Character.


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