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Is anyone else losing PM's?


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This keeps on happening between another player and I. We send each other PM's but neither of us gets what's sent, even though it goes through and we confirm it with each other with screenshots. It's happened at least three times now and I'm starting to wonder if I'm just going crazy or something.

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PMs here on the RPC? Or /tells in game? If it's the former, I can look into it, but I'll need some details (content of the PM, who's the person to whom it's being sent, when it happened, etc.). I've never heard of that happening before.


If it's the latter, there's a chat filter in the game that's supposed to stop spammers but sometimes eats messages from players at random. The only way around it is to reword what you wrote. It's gotten a lot better over time; when they first implemented it shortly after launch, it'd eat like 10% of messages.

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Sadly this is still common enough in-game that I run into it at least once a week it seems. There are a few workarounds, but sadly there's no way to know what exact character combination prompts the filter most of the time.


1) As Freelance said, re-word it. Sadly this requires you to typically recognize that a message has been lost to begin with, so it can still put a damper on your rhythm. 


2) (not always possible, but) Paste the message into a third-party program/site. If you have the means to send a message to your partner another way, be it steam, skype, whatever, and you don't feel like re-wording, post it there. Barring a chat program, you can use a site like pastebin as well, but PlayStation users will have a hard time following links either way.


3) Bookend every post with a simple little symbol. This assumes you are in a relatively uncrowded place, or RPing over private chat channels to make sure you're not spamming the everloving crap out of innocent bystanders, but if you've made a post you're worried the game may have eaten, send something like "<3" or "done" in a separate message by itself to make sure your partner knows that they were meant to have received something.

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