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Valentione ideas

Kurt S.

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So after like RPing with someone the whole seasonal quest shtick on Kurt, which I enjoyed a lot.


I thought maybe I could do the same for Ramoaners maybe with a bigger group to hear her somewhat snarky quips at all those reunited couples as well as idle banter along thanalan, the shroud and la noscea. Doesnt hafta be a group too even just one lucky(?) guy or girl.


For example *party chat under the pretense of linkpearl comms* "Hey I found the lalafell...oh wait he says its not him....i can punt him away now right? He wasted my tiiime."


On the kurt side of things I wonder where I can get a black half-mask... I kinda wanna dick around with the idea of a masked man decked in black and white handing out flowers to lonely looking girls on valentione's day or at least the day, the day before and the day after. And it also sounds like something he might do ICly.


I dunno just ideas swimming in my head that I wanna share.

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