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Community Repair Service

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A flyer can be seen tacked on to several wooden posts and boards throughout each city.








Friday 8-10pm EST (5-8pm PST)


Where: Ul'dah, Gold Court



Everyone knows that a campaign cannot go on if one doesn't hear the constant clanging of hammers in the repair tent. The Eorzean Guard would like to extend it's repair services to the greater community, and invite you to participate in our first Free Repair Community Service event! Join us, and get your armor, robe, and weapons repaired for just a Gil! Stay behind for the public Hide and Seek event directly after hosted by the Aes Sedai Tower. We hope you fight relentlessly this sun-cycle, and mercilessly use your weapons, let the enemy tear into your armor -- for in just a few suns, our skilled artisans will get it to look just like new!

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