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The Flea Circus [OPEN]


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(First of all. This is my first thread like that so take it easy on me! ^^ Second of all. Let's play a game. Read the story and get clues for the mystery! Treat it like it's forum RP. Everytime someone comes with a correct answer for a riddle and actually post what his character does to solve it, the thief will leave another one. It's up to you if you will find the stolen goods and catch the burglar. There is one rule. I'm taking care of the progress in the story

:) Good luck adventurers!)


[align=center]The Flea Circus.[/align]

[align=center]Chapter 1[/align]




Captain Vincent Fitzroy of the Brass Blades had a relaxing day. No crime committed at all. No one to get arrested. No pesky sultansworn…  A Perfect day. Vince slicked his dark-brownhair and settled down for a nice mug of hot lominsan coffee. The taste of it was divine. The Captain enjoyed it. Nothing could ruin this perfectly serene day.



-“CAPTAIN!”– It was Grad. Recently hired rookie Brass Blade, under Fitzroy’s command. Eighteen years old blonde, tossed some envelope on Captain’s desk.

-“It better not be another bribe… I’m tired of getting accused of this shit. This better be good.” – Captain groaned upon seeing ever-annoying rookie.

-“No captain! Nothing like that!” Grad retorts as he opens the envelope. Captain was somehow disappointed… “It’s a poem, captain.”

Captain gazed at his subordinate like he was an idiot. “You shouldn’t have…” – Vincent answered ironically. The rookie continued.

-“It wasfound at a crime scene. We have a burglar in Ul’dah, cap.”

Vincent opened his eyes in ave.  That was new.

-“A burglar? What was stolen? Who was the victim?” – captain kept asking questions making Grad a little unsettled.

-“Uh… A hat…”


-“N-No sir!It was a four hundred thousand gil worth top-hat, finished with golden threads and expensive jewels!”

-“What idiot would like to have something like this?! This is stupid. Like… Like I don’t have anything to spend money on, sheesh… Stupid.”

-“It was Fafonji Neneji, sir. A monetarist.”

-“Well…that explains a lot. Any clues as to who might have wanted to steal such stupid item? Any evidence?”

-“Only this note, sir. Mister Neneji found it in the place when his hat used to be.”




Captain’s mind floated away as he tried to understand the note. Then, Vincent noticed a signature. Someone actually cared to leave his sign on a note.


“The flea…” - he read it aloud. “Who would like to take a name like this? It’s stupid.”


“You’re saying the word ‘stupid’ dor the third time today, sir!”


“Shut  up, private!”


As the Brass Blades had their conversation, door opened loudly. Dark skinned Lalafell entered along with two suits wearing, bald Roegadyn. The guest snapped his fingers as one of his goons lifted him up to let the shorty look straight into captains eyes.

-“Captain Fitzroy…” – Lala spoke with calm, yet intimidating tone.

-“M-Mister Neneji… What brings you here today?!” – it seems that monetarist’s tone was effective.

-“I want my hat back.”

-“I figured…”

-“What was that?”



-“I want this Flea-guy on a silver platter! I am paying you and I demand results. No results – no payment. Also… I would like to add that it makes me angry. Fill it with zero results and we will have a new equation! Angry Mister Neneji – Headless Captain Fitzroy! Are we clear, captain?!” – as it would seem, Mister Neneji was good with his math, as a monetarist should be. As soon as he yelled, he snapped his fingers again and left along with his crew. After a moment door opened violently again as Neneji peeked inside. “AND FIND MY HAT!”. Then he left for good.

Dead silence fell upon two Brass Blades. After a while the private opened his mouth.

-“ You seem scared, captain.”



-“We need to find that burglar…”

-“But we’re no investigators sir!”

-“So find someone! I don’t know… Prepare some wanted posters!”

-“We don’t know how does ‘the flea’ looks like sir…”

-“Think of something, private! Make some posters, offer a ridiculously high bounty and hang them around.”





Next day:




[align=center]??? [/align]

[align=center]“The Flea”. [/align]

[align=center]Two million gil. [/align]

[align=center]On the courtesy of Captain Vincent Fitzroy of the brass blades.)[/align]



-“WHA-WHA-WHAAAAAAAT?!”– captain almost flipped. He stared at the poster with his mouth opened. Fitzroy was left speechless.

-“What’s wrong captain?”

-“Two million gil?! Are you mad?!”

-“You wanted it to be ridiculously high.”

-“NOT THAT RIDICULOUS!” Captain rubbed his forehead, trying to calm down. “Tell me you didn't hang them yet...”

-“Uh… I did…”as rookie hanged his head answering captain’s question, Vincent cried internally.


-“Great! Splendid job, you idiot! Now we have to PAY this ridiculous bounty to anyone who manages to catch the guy… Or wait until Neneji will get our heads… We’re screwed…”

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Two million gil.


Ever since the run in with Seth the previous night, Meiko's mind hadn't been able to wander far from the bounty and the healthy bit of skepticism she had attached to it. That much money, for a simple thief? Monetarist victim or not, it had beggared belief. Yet now, with one of the fliers in her hands, she had no choice but to believe it. 


"The Flea.." She murmured under her breath, shaking her head softly. "Ridiculous name. Even more foolish to leave clues. Hard to tell if this 'Flea' is overly cocky or simply daft."


In the end, it didn't matter. Turning the paper over in her hands, the half-Doman woman folded it along neat lines and stashed it in a pocket. Seth had said to seek him out if she was interested, and she could scarce afford not to be. So back to her quiet vigil at the Quicksand it was, to sit and wait for him to show himself.

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- Inessa

- Meiko



(Explanation: Innitiative is of course order which the players takes their moves to progress the story. It may change depending on the events, charaters actions, new people joining the investigation etc. etc.)


Day 1

Fitzroy's office

background music

Captain sat with his hands holdin the head. He struggled not to sleep. Last night was a nightmare. He'd probably held his head not to loose it. The door to his office opened with a creak. It was Grad. He'd peek inside.

-"C-Captain? There's a guest awaiting to meet you"

-"Is he The Flea, Private?" - Fitzroy gazed upon his subbordinate with resignation.

-"No. It's a courrier."

-"Tell him to get lost..."


The courrier nonshalantly went in without waiting for Vincent's invitation. He holds a letter.


- "Is that another bribe?" - Fitzroy couldn't help to leave such a comment.

- "Sir, I have a letter for you. It's from Investigator Hara. The one who takes most of the expensive job's that the Brass Blades usually offer." - errand boy retorted.

- "Hara... Hara...?" - Captain tried to recall the name. - "An investigator?" - the courrier nods. Captain jumped over the desk and snatched the letter from courriers hands.

-"Well why don't you told that to begin with?!" - Vincent glovered at the man and started to read the message. Immidiately after he'd start writing a new one, and pushed it to courrier's hands.

- "Give it to Hara, and only her... Understand?" - guest answered with a nod and left.

-"Captain, are you sure it is a good idea?" - Private let out his doubts.

-"It's either her or Neneji's goons. You're free to go and talk with them..."

-"Point taken..."


Day 1

The Quicksand

Meiko was sitting alone at the bar, having her thoughts circling around The Flea's indentity, motives and a ridiculously high bounty. She'd bend crumple the paper she was holding while waiting for Seth to show up.


"You really must hate this guy, you'd bent his face pretty badly." - Seth appeared out of nowhere like he usually does and sat next to Meiko. - "Hello there, Miss Amano, waiting for someone?" - the boy sent her a sly smile. It's like he knew she'd b here now and waited for the right moment to make a dramatic, out-of-sudden entrance like in some criminal stories.


Day 1

Inessa's place

Knocking could be heard at door to Inessa's room. The courier she'd sent lately to Captain Fitzroy's office returned with a reply. The courier gave Hara her letter and stood still awaiting possible next order.



Dear Miss Hara.

Yes, I'm quite healthy, thanks for asking, you are such a sweetheart...




She couldn't help the feeling of juicy sarcasm pouring out of the paper...



Straight to the point. You familiar with Mister Neneji? Really powerful monetarist? One of the Brass Blade's patrons? The extravagant lalafell numismatist and money lover? The master of coins and all that is gold? Guess what... he got robbed. Some burglar who calls himself "The Flea" happened to be the culprit.



What would he stole, you may ask. It's not that easy. Flea got his ilthy paws on Neneji's 400 thousand gil worth golden, jeweled top-hat - now that's some tribute to eccentricity, isn't it?

That's not all. The Flea left a message which I'm sending you along with this letter.



That's everything we have on the guys so far. Capture him, find the stolen goods, and the ridiculously high prize is yours.



Good luck

Captain Vincent Fitzroy of The Brass Blades"



Along with the letter there was a piece of paper with captains handwriting on it:



[align=center]Riddle me this, riddle me that.[/align]

[align=center]To whom does commoner tips off his hat?[/align]

[align=center]Where did he got it in the first place.[/align]

[align=center]That's where you should look at, to keep the pace.[/align]


[align=right]Yours Trully

The Flea[/align]



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Inessa takes one look at the paper before deducing the most likely answer.


She then grabs her longsword from off to the side of her office, and attaches it to the belt looping around her shoulder and waist.


She goes off to see Neneji. Obviously to learn where he bought the hat as that could be the key to solving the riddle.




Hours later, she arrives at the estate of Neneji. She waves down the guard's at the entrance, asking that she see Neneji in regards to his stolen property and to help forward the investigation.

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[ OOC:  Doh. Meant to get a post in first thing this morning, but holy carp work has been crazy. Rushed lunch break post, gogo! ]



Meiko's face turned up at the sound of the familiar voice, expression as neutral as ever as she quietly regarded him. A single shoulder lifted and fell in a shrug.


"I don't hate him. I just don't see the point in making a show of one's thievery."


Stuffing the paper back into a pocket for later pondering, the woman turned on her barstool to get a better look at Seth.


"You told me to seek you out if I was interested. I am, and so must you be, to have me seek you out in the first place." Never one to mince words for over long, Meiko jumped right into it. "If I am correct, then my proposal is this. You do the boring legwork, and I'll do the investigating. We'll split the reward, fifty-fifty. If that is agreeable, then I want you to find out the name of this monetarist, what was stolen, and where the stolen item was purchased or ordered from so that I can proceed."


"If I am mistaken and you're not interested, then say the word and I'll be off by myself. Of course, if I do come by the reward, I'll still pay you duly for the initial information. Knowledge is a valuable commodity, and I don't do debt."

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- Inessa

- Meiko



Day 1

The Goblet - Neneji's estate.

Situated in the most expensive part of the goblet the estate was in fact a huge mansion. Rich decorations adorned the walkways, walls and windows. Inessa got throug a rich looking garden when she stood by the big door leading inside. In front of them, two, suit-dressing, bald Roegadyn took guard.


- "Hold. State your business." - one of them stoped Inessa with a gesture.

- "I'm helping with the investigation. I'm here to see Mister Neneji." - the detective explained. Bodyguards gazed at each other and nodded, as one of them dissapeared inside the mansion. It took a while...


- "Mister Neneji will see you... Follow me." - Bodyguard invited her inside.


The mansion was even bigger in the inside. Mazes of corridors and walls full of art pieces might seem similar at the first glance, making it easy to get lost inside. Finally bald roe opened a huge door with golden additions, revealing a very dark room. Inessa could swear she smells blood.


- "Mister Neneji awaits inside." - Roegadyn invited her with gesture.


In the dark room there was four people... one Lalafell - obviously Fafonji Neneji, two even bigger roegadyn and one awfully beaten Miqo'te. Two guards were holding the cat-boy by his arms forcing him to kneel before Neneji, as  the Lala slapped this poor bastard.

- "WHO IS HE?!" - Neneji yelled at his victim.

- "Fuck you!" - Miqo'te smiled showing his bloodstained teeth, and spat with his gore on Fafonji's face. Answering that attitude, Lala slapped the guy once more and grabbed his ear, squeezing it really hard, making the cat let out painful scream.


- "Sir." - one of the roegadyn dared to interrupt.

-"WHAT?!" - Lala gazed at the room's entrance as his bodyguard pointet at the newcomer.

-"Oh... Fine" - Neneji gestured as roegadyn gagged Lalafell's victim, tied his hands and threw him in the darkest corner of the room. Inessa had now the opportunity to take a closer look at her... host. Neneji was one elegantly clothed Lalafell with dark skin, and big red eyes. His black hair had some bloodstains, along with his face. His clothes - purple robe with golden threads as decorations, and a black turban with platinum additions. His clothes were covered by white apron, filthy with blood.

-"So!"- Fafonji smiled at his guest. - "I'm Fafonji Neneji. What can I do for you, Miss... Hara, right?"



Day 1

The Quicksand

- "Goblet, Ward 13, Plot 22" - Seth answered. - "Fafonji Neneji's estate that is. I took care of this beforehand. I won't be accompanying you so you can keep the bounty, however... I might find some use of... some tip for taking some effort and finding you information. I'm streetwise you know... well able to find some valuable stuff on streets. You have no idea what people can loose there... Animals, Money, Clothes, Masked Burglar's indentity..." - Seth smiled slyly and gave Meiko a small, rolled piece of paper. - "I also made an effort of making sure what "The Flea" has left on the crime scene."

She'd developed the scrolled paper just to see:



[align=center]Riddle me this, riddle me that.[/align]

[align=center]To whom does commoner tips off his hat?[/align]

[align=center]Where did he got it in the first place.[/align]

[align=center]That's where you should look at, to keep the pace.[/align]


[align=right]Yours Trully

The Flea[/align]



The stuff is written in Seths, crooked handwriting. Well... better this than nothing...


-"I suggest, you start looking for your answers. I'll finish my ale and maybe start looking for some more info."

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Meiko's brows lofted in surprise at the other's response. She had anticipated his interest in the case, but clearly not the scope. But the hint of surprise on her features disappeared just as it had appeared, reaching out to accept the scroll paper. 


"Understood." She pushed herself up from the counter, sliding a few coins onto the bar top. Enough for her tab, and a bit extra for Seth. "If you come across anything else, I would like to hear it. I'll pay for the information."


With a parting nod, the woman made to quit the Quicksand, repeating the new information to herself. Goblet, Ward 13, Plot 22. Fafonji Neneji. 


Time for a house call.

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- Inessa

- Meiko


Day 1

The Goblet - Neneji's estate.

Neneji furrowed his brows upon hearing the investigator's qustion.- "I do believe that this scoundrel is not the reason you came here, detective, am I correct?"

Beaten Miqo'te started mumbling something but since he's gagged anything he's trying to say is beyond understandable. Yet it doesn't require much intelligence to deduce that those are not the kindest words ever and they are aimed towards the Lalafell. Neneji snapped his fingers, making one of his goons painfully kick the victim straight in the ribs, shutting him up.

- I hope you are the help that Captain Fitzroy promised, hmm? Don't mention the thief we're taking care of... we are trying our best to find out who robbed us by ourselves. However any helping hand is appreciated." - Neneji grabbed a piece of cloth and wiped his bloody hands. He'd then repeat the previous question with some more intimidating tone:

-"How can I help you, Miss Hara!?" - he smiled.


Day 1

Ul'dah - The Gold Court

On the way to The Goblet

Meiko made her way to Neneji's Estate. The shortest route was of course through the Gold Court. It was late afternoon so the place was rather empty. She passed a few pedestrians and went past the fountain. Something was not right...She had this weird feeling, as if she was being getting more attention than necessary. Was she being observed? She didn't want to exaggerate, but in all honesty, if she was, this busy-body's eyes that were too interested in what she's doing were getting more and more intense.

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"Aye. I am the help that was promised, however I believe that if you want to ask something out of someone, being nice and treating them kindly is a far better method. If you will allow me, I can probably make more progress than these gentlemen beating him senseless." Inessa says with a serious tone.


"Men are not influenced by fear. They are influenced by the kind and gentle action's of someone else."

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One didn't pursue Meiko's line of work if they weren't perceptive, and the green-eyed woman was no exception to this rule. And for someone who spent most of their time skulking about in the shadows watching others, it didn't take much to realize when she was on the receiving end. The soft sound of trailing footsteps, shifts in the shadows, movements from the corner of her eyes as her head turned.. Perhaps she was imagining things, yet perhaps not. 


Her mind fell back to news of the recent attacks in Ul'dah - the women who had been felled by poison arrows. The first victim of which had been shot down in this very court. Even if the watching was unrelated, the thought still put her on edge and every muscle in her body was coiled to spring. 


"I know you're watching me," she announced loudly as she came to a stop, unable to tolerate it any longer. Her hands subtly shifted closer to the daggers at her waist. Her demeanor was calm, but her mind was calculating. Her eyes were glancing about on the search for movement from the shadows, and hands were ready to sling one of those knives if needed. "If you've intentions with me, get on with it."

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- Inessa

- Meiko


Day 1

The Goblet - Neneji's estate.

- "Miss Hara!" - Neneji retorts. - "I do believe someone like you had done your homework and know something about the person she speaks with. Thus you know that I am hardly a gentleman and I'm not going to treat you like one if you get me annoyed. I'm always getting what I want and this situation is NO EXCEPTION. It will not be... So let me get this straight. You ask your questions about THE ACTUAL JOB you took and those gentlemen here will not try to... show you where the exit is. I hardly believe that you want to be tossed outside half-concious, aren't you, hmm?"


Neneji certainly looks like he's losing patience.


Day 1

Ul'dah - The Gold Court

The only answer Meiko gets is silence. Only some footsteps on the higher part of the court. Somewhere from Hustings Strip, she might assume. Was that the murderer she thought about? Or someone else? The Flea perhaps? No... or maybe?


Soon after the terrible sensation of unwanted attention stopped and meiko had the opportunity to relax a while. Hopefully it wont happen again. The feeling was certainly unsettling.

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Silence. Part of her had expected the reaction. Yet it was the silence that made the woman even more suspicious. If it had been innocent, then the watcher would've likely proclaimed such. And she couldn't think of any reason that the everyday Ul'dahn information broker would keep an eye out for her. It hadn't been long since she had started working here and she had yet to take any particularly sensitive jobs. Surely, she figured, she hadn't yet accrued enough of a reputation in the Jewel of the Desert to have someone trailing her and reporting on her movements. The interest in her had to be personal in some way, or so she figured.


The echo of footsteps from above pulled her attention upwards, but not in time to catch a glimpse. Lips setting into a scowl, she started off again, her course changing. Neneji could wait. If someone had eyes on her, she wanted to know why.


Reaching the Husting Strip moments later, the half-Doman woman glanced around only to find nothing out of the ordinary. Just guards standing about, keeping watch. Perhaps they had seen something? Didn't hurt to ask. 


"Pardon, Ser." She stopped at the nearest Sultansworn guard. "Perhaps you saw an individual at the balcony only moments earlier? Looking down to the Gold Court?"

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- Inessa

- Meiko


Day 1

The Goblet - Neneji's Estate

Lalafell rolled his eyes while looking upon the insolent detective.

- "Well that's not really hard to deduce where one can get custom-made hat like that, Miss Hara. Someone of your position and profession should be able to get it herself, don't you think? Maybe you really don't. Let me enlighten you then. I ordered the hat at Weaver's Guild. It was made by Master Redolent Rose himself!" - if someone was insolent here, that certainly was Neneji.


Day 1

Ul'dah - The Gold Court

The sultansoworn gazed upon Meiko as if she was insane. He blinked slowly thinking about an answer.

- "I'm sorry miss... No one passed here for at least an hour."

His answer was certainly honest and devastating altogether... was she just hearing voices? Or maybe she's paranoid? Probably just her imagination. As the Paladin turned to walk away, Meiko noticed something on the balcony's railing. A note pinned with a throwing knife. Meiko took the note.




What an asshole...

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"Right then. I guess I will be off then. A name and a place was all I needed. Good day Neji." She says exiting the small Dungeon and eventually the Mansion to head off to the Weavers guild.


However, as she walked towards the guild which took several hours, which it would be late afternoon by then, she contemplated about that prisoner.


'That sod of a noble is gonna kill the poor kid if he is allowed to beat him up. Not to mention he is a valuable piece to help the investigation. I will need to get him out of there.' She thought to herself. She was clearly planning to sneak into the mansion and free the man later that night.




Inessa arrives at the Weavers guild. She talks to one of the people at the front desk, personally asking for Redolent Rose for his help regarding a recent theft.

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No one, for hours? The woman's brows knitted as she examined the Sultansworn closely. Perhaps he was corrupted? Paid off to turn the other cheek? Yet the longer she looked at him, the more she suspected such wasn't the case. It appeared that he was telling the truth.

"... I see," she murmured, shaking her head. "Pardon my intrusion, then."


Turning, Meiko made to quit the Hustings Strip when something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Redirecting her course once again, she pulled the throwing knife free from the railing and brought up the note to read. 


As she had suspected, it was her mark.


She read the note several times, turning the words over and over in her mind. It was even more cryptic than the last, but it did ascertain one thing:  this 'Flea' knew her identity, and would be actively watching her. This certainly put her at a disadvantage. Scowling, she folded the new note and stashed it away in a pocket, now turning her attention fully upon this knife.


Had he a purpose in leaving the knife with the note? Or was it simply for dramatic flare? The Flea hadn't pulled any stops when it came to the show thusfar, truly. But if it were a clue.. Her mind worked as she turned it over carefully in her hands, looking for any type of clue about its owner:  the blade's newness and extent of use, type of material, any familiar craftsmans' style, or any particularly interesting embellishments.


Of course, it was probably just a boring ol' knife. Boo.



[ OOC:  Want to make a check on the knife for clues before I proceed! cx ]

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- Meiko


On hold:

- Inessa


Day 1

The Hustings Strip


Meiko inspected the knife carefully. The blade was slightly curved on the tip giving it a swashbuckling feeling. The handle was wrapped in high-quality animal skin... hard to tell which one's skin it is at the first glance.



Something was sticking out a bit, outside of handle wrapping. Another note? Meiko took it out and opened a folded piece of paper that was hidden in it.



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The knife seemed to have a rather Lominsan feel to it in style, she noted. And the design itself was rather ostentatious. But it was the note sticking out of the handle was the most intriguing part of all. Stashing the knife in her belt for safe keeping, she studied the note. 


Something hidden where it was least expected. What else needed to be checked? She thought it over before pulling out the other note again and strolling over to the nearest torch ensconced in the wall, holding both up flat in front of it. 


Heat-sensitive ink, maybe? She had experience with it before, finding the location of a mark once with hidden messages scribbled onto a seemingly legitimate bill of sale during her days with the Dutiful Sisters. Perhaps that was what he had meant needed to be checked closer? Right now, she couldn't think of anything else in her possession that he could've been referring to.

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- Meiko


On hold:

- Inessa


Day 1

The Hustings Strip



On the other side of the note, appeared a message written in heat sensitive ink.




Meiko couldn't resist the feeling she's being mocked here... The Flea surely have cheeky sense of humor.

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Meiko's upper lip pulled into a sneer at the 'message', letting out an annoyed 'hmph' as she crumpled the paper up and stuffed it away. Whoever this Flea was, when she found him, she was going to strangle him. Or at least consider it. Cheeky bastard.


Back to the drawing board it was, then. 


At the moment, she couldn't rightly think of anything else to examine closer. So that clue, for the most part, was shelved. However, there was one other part to it that warranted attention. Thankfully, the closest Mail Moogle wasn't far away at all, nor was a linkpearl vendor. After having a chat with the latter and returning to the former, Meiko stopped to write out a note penned to one Fafonji Neneji, deliverable to the 22nd plot of the Goblet's 13th ward.


Along with the note was a small pouch, containing a linkpearl. The contents of the note read as follows:



[align=center]Ser Neneji,[/align]


[align=center]In searching to ascertain the identity of the 'Flea' with whom you've recently had conflict, I have come across a message warning that there are yet more objects that the man has set his sights upon. I write to you to warn that perhaps an increase in guard is in order. He did not name what he was after nor if you were even his target, however.[/align]


[align=center]Should you have any further run-ins with the thief or know of others whom do, or if you have any pertinent information, please contact me via the linkpearl I have included in this message which reaches my ears only. I regret that I am unable to speak with you in person; however, in light of current information, long distance communication may perhaps be best. A flea might jump, but he cannot be in two places at once.[/align]


[align=center]Rest assured that this thief will be apprehended in short order.[/align]


[align=center]-- Amano[/align]



Meiko rolled her eyes softly as she re-read the letter before folding it neatly and handing it and the pearl over to the Moogle. The simpering, proper tone was quite unfitting for her. But if it were a haughty Monetarist with whom she was speaking, feigned reverence would suit her cause better than her typical no-nonsense approach. Ul'dahn elite did like their coddling.


"See that this reaches Neneji's hands and no other. Not his guards, not his butlers - no one but him." She intoned flatly at the poor moogle. "Be alert. You may be trailed."


Once the note was handed over, Meiko's attention shifted again. Any potential communication with Neneji would have to wait, given this trailing. So until she made contact via the pearl, she would have to look elsewhere for clues. With that thought in mind, the woman started off deeper into the city, where the more 'high end' shops and guilds were located. Might as well see if she could make some rounds and find out anything about Neneji's recent or notable purchases.

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- Meiko

- Inessa



Day 1

Ul'dah - The Gould Court


As soon as t he Moogle flew away with the messa, Meiko made her way back to the gold court to do some investigation.


The Gold Court and the marketplace near it were of course the places where Ul'dahn elites liked to do their shopping, especially where it comes to extravagance. Several hours left when Meiko was wandering around the location, asking questions.


- No, I have no idea.

- A golden hat? Don't be ridiculous.

- What? Who would've wanted such thing?

- Lady? Are you insane?


That was no use. The concept of golden, jewelled hat was too much for people. They were probably right about that - this IS ridiculous. That actually made her wonder. Why would The Flea wanted to steal this in the first place? What made him do this much effort. Steal this and leave clues? What even were those clues? To where he hid his loot? Or his hideout? Hard to tell. Meiko took another glance at the first riddle, when she felt that her linkpearl went active. She'd pluck it in her ear to hear some schreechy and anoying voice.


"This is Fafonji Neneji speaking! I believe I have pleasure to speak with Miss Amano? Listen, I don't know what are you playing. There was a detective at my house a few hours ago on the same chase you are after I gave her some clues. I'm not really sure she's able to catch this filthy thief, so your message gave me some hope there's still some people competent enough to solve such case. I will tell you what she heard from me. She figured that location where I got the hat is the key, so I told her I bought it in Weaver's guild. It was custom made by Master Redolent Rose. That is all."


Weavers guild. Of course.


"And one more thing. Please don't be too curious, like Miss Hara there... Curiousity kills - as they say" - was that actually a threat? Nevertheless, Meiko made her way towards the Weaver's guild.


Day 1

Ul'dah - The Weaver's guild


The guild was about to be closed, but Meiko was lucky enough to make it in time before guildmembers started leaving. Thre were still some customers inside.

She saw a person - Miqo'te approaching her position. Could it be 'Miss Hara', Neneji mentioned about?

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Nothing to show, for all that time spend wandering. It was a frustrating endeavor, but she persisted, nonetheless. After all, most deductive work was a lot of 'I don't know's until the lucky break, asking the right question to the right person. It would take more than this to discourage her, especially with such a large reward at stake.


The second the linkpearl started up, the woman stopped and listened closely. Good, at least this man wasn't so eccentric as to refuse to communicate with her. This made things quite easier. The news that someone else was after the gil too, however, made her scowl. Should've expected that, given the reward.


Though, that last line.. Don't be too curious? Being curious right now was her job. Unless that's what he wasn't referring to. Her eyes narrowed, going back to her earlier thoughts of the Flea's motivations. Perhaps there was something going on in the background - something that warranted further investigation, whether the man liked it or not.


"Understood," she replied. The threat didn't faze her, but she wasn't about to tell the man she was keen on going right against it. "I'll be in touch."


And off to the Weaver's Guild it was.




[align=center]The Weaver's Guild[/align]



Upon arriving at the guild, Meiko took a moment to stand back and make some observations, taking note of the faces present and the type of facility it was. Though as the miqo'te approached the counter, she couldn't help but overhear her ask for the Guildmaster. Lofting a brow, she turned to stroll right up next to her at the counter.


"Actually, I've come to speak with Master Redolent Rose about the same matter myself," She told the person behind the counter, before turning her head to look to Inessa. "Miss Hara, I presume?"

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Inessa turned to face the Hyur that began speaking to her. "Yeah, im Inessa. Im a little busy at the moment so if you came to offer me a job, it will have to wait."


Inessa a little too preoccupied on her own thoughts to be bothered with someone she did not know.


Admittedly, she had began to question the reason why the Noble had a prisoner locked up in his basement. Either he is misguided and picked up some random nobody informant on the street who might have known something, or there was more to this.


Either way, after speaking with the crafter who made the hat, she would need to get ready for tonight.

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