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Hey everyone, just started playing yesterday! The game is a bit... Vague and confusing, but I think I'm finding my way. Was interested in some RP, so I made my character on Besaid, and I've been pleased to see some RP already going on in public here and there! I've been either busy with something else or too shy to throw myself in, but hopefully I can change that sometime soon. :D


Anyway just wanted to say heya, and if you see a Sea Wolf with the same name in Ul'dah, feel free to say hello, and I'm on the lookout for an RP Linkshell! Looking forward to meeting more of you!

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Thanks for the welcome! :D


I lurked around a number of people RPing last night but still haven't joined in. Think I wanna gain a few more ranks first and wrap my head around the mechanics a bit better.


In the meantime, though, if any LSes are looking for new members, I am looking to join one!

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