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Wanted: "The Flea"

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[align=center]“The Flea”. [/align]

[align=center]Two million gil. [/align]

[align=center]On the courtesy of Captain Vincent Fitzroy of the brass blades.[/align]

Wanted for several burglaries and stealing valuable goods from good citicens of Ul'dah. Any information given on "Flea's" indentity will be paid as well.



OOC: More info here

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Inessa looks at the wanted add, with her eyes wide open at the bounty on this bastard. Of course she was wearing a mask though so nobody could see her eyes widened with amazement. She would then set the paper back down on her desk in her office, grab a piece of parchment and a feathered pen and begins to write a letter to the Captain.


'Captain Vincent, I trust you are in good health?


If you look at the bottom of the letter, you will know who this is addressed from and that I have the skills needed to track the individual down without having to deal with bothersome adventurer's or sell sword's.


Send me everything you have on the criminal and I will have him in a Brass Blades goal before long.'                       -Investigator Inessa Hara


Client confidentiality guaranteed along with 100% satisfaction with the services offered and provided. All contracts and agreed prices are final. Forward payment for search fee's is expected.


With that said, Inessa folds the letter and heads off to the nearest courier she could find to deliver the message for her.

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Alothia happens upon the poster on the wall of the Quicksand. She pauses and reads over the words, her brow quirked in a high arch.


Seriously? The Flea? That would be a fitting name were it him. Asshole. She tears down the poster and folds it, placing it between the pages of her journal. Perhaps I should contact this...Captain Fitzroy. Breaking and Entering isn't high on their list, but stealing...under the noses of the guards. That might be worth something...



She smirks and walks to the bar, a jaunt in her step.

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