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Final Coil static looking for a Paladin!


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Just to get the word out there, my group is looking for a long term Paladin (through Heavensward) for our raiding static.  We've had some bad luck losing tanks for various reasons, mainly real life conflicts coming up in short notice, so with this in mind we absolutely want to make sure whoever comes next can plan on dedicating a good few months with the group.


Our group is not hardcore, we are fairly light hearted and have fun most every night.  Though we aren't hardcore, we are serious and motivated to get progress.  We also make an effort to focus on other 8 man content, not purely Coil, though it is a main focus being the main raiding instance currently.  We are going to be a bit picky with who we choose, simply to ensure that everyone can get along and attitudes can blend well, but we are absolutely willing to talk with who is interested.


For some idea of our progress, we've cleared T9 three times for a few spare members that helped us along, and got to 54% with offspec players our first night in T10. (Not that it's necessarily hard).


Times we raid: Wed, Fri, Sat, 4:30-8pm Est, 10:30-1am GMT

Sometime's extra times on Sunday, depending on progress and availability.


EDIT: The role has been filled

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