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Chasing Nightmares (Closed)

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(Continuation from this)


It was a gamble the shroud took when it sought out aid from residents of the city state, and despite the fact the many were unable to comprehend the message it sent out there were a few who were able to get the message, but the message itself only came to them while they slept and more so as a nightmare.


*Taking a stroll through the forest and enjoying it harmonious nature, the wildlife is abundant, the water is glistening, the sun shining through the treetops in scattered areas all around, the forest is vibrant with life. Yet off the corner of your eye one part of the forest seems desolate and on closer observation is void of any light, upon this realization the wildlife vanishes and the light that was once in the forest begins to fade. As the light fades the trees begin to turn grey and become brittle at the touch, all the while the darkness once confined to that desolate area is now spreading out towards you. Natural instinct compels you to run but as you do it seems only the darkness grows faster consuming all at an unrelenting pace, as you run the once glistening waters have now turned crimson as if the shroud forest itself was bleeding. You run even faster now but the darkness still gains on you and is about to catch you when you see a clearing filled with light, with one last burst of energy you make it to the clearing and look back to see the darkness no longer pursuing. Relieved you know turn around to get far away yet a distorted figure in black stands before you and without time to react is grabbed by the neck and lifted off the ground. You put up a struggle but to no avail is it successful, then figure snaps his finger and the area bathed in light is suddenly losing its light as the darkness becomes more aggressive eventually encircling the you and the black figure. Then slowly from your feet the darkness begins to consume you, no amount of thrashing about keeps the darkness from its course and just before the darkness consumes your head...nothing, the nightmare ends there.*


To those who managed to see this nightmare were not sure how to act, not many acted at all in fact thinking of it as just a nightmare yet even so as long as someone was able to see it the shroud gambled on them acting upon it.

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((sorry that it took me so long to type this post.))


Inessa awakes from her nightmare in the Highwind bridge storehouse. She had been resting there as a result of her wanderings. Her recent flood of investigation work called for a reprieve, though little did she know that the reprieve would be short lived due to the events to come.


She got up and off the wall, dusting her skirt off and grabbing her longsword which was to the side and placed it on her back using the belt looped over her right shoulder.


Inessa would then exit the storehouse and enter the Highwind roadway.


Inessa herself was on a journey to Amdapor. She needed a sample of the Nero-toxin in order to provide and answer or possibly provide insight to the recent murders committed by the assassin and what better way to understand an assassin than to walk in his or her foot step's.


She however did not expect to see the clacked figure in her dreams walking towards her. She felt the urge to draw her blade on him. Something that was beyond her reasoning as she normally would not bother people when on a self-journey, however, she felt that this person was extremely dangerous and should be put down immediately.

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Battered and fatigued from their conflict in the shroud the shade and the guard he assembled move ever closer to the borders of the shroud. The guard consisted of three hyur highlander swordsman, one roegadyn hellsguard axeman and one dunsefolk lalafell archer. The composition was created in mind for providing openings for either the axeman of archer to deliver the final blow, these openings would be created by the swordsman and their quick flurry of attacks meant to disorient and pressure the enemy to do something they would otherwise not do. The formation was however quite simple, the three swordsman were the vanguard, the axeman stayed more near the middle with the shade while the archer kept a reasonable distance behind. While the archers position could be considered more vulnerable their skill with a blade is not lacking therefore should he get engaged for close quarters he would be able to fend them off until the others relieved him.


As they traveled at a brisk pace the shades linkpearl began to ring and he signaled for his guards to halt but for a moment. "Report" a simple command in which soon after a female voice responded "The thralls have been completed and as per your orders most were released into the thanalan region while some scattered to the other regions. One has already been defeated though but has provided useful data." The shade quickly responds "How was it defeated?" a slight chuckle from the female before she responded "Nothing extravagant, was simply overpowered and then beaten to death, due to this we will have to reinforce their bodies and perhaps lessen the amount of seals so that they may be more effective in combat." The shade thinks for a moment before responding "Before that happens let the other thralls run their course and provide us with whatever data they can obtain, is that understood?" the shade said the last bit in a cold tone. There was another chuckle from the female "Of course milord, its a shame though those bodies would have been wonderful additions to my section." The shade replied simply "There will be plenty of bodies soon enough" before cutting the line.


He signaled for his guards to move out again, with word that the weapons were now active he increased the pace despite the fatigue in order to observe the effectiveness of the weapons. This slight shift in focus however could prove detrimental considering they have not arrived at the border yet.

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