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Aruru Inphorn, Ariel Madaellyn, and me of course.

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RL Info:


Naming names: Call me luiz, Iz or whatever you'd rather (as long as its respectful xD).

Age: 22 y/o

Timezone: gmt -3

RL gender: Male


RP Preferences:


Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game? Yus!


What is your preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc) Whatever my opponent chooses, I'll always tag along. (Though if you'll fight me, be sure to play fair, couse in case there's godmod I'll just disconsider).


Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss) Depends, could happen after discussion.


Are you willing to let your character die permanately? Yus, if it's relevant, reasonable, and unavoidable and without damaging my commitment to my ls'.


Are you willing to RP romance in game? (ie Level of romance willing to go)

Yes, again depending of how it relates to character development, and as long as it doesn't miss the point.


Are you looking for Cross-guild Rp?

Cross Guild rp? I am looking for rp, with anyone mature/reasonable/interested that crosses my character's IC way.


How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)

RP contact, or PM, or /t, and if there's any particular question it's ok to ask it here.


Obs: My characters have some distinctive traces, if you feel doubtful to "what the hell was that about?!" do ask me, and I'll gladly answer.

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