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Erutan Sings "Answers"

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So I'm not sure how many are familiar with the singer/performer Erutan...she started life on YouTube as katethegreat19 and had blown up in popularity with her lyric cover of Aerith's Theme. She is an incredibly talented singer and knows more instruments than I have even looked at.


So, she did a rendition of "Answers".





Whaddaya guys n' gals think?

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I just adore her work. She has a beautiful and soothing voice. At least for me. I'm no judge or music critic and I certainly don't have an ear for music... But her performances are making me feel better for some reason. This one is amazing.

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She can play more instruments than I can so that's something!  BUT just as my personal opinion, she has kind of a weak voice.  The best way to describe it is a "thin" singing voice that is relying on the echo effect too much for depth.  But that's my opinion as someone who sings.


Also, the woman who sang this song for the cinematic had such a beautiful voice, it's really hard for this girl to compare..

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