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Knights of The Silver Scale


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Coming from Gridania, Asellia had adventured throughout the world and eventually found herself on her first visit to Ul'dah. During her visit, she had witnessed somone come to harm. Strangly, despite the presence of nearby authorities, nobody came to their aid. The Brass blades had aparently been paid off. Asellia herself had to step in, having suffered quite a few grevious wounds she still keeps from sight keeping those few alive. With the assistance of Anhita, a member amongst the immortal flames, aswell as a few others, she founded the Knights of the Silver Scale. Vowing to protect those in need not based on money, but based on innocence.


Anhita acts as an official within the group to insure that they are not breaking any true laws, and stay within the Immortal Flame's interests, while she was not at first exactly a true member, she is treated as such.


The Knights of the Silver Scale are a small group of people who help the innocent and needy where none else will. If you seek to help people, then we will help you on that path. Those seeking admittance should attempt to contact Anhita Lunashade or Asellia Rastanbul.


You may also attempt to contact captains Chawawa Chawa and Serah Huntsman

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