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Public Service Announcment: A new bandit group on the rise!

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As of recent day's, bandit attacks are on the rise and raider groups have been spotted more and more. A new bandit group calling themselves the 'Red Legion' have taken to attacking caravan's and military supply convoy's left and right.


If any citizen's should see one of these raiders or their groups, they should contact and inform the local law official's or the Flames. They are commonly seen roaming in groups, dressed from head to toe in red and their faces are covered with masks. One of them will always be carrying a flag or battle standard of a sort that is red with a golden eagle etched into it.


They are not to be spoken or engaged with. They have attacked caravan's and killed all the Men, women and children on sight, sparing only the young women who they enslave as well as burning down small tribal Miqo'te settlements, slaughtering all who reside within and leaving their severed head's on spike's to show that they have attacked the settlement.


Their leader is a man they call 'Lord Caesar'. He is the most ruthless of them and is wanted for crimes against Ul'dah and her people as well as the native inhabitant's of the Thanalan and the murder of many military and civilian personal. His bounty resides at the grand total of one hundred thousand gil. (100'000 gil)


If you have any information on the criminal named 'Lord Caesar' or the Red Legion bandit's in general, please contact the nearest law enforcement official or the Immortal Flames.


This public service announcement is payed for by the Immortal Flames.

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Flame Corporal Jana Ridah lets out a small "tch!" as she finishes reading the article and turns the page. Sitting in the barracks of her superior's unit, Jana skimmed the notes splayed out on the cot in front of her. "These bandits don't seem connected to my investigation... Either of them. Best to keep an eye on any new shipments all the same."

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Yuki as working on tightening a screw to the elbow of the mechanical arm she has been working on, leaning over to read the article. As her sea green eyes slowly scanned, she was speaking word by word in a slow manner for the small creature resting on the low to the ground table. Please contact the nearest law enforcement official or the Immortal Flames...


"...Please contact the nearest law enforcement official or the Immortal Flames.. Huh." She'd finally finish, looking from the fuzzy creature then down to the arm. "Jeez, I thought this place would be safer.. A lot of gil though.. Think we should try for the bounty?" She'd grin to the creature whom looked up to her with an almost 'Do you have a death wish?' look. 


"Yeah.. Best to not try it huh..?" She'd turn the page once more, continuing her work.

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