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Need help with a RAF referral!


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Hey folks!


So I recently recruited a friend onto the game, but the problem is that nothing and I mean NOTHING across anything produced by Square Enix guides new referrals through the process of obtaining a trial and inputting your friend's RAF code. Does anyone know when and most importantly where to input my recruit-a-friend code for his account?


I realized that I sent the RAF code to his email being used for the account late (as in after he made the trial account), but while looking through all of these Reddit forums they share their RAF code as though it's only the code that matters, not if the recruited have the email from SE. Like I said, there's no real guide or explanation on this that I can find anywhere and I've been having a hard time getting clear answers out of friends, so I'd really, really need a clear, concise answer that tells me everything I need to know.


Is my code enough?

Where do we put my code in?

When do we put my code in?


Please help!

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Now that I'm at home and can answer (since I have my authenticator here :) )...


For the person doing the recruiting, you log into the Mog Station, then click on Your Account. Click on Recruit a Friend, then send the e-mail. Your friend then takes that code and logs into the Mog Station, clicks on Your Account, then enters the recruitment code by clicking "Enter Bonus Item Code" (if I recall correctly; it might be a specific option for Enter Recruitment Code or something like that, but it's definitely in the Your Account page). Once the code is registered, both of you will get the bonus items based on the subscription he picks up.

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