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Will you accept me back?

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Hi guys. A lot of you will not remember me. Some might.


This is Sass. So let me tell you what been going on while I was away.


Well first off....... My computer go hijacked. not just a virus but pretty much hacked. MY friend.... well was friend had used my computer on several occasions because his was toasted. Long story short, he set up some nasty way to remotely acquire almost everything on my computer.


He deleted my entire photo albums I had on the net, deleted all my games on my computer,and even tried to get my cash.


the only things he could not get was my bank account, forums and other places I never stored my passwords in, and my ff14 cause I have a security thing on my key chain.


His reasoning....... cause it was funny. Suffice to say, friends we are not. I was not able to charge him with the crimes because there was not enough proof. I WAS able to sue him for the damages. I doubt I will ever see any of that money.


So after that happen I got real bummed out.

My two 9600 GT nivida cards went out.... my cars transmission went out. I did not have enough cash to fix both. Car came first. I lost the info for my account on the forums, and my appendix burst, ( that was recent.)


All in all, it had not been a good year. I kept thinking of you all, but my graphics cards were barely able to keep up as it was, and I had a BACK LOG of emails to go through. I never stopped wishing I could play.




I finally had some good happen. The military finally acknowledged I have PTSD. I got back pay for the time I put the claim in, until now, and used it to pay some bills and build a new computer.

This bad boy is the top of the line motherboard, a crosshair V formula. with a AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz

I have now 16 gigs of ram, and got my new THREE radeon 6750 1 gig graphic cards. I am going to link all 3 together.


I got a little kitten for my kids. He is a pure black cat. I named him Voodoo. My littlest boy can't say his name, so he calls him doo doo. LOL.


I am going to be perfectly honest. I am sorry how I vanished. I could have put more effort into telling you I was not able to get on the net. I have NO idea what has been going on. There was nothing , NOTHING wrong with you guys or the site. I want you to know that. I never stopped hoping I would find a way back.


So I need to ask, will you accept me back?

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