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So, It's been a while since I've been active on the forums, and even longer since I've been active on the game. I'm not sure of the state of either of the linkshell's I'm in or even what's going on with my character. However, I am ready to start playing again and in leu of the new patch 1.18, it seems SE is taking the right steps to improving this game. At the moment, I'm deciding on wether or not I want to start a new character, or pick up where I left off with Eternal, or re-invent Nedral. Either way, I will start playing FFXIV again because I really love this game, it had me from "hello" :P I was sad that I had to stop playing it, but now I will have time to play again! I graduate in september, so my work load this quarter is next to nothing.


Anyway, I really look forward to playing again and seeing some familiar faces and really delving deep into this game, again!



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