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Some of you may have already had the (unfortunate) encounter with me before.


That's alright. I still love every one of you. Took a bit of a life beating. From those of you who do know me, basically the unthinkable happened.


Joined the Marine Corps. Ended up at MCAS Miramar located in San Diego.

Got married (LOL SOLANA IS MARRIED!??!/1/3one). I have one son (LOOOOOOOOL WTF).

Love life and things are finally starting to slow down for me enough to think about playing the game with you guys.


Some things about me:

Work stays at work. Home is home.

I draw crap. I also sew costumes and cosplay when my time allows. www.tentenswift.deviantart.com Go go go go go.

My son is awesome. His birthday is on the 26th. That wasn't about me. Oh well!

On my spare time, I enjoy helping others and gaffing off on MMOs (FFXI).


You will never know my true gender. That's an ongoing theme here. I do intend to keep it that way. (Some things never change. :love: )


Some questions I have right now would probably be common things people have been asking. My love for FFXI still burns in my soul and it did play a large part in my life--I did waste half a decade and then some on it. General question then.


Does FFXIV suck like I keep hearing it to be?


How is armour variants going along? I mean like, can we wear silly things like event items or other cool stuff?


On canirunit.com, it claims my PC can run FFXIV, however, when I play the benchmark, it's barely workable. I played the Alpha and the Beta. Those too were jumpy and glitchy. Can I change the game settings to low where I can be able to play with no trouble?


I plan to take the persona of Solana. He travels everywhere with me as a character. Same guy, same attitude. Though, he has a bit more fleshed out of a personality and will probably tone down considerably to where he's a strange, yet skillful character, with his quirks of being an uneducated nitwit. Instead of the loud, spamtastic chaos that I used to do. I wouldn't hold it against me. I was pretty bored. Too much spare time. Work was slow. etc. xD


last question.

Still haet me? :C


Hope to hear from you guys!

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Hello, welcome to the Coalition!


As for FFXIV sucking- it's all subjective. If it weren't for RP, I'd have quit by now. But if you find a great group your compatible with, I'm sure it'll be worth your while. (And as long as your on Besaid, where most of the RP LS's are, surely you'll fit somewheres!)


As for silly event items? Oh yes! *runs around in a bikini with a santa hat* oh, right. I think the summer event is just simmering down(har har!) so grab you 'kini while you still can! And sparklers..oooh, pretty..


As for if the game will run smoothly for you- i have no freakin' clue. Sorry xD

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