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The Everwatch recruitment flyer

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This flier is posted in the three major cities, at their respective Adventurer's Guilds.






[align=center]Apart, we are small and weak.

Together, we have strength.




A mercenary company formed for the distribution of contracts, intelligence, and funding for adventurers, sellswords, defenders of the realm, and accomplished craftsmen alike

All trades and proficiencies welcomed among our ranks

Opportunities for advancement and adventure at home and abroad

Special contracts formed with the Order of the Twin Adder in Gridania, other contracts accepted, many other pending negotiations

Defend the realm! Fill your coffers! Grow in wisdom!

Inquiries may be made by post or in person to the charter organizers

O. Helvig (lead) - D. Ta'ea - E. Ianeira - R.E. Aldul[/align]


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