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Greetings Adventurers, Master Craftsmen and Surveyors of the Land,


The calamity has brought forth some of the most devastating destruction to the people of Eorzea. In return we've thrown all of our resources together to build and reclaim the land that was torn apart.


However, now that we've cleared five cycles since then we have many devices and national treasures that may have been forgotten about in the rebuilding of our proud homeland.


Tell me: Who polishes the Sultana's crown? Keeps the statues of the Twin Trader's Nald and Thal in shape? Who repairs cracked lenses when a snow storm takes out the large Astroscope at the most vulnerable spot in Coerthas?


We do.


MiqoTEK is driven to maintain Eorzea's Relics while the realm faces unavoidable threats such as the Garleans and forces of nature ( Primals included). In so doing we need employees of all professions, gatherers for the materials, crafters for repairs and those lovely weapon wielding professionals for a safe and efficient delivery to our clients.


Do you have what it takes to keep Eorzea's cogs oiled?


If so, we'd like to meet you!

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Hella interested! Nat's a treasure/relic hunter by trade so she loves this kinda stuff


I'm glad to hear that! I apologize for the lateness of my reply I've had a bout of IRL things that came up. 


When can you come by for an interview? :)

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