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Friendly Neighborhood Antagonist Looking For RP!

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[align=center][align=left]Hey guys!


So I've been around for a bit and I haven't really noted many great places for an antagonist/villainous character to really excel within. I've tried joining a few random FC's here and there and it's been lackluster at best. (Mostly due to bad luck and lack of roleplay where I've been)


So I've decided to write this out for this section of the forums and see what interest can be generated and what I can find as far as general interest in search for an antagonist-styled roleplayer.


So, for anyone that's been searching for a good antagonist for a storyline or for those who just randomly come upon this link, click it and decide, "Hey...why not give this a shot?" I may or may not be your guy. 


Let me tell you about myself a little bit! I'm mainly a storyline kind've guy, I love reasoning, I love the tale that's being told by all involved, and I love getting as many people involved as possible in said story/ Though I like a natural progression behind it because if a story is -too- plotted, then it just becomes like reading a book, rather then an interactive story depending entirely on the choices of those involved. Everyone's characters are unique afterall, designing something that predetermines everything seems a bit...bland to me? I'd like everyone that comes to roleplay with me in time, to feel attached to the story in some way or another and feel like whatever happens in the roleplay, their characters really were able to do what -they'd- do, Not what other people OOCly dictated would occur. 


I'm generally up for a bit of everything really. One-on-One roleplays, group roleplays, minor storylines, major storylines, free company-wide storylines(I have a small group of friends that also enjoy antagonist styled roleplay, that'd come along with me for more larger scale designed storylines). The one thing I'm not really interested in is, one time roleplays because...Whats the point? It feels like a waste of your time and my own when we're creating something that'll be over in a single night. I suppose if there's a good reason for it, perhaps? But for the most part I tend to avoid one off roleplays that won't really do much of anything for your character or my own.


To say a little bit about my character without spoiling every little detail...Ishgardian minor nobility that's currently left his House and the gates to pursue his own personal interests. He believes in wearing "masks"(To change one's personalty in order to better fit whom they're speaking with) to get what you want, entirely sociopathic in nature and when his true personalty arises, it grows far more sinister then that. Moreso instinctual then plotting, his thought process holds a lack of empathy or sympathy more times then not. A trained Dragoon, physically built for the task all those whom take the title are meant to do.


If anyone's interested, leave me a message below or a PM here. I'll tell you a more thorough detailing about my character, you can tell me about your character and what you'd like to see. And we'll make something entertaining for all involved happen. Hope everyone had a good read at the very least![/align]


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