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Entry 8 - Destroying the Ravens' Nest

Dwassyith Swanra


The rampage to La Noscea and more precisely Summerford Farms lasted about a week. The normally tranquil farmer village was painted with the blood of the notorious gang under B’rego Nunh, who found her untimely and brutal end at the hands of Dwassyith and Vadim. The slaughter was nothing short of a massacre, fueled by the rage of their accepted leader Dwassyith and aided by the rival gang called the Boulders, the Adventurers slayed every single Raven they came across.Eventually freeing Nellie Swanra from their hold. Needless to say, the Boulders help came at a price. A future favor was asked of the group and Dwassyith had been all too happy to accept the proposal. After ensuring Nellie was in good medical care the group stayed in Limsa for a few days to rest and try to forget what they had done to save her. Blood was on their hands and that was a stain that did not wash out easily. The decision was made to go back to Coerthas in order to finish up their business there, and to ev everyone’s surprise, their new acquaintances agreed to join in. Broen, a battle hardened and rough mannered Roedagyn and Rhell, the little Miqo'te that had tipped off the rampage in the first place. After a week of frenzy, the group finally met the Commander of Camp Dragonhead to collect their reward and things seemed to calm down. If not for Simeon report some disturbing news.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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