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Entry 11 - Justice Served

Dwassyith Swanra


The trial lasted for hours in which the Adventurers were given a chance to prove their innocence. Dwassyith Swanra laid down a detailed testimony of how the group had come to Coerthas in good spirits, showing that wherever they went they went peacefully and offering their hand to the citizens of the land. With the help of both Xihsa’li and Rhell he managed to convince the Inquisitor of their innocence to the atrocities committed at Camp Dragonhead. All but the Au‘ra Anayu were set free to go their way. After having survived the ordeal of being imprisoned, they decided to turn their backs on the cold lands of Coearthas for a while. The Boulders task was stll outstanding and so the decision was made to go to Limsa and meet him. The meeting with the Boulder did not go down in the Adventurers favor, not only was his request dangerous, it would also be very difficult to fullfill. Smuggling drugs into Ul‘dah was a risky business, no matter how high the payout might have been. The Boulders proposal of smuggling a highly poisonous substance within someone’s body did not bode well with the group and the decision on whether to take the task or not and under what terms was postponed a day.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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