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Entry 17 - The Quiet before the Storm

Dwassyith Swanra


The past week had gone by in unparalleled tranquility. After a heartfelt apology had been made to the owners of the Myrrh and Jade Inn, especially Jade, the group was allowed to take up residence in the Inn once more. The only condition being, that they repaif their debt for the emotional as well as physical damage to the Inn and its owners. And so once again, the Adventurers traded labour for a place to stay, whilst recuperating their strength. Meanwhile, Ul’dah had been stirred due to a re- shuffle of power, with the Five in Chaos the powergrabbing game had begun. So far the Hounds of Ul’dah seemed the most promising to make allies with. Therefore Dwassyith went to meet up with their leader, Mr. Bigman. The outcome of this meeting yet unknown to the group.

(Written by R'avi Tia)


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