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Entry 26 - The Snake's Head

Dwassyith Swanra


A new chapter began as the Snake's Head was cut off. The scars of this battle would remain scorched into Limsan soil for years to come. While the group barely got away with their lives in the fight against Nicky the Cripple, they managed to overcome the Snake and walk away.

Yet the forces of the underworld did not sleep, the group's deeds were acknowledged by the Black Hand and just as Vincent Aurora had promised Dwas was made part of the family. After a good amount of rest and healing, their next initiative would be to familiarize themselves with the forces that ran Limsa from the shadows. One particular thorn in everyone's side was a group known as the Sanguine Eye. They were rumored to be assassins and slavers and refused to cooperate with either the Hand or the White Lily for decades. Patience with this group was running thin. While Vincent found himself indisposed, his associate Momoke Mina tasked the group with speaking to he Sanguine Eye one last time.

Upon agreeing to this the group was sent a challenge, which turned out to be two riddles and a breadcrumb trail from an arranged tomb to an underground cave. Once the riddles were solved the challenge itself was not too hard, yet not for the faint hearted. It seemed that whoever set the challenge either had a way to make the dead speak on their behalf or were an excellent trickster. All the leads pointed to a cave near Limsa, where the group was congratulated on their success in beating the challenge and invited to a meeting at the Bismark in two days time. Naturally, the anti- climatic ending had most of the group confused if not angry.

Two days later, they found themselves in the busy Bismark Inn, where at an empty table they had their first encounter with a man who called himself Azure The Watcher. He laid out why the Sanguine Eye had refused cooperation so far and made it clear that his group was not after power nor wealth, but that they would listen once another challenge was completed. Grinding their teeth, the group agreed to these terms and left. It was clear now why the Sanguine Eye was a thorn in everyone's side.

[Written by R'avi Tia]


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