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Entry 28 - Eastern Winds

Dwassyith Swanra


After having defeated the nuisance posed by the Sanguine Eye, Dwassyith went through an intense recovery therapy, while the rest of the group spent restless days at the Inn where they were staying. The depature for Kugane stayed within plans, and as it drawed nearer by each day that passed, preparations had been made to face it properly. The Lominsan docks where Dwassyith worked had found a proper temporary replacement as dockmaster, and Chihaya even went to the extent of holding a lesson of 'hingan manners' to make the group more acquainted with Eastern tradition.

Once ready, they faced a one-week-long journey across the immense ocean expanse that divided Limsa Lominsa and Kugane. The ship was named 'The Bearded Lady', inspired precisely by its furry-faced female captain. The journey had been most uneventful, up until when the crashed relics of a garlean ship had been found. Only one survivor was left amidst the graveyard-like destruction, and hauled on the ship as peace-bringing passenger. The Garlean man seemed to be on a diplomatic mission to Kugane, or so he said, before the unforeseen accident.

Upon arriving in Kugane, the group marvelled over its splendor; the foreign architecture, colours, people and the general 'different air' got everybody charmed. The Eastern capital city was a completely new world to explore, and after a bit of jaw-dropping wandering, they had a small break in the onsen of Bokairo Inn.

After a brief stop in one of the most impressive hot springs of Kugane, the group relocated to Kinshi Iro Inn, a small and quaint establishment in Shirogane. The day after, they headed to the harbour again to witness the grandiose and opulent arrival of Lord Hashimoto, escorted by a contingent of samurai warriors. Drums accompanied his march from the ship to the land, and everybody at the harbour bowed in sign of deep reverence.

A few hours later, the group was granted an extremely formal and cerimonious meeting with the important hingan personage. Against all odds, manners had been shown in the name of tradition, and Hashimoto got a good impression over the foreigners eager to get his attention on them. Dwassyith asked for a favour and such got accepted -- however, its discussion was postponed to a later meeting.

There was potential in getting a deal sealed, if not for a couple of ominous characters such as a half-Elezen mongrel and a xenophobic general, who seemed prone to advise Hashimoto against lending an ear to the barbaric 'ijin'.


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